Is the Cane Corso a Pit Bull?

No, the cane corso isn’t a pit bull.

The cane corso’s history dates back to the ancient Greeks. The Molossi tribe originally developed them as guard dogs and herding dogs. These huge, loyal and courageous protectors were taken to Rome in the days of the empire and cross-bred with Italian mastiffs to create today’s cane corsos.

On the other hand, pit bulls originated in the UK. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, they were used primarily for cruel blood sports such as rat-baiting, bear-baiting, and bull-baiting. When these blood sports were outlawed, they became more popular on farms, becoming known as playful and affectionate family dogs.

It’s easy to tell them apart just by their size. A cane corso reaches 23 -28 inches at the shoulder and will weigh between 88 to 120lbs. An adult pit bull is much smaller, at around 18-21 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 37 and 44 pounds.