What breeds are in a blue heeler?

The following breeds are in a blue heeler:

  • Northumberland Drover’s dog
  • Dingo
  • Border Collie
  • Dalmation
  • Black and tan kelpie

Of course, all these breeds aren’t still involved in breeding blue heelers today. The blue heeler was created over time by breeding these various dogs together.

They were first thought to have been bred in the nineteenth century by NSW  farmer Thomas Hall, who crossed the drovers’ dogs of his native Northumberland with dingoes – creating a breed known as the Hall’s Heeler.

Later, these were mixed with collies, dalmations, and the black and tan kelpie. The result has been to produce dogs that look similar to dingoes but are more thickset. This breeding mix has also given blue heelers a strong work ethic and the courage to challenge and bite bulls.