Yellow Lab Names: 180+ Best Names WE LOVE For Labs

Yellow Lab Names Feature

A yellow Labrador is one of the most popular and cutest dog breeds.

If you are bringing home a yellow Labrador Retriever you will definitely need a yellow lab name which will fit your Labrador perfectly!

Yellow labs make amazing pets, incredible working dogs, and due to their intelligence and friendly nature; service dogs.

Check out below our best: female, male, cute, popular and funny yellow lab names below!

Female Yellow Lab Names

If you are bringing home a female yellow lab, then a name which reflects her beauty and femininity is ideal.

We recommend using names that are classically feminine or Labrador names which are inspired by music or art.

If you’re still stuck, look through this list to get some great ideas for the perfect female yellow lab names:

  • Niamh – of golden hair
  • Maria – Song by the band Blondie
  • Ariana – Famous singer
  • Calliope – Muse of poetry
  • Diana – Princess with blonde hair
  • Celine – An amazing singer
  • Leila – Arabic for night
  • Eliza – Means ‘joyful’
  • Dancer – For the dog that loves to move
  • Juliet – Shakespearean heroine
  • Florence – Florence Nightingale, matronly
  • Melody – Gorgeous musical name
  • Celeste – A heavenly name
  • Rhythm – For the pup that loves music
  • Haley – Means ‘clear meadow’
  • Orla – Irish name meaning ‘golden’
  • Doris – Doris Day
  • Betty – After Betty White
  • Delilah – Tom Jones song
  • Crooner – For a singing pup
  • Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall
  • Harmony – Feminine musical name
  • Cloud – A soft feminine name
  • Nadia – Means ‘hope’
  • Mila – After Mila Kunis
  • Serenity – For a calm, gentle dog
  • Grace – Heavenly name
  • Faith – Simple feminine name
  • Taylor – Taylor Swift
  • Destiny – For Beyonce lovers
  • Evangeline – A heavenly feminine name

Golden Retriever

Male Yellow Lab Names

Choosing the perfect name for a male lab can seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of places to find inspiration.

You can start with classic masculine names.

Find a name which represents masculinity, or a specific aspect of it.

We love names that are inspired by famous adventurers – especially if you have a curious lab on your hands!

Take a look at this list to find great names for yellow labs:

  • Khalid – immortal and everlasting
  • Kane – Means ‘warrior’
  • Rocky – A hard masculine name
  • Alexander – ‘Protector of man’
  • Hammer – For a strong pup
  • Keenen – Irish name meaning ‘ancient’
  • Jaxx – A unique masculine name
  • Brandon – Old English name
  • Bardick – Means ‘axe-ruler’
  • Voyager – For an adventurer
  • Brock – For Pokemon lovers
  • Loyal – A virtue name for boys
  • Creed – A handsome masculine name
  • Ethan – Means ‘strong’
  • Axel – For a car -loving dog
  • Just – A fair name
  • Ace – For the number one dog
  • Ivo – Medieval French name
  • Rich – Could be ‘Richie’ as a nickname
  • Falcon – For a pup of prey
  • Torbet – The surname of the voice of ‘Action Man’
  • Hunter – For a dog on the prowl
  • Connor – Means ‘lover of hounds’
  • Grant – Strong male name
  • Able – A cute virtue name
  • Peter – For Spiderman fans
  • Kai – Japanese name meaning ‘ocean’
  • Harry – For Harry Potter
  • Mountain – Nature lovers
  • Roderick – German name meaning ‘famous ruler’
  • Duke – For a ruler

Yellow Lab Puppy

Yellow Lab Puppy Names

Getting a puppy is an exciting experience, but, yellow lab puppies are so cute they will make the naming process extra exciting.

In order to find the perfect puppy name, we recommend using names that are really cute, such as fruit or food names.

Some names that work well for baby humans can also be adorable for yellow lab names.

You can also use names that emphasize the goofy and fun loving temperament of yellow labs (e.g. Mr. Wiggles and Zoomer).

We are sure there are plenty of great names.

  • Button – perfect for a cute and tiny yellow lab puppy
  • Sweetie – For a sugary pup
  • Daisy – Small flower
  • Brie – A soft cheese
  • Chibi – Japanese for ‘small child’
  • Adva – Means ‘small ripple’
  • Tiny – Perfect for puppies
  • Pancake – Irresistibly cute name
  • Darling – For a loved one
  • Agnes – Means ‘pure’
  • Cherry – A small fruit
  • Nova – Means ‘new’
  • Donut – A cute cake name
  • Candy – A sugar-rush name
  • Berry – A tiny burst of sweetness
  • Waffle – A buttered-up name
  • Pip – For a tiny dog
  • Peaches – A delightful name
  • Maple – For syrup lovers
  • Pearl – For a small precious one
  • Cupcake – A tiny cake
  • Peanut – A cute name
  • Honey – For a buzzy bee
  • Cutie – Self-explanatory!
  • Minnie – After ‘Minnie Mouse’
  • Mavis – Means ‘small bird’
  • Pablo – Means ‘humble’
  • Syrup – For a sweet puppy
  • Bow – Means ‘small son’
  • Vanilla – A sweet name
  • Banana – Ideal for a yellow lab

Good Yellow Lab Names

Good Yellow Lab Names

To find some really good names for your yellow lab, it makes sense to look at your dogs physical and personality traits.

Yellow labs are known for being very helpful and intelligent, so why not choose a name that reflects this?

Good names should be inspired by nature, as yellow Labradors love running, swimming and being with their owner outside!

  • Winnie – means ‘holy peace-making, gentle friend’
  • Gaia – Another name for Earth
  • Meadow – Represents nature
  • Afon – Welsh for ‘river’
  • Rain – For a dog that makes a splash
  • Dale – Means ‘valley’
  • Rose – For a beautiful dog
  • Goldie – For a bright coat
  • Buddy – A friendly name
  • Berta – Means ‘noble, splendid’
  • Flint – English name meaning ‘stream’
  • Einstein – For an intelligent dog
  • Sprint – For a fast dog
  • Leaf – A cute nature name
  • Ray – For a sunray beam
  • Anani – Hebrew name meaning ‘cloud’
  • Montana – Spanish for ‘mountain’
  • Thunder – For a loud dog
  • Nurse – For a helpful pup
  • Aqua – A water name
  • Darwin – After Charles Darwin
  • Safya – Means ‘true, sincere friend’
  • Dara – Means wisdom
  • Akira – Means ‘bright’
  • Emre – Turkish name meaning ‘friend’
  • Amity – Signifies friendship
  • Sunny – A warm name
  • River – A name that flows
  • Nerdy – For a know-it-all dog
  • Eileen – Means ‘shining bright light’
  • Dazzler – For a bright dog
  • Clara – Means ‘clear’
  • Chess – For a logical pup

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Best Yellow Lab Names

To truly find the best yellow lab names, it is important to look at names that are popular in cinema and literature.

Why not take inspiration from famous yellow labs on the stage and screen, or even Instagram?

We also like the idea of using names that have meanings associated with dogs, as they naturally are the best names for your puppy.

Other names that would be perfect are names that have meanings rooted in guidance, as labs are the most popular breed for Guide Dogs.

If you’re stuck, take a look at this list to provide some creative inspiration!

  • Brian – From Family Guy
  • Richard – Means ‘mighty guardian’
  • Lyall – Means ‘wolf’
  • Lucy – From Wendy and Lucy
  • Varg – Means ‘wolf’ in Old Norse
  • North – A directional name
  • Phelan – Means ‘like a wolf’
  • Raxit – Means ‘protector of men’
  • Ulva – German name meaning ‘wolf’
  • Caleb – Means ‘dog, bold’
  • Konrad – Means ‘wise counsel’
  • Ben – Name of the first recognized Labrador Retriever
  • Old Yeller – From film of same name
  • Endal – Most decorated dog in the world, a yellow lab
  • Sharama – Means ‘dog of dawn’
  • Geneviève – From Madeline
  • Disha – Means ‘one who shows direction’
  • Krypto – Superman’s Labrador
  • Chum – From Spanglish
  • Eddy – Means ‘wealthy guardian’
  • Peanutbutter – From BoJack Horseman
  • Wowser – From Disney’s Rascal
  • Kleenex – The Kleenex mascot is a yellow lab
  • Selma – An Instagram famous Labrador Retriever
  • Charlie – From Joe Dirt
  • Cuán – Means ‘wolf, hound’
  • Christmas – From A Dog Named Christmas
  • Sirius – The dog star
  • Luath – From An Incredible Journey

Funny Yellow Lab Names

Funny Yellow Lab Names

Some people want a name that will be comical, just like yellow lab puppies!

If this sounds like your puppy, there are plenty of creative and hilarious names to use.

You could go for a funny food name for your yellow lab, especially yellow food (e.g. Banana or Nacho).

Another way to give your pet a funny name is to choose something ridiculous like dog puns such as a made up word or a funny sounding title (e.g. Chewie or Zoomer)!

There are so many names to choose from…

  • Nacho – hilarious food name
  • Goofy – For Disney lovers
  • Kitten – An ironic cute name
  • Chunk – For a chunky pup
  • Omelette – An eggy, yellow food
  • Giggles – A hilarious name
  • Stinky – For a mucky pup
  • Eggo – A yellow treat
  • Turmeric – A bright yellow spice
  • Chewie – For Star Wars fans
  • Twinkie – A cute funny name
  • Squiggle – A funny word
  • Walnut – A nutty name
  • Misery – Funny for a happy dog
  • Sherlock Bones – For a detective
  • Yolk – A runny yellow food
  • Thumper – For a bouncing dog
  • Bingo – A name to be shouted
  • Chub – For a big dog
  • Custard – A sweet yellow treat
  • Queso – A cheesy name
  • Meatball – A funny name
  • Bullet – For a fast dog
  • Lemon – A sour yellow names
  • Sparky – For an intelligent pup
  • Peter Barker – For Spider-Man fans
  • Zoomer – A fast name
  • Tater – Cute for a small dog
  • Doodles – For a creative pup
  • Waggles – For an excited pup

Best Yellow Lab Names


If you are bringing a yellow lab home, it is natural to want to know more about them, here are five quick facts that are super interesting!

  1. Yellow is one of three potential Labrador colors, they can also be brown (i.e. chocolate) or black! If you decided to get a black lab, be sure to check out these awesome black dog names.
  2. Yellow Labradors are the most common guide dog breed, 70% of America’s guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers.
  3. They love to swim, the Labrador Retriever even has webbed feet to make them super fast! This is why they are so commonly used as companions for duck hunting or fishing.
  4. The UK Kennel Club changed their name from Golden to Yellow due to gold not being an ‘actual color’.
  5. As you can probably guess, they were bred and selected to be great at retrieving, Labrador Retrievers can hit 12 miles an hour in only three seconds.

We hope you have found the perfect name for your yellow lab in our lists; whether it is inspired by nature or if it is just a name to make you laugh!

If you have any other ideas for perfect yellow lab names, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Also, if you have used one of the names in this list, we’d love to know which one you picked, and why.

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  1. This article’s is awesome, and informative, I have black Labrador age 1year and 5months, she’s so sweet and loveable her name is ZETA.

  2. In 1984 I got my first yellow lab, I named her after my sons favorite sport, so her name was hoops! 6 months later from the same breeder but a different mother I got myself a dog I named her Mysteek. We lost them 2 years ago but those 14 and a half to 15 years were the best!

  3. My yellow lab’s name was Dash. We used to call him “Dash the Crash”! I had him for 12 years, since he was a baby. His mother was my sister’s yellow lab’s only litter. He was one of the best things of my life!

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