Chocolate Lab Names: A List Of 500+ Best & Most Popular Names

Chocolate Lab Names Feature

Chocolate Lab Names Feature

With their beautiful brown coats and their friendly personalities, it is no wonder that Chocolate Labs are so popular with people looking for a dog!

If you are bringing a Chocolate Lab home soon, then you will definitely need our amazing list of over 500 Chocolate Lab Names!

There are plenty of places to find inspiration – from the world of nature to vintage classic names.

Take a look through our lists to find the perfect name for a Chocolate Lab.

We are sure you’re very eager to jump straight into our list of Chocolate Lab Names. However, if you are struggling with the decision, or need some quick guidance, follow these key four tips to keep things fun and simple:

  1. Make your Chocolate Lab’s name choice as fun as you can by being creative and fun!
  2. Use your Chocolate Lab’s friendly and loyal temperament to spark all sorts of creativity.
  3. If your Chocolate Lab is coming home to more than just you, it is a good idea to consult others in the house.
  4. The Chocolate Lab is praised for its rich brown coat and they often also have bright and beautiful eyes. These are both great starting points to find creative and colorful names.

Male Chocolate Lab Names

Chocolate Lab

If you are bringing home a male Chocolate Lab, you are probably thinking hard about what to name your little prince!

We love the idea of using classic and big male names that work well on humans and dogs.

Why not go for a beautiful vintage name, to reflect the breed’s long reputation of being the most loved dog in America?

We also adore the idea of using a name with strong, masculine meanings – this will let people know that your dog is a dashing pooch!

Take a look at this list to get some great ideas and inspiration:


Ralph – This cute and short name is great for Chocolate Labs. It’s an old Norse name meaning wolf; which is very apt for your strong, manly dog!

Male Chocolate Lab Names
Mason Sawyer Adrian Henry
John Maverick Eli Iain
Logan Eric Kano Cecil
Nolan Titus Noah Jeremy
Jay Timothy Victor Beau
Augustus Felton Francis Arthur
Gregor Benedict Felix Bernie
Reuben Edmund Oswald Damien
Jason Benji Danny Silas
Max Oscar Phillip Weston
Asher Landon Tristan Cedric
Kai Elliot Zane Lazarus
Ryan Fabien Joey Josh
Jacob Rufus Charles Duncan
Edward Leonard Jasper Brody
Mickey Wyatt Blake Amir
Kingsley Edric Jimmy Ferdinand
Amell Abel Gordy Ethan
Byron Lars Nathan Robert
Chance Neville Clifford Colton
Michael Milo Levi Tag
Dallin Ned Luka Oliver
Lyle Alex Brian Ezra
Malachi Wes Clement James
Duke Curtis Lancelot Ollie

Female Chocolate Lab Names

Old Chocolate Lab

Are you bringing a female Chocolate Lab home very soon?

If you are, you’re probably thinking about all the great names there are to choose from!

We love using soft and gentle names with feminine meanings to show off your princess’s lovely personality.

You could go for an old fashioned name that has buckets of vintage charm – they are more and more popular these days with pets and children alike.

Why not use a classic girly name that sums up your Chocolate Lab’s feminine charm?


Sadie – We love this beautiful, girly name. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’, which is perfect for your leading lady.

Female Chocolate Lab Names
Bella Sammie Phoebe Mary
Ellie Morgan Anne Kayla
Karen Kelly Emmie Andrea
Reva Jolene Lulu Anna
Tessa Avery Ava Maru
Alice Sophie Delilah Emma
Olivia Jill Carey Maria
Vera Izzie Leila Audrey
Freya Haley Esther Sasha
Hattie Mila Jessie Florence
Lottie Hope Tilly Letitia
Eleanor Lara Agatha Bianca
Nellie Piper Brielle Dora
Jane Aline Clara Ramona
Helena Kinsley Stella Sadie
Gwen Leah Daphne Melanie
Georgia Sara Liliana Harriet
Felicity Talullah Gigi Frances
Cecilia Evelyn Agnes Amber
Nora Vivian Cathy Dorothy
Arabella Salome Cornelia Lucie
Ida Grace Kitty Isabel
Harmony Khloe Caroline Jess
Joanna Beatrice Cora April
Emilia Zara Faith Allegra

Unique Chocolate Lab Names

Unique Chocolate Lab Names

Some people really go out-there when looking at names for their dogs.

If this sounds like you, then there are plenty of places to find some great, unique ideas.

We love the idea of using outer space as a source of inspiration, as there are many cool sounding planets out there!

Why not use the natural world and find something beautiful and rare?

We also like unique and alternative spellings that really set your dog’s name apart from the rest. Use this list of unique and wacky ideas to find something really special:


Comet – If your Chocolate Lab is a bright pup and a fast runner, why not name them after a rare shooting star? This name is truly unique.

Unique Chocolate Lab Names
Aurora Anemone Despina Altair
Sirius Josef Loona Aloe
Aires Saiph Antares Stella
Taurus Beta Petal Atmos
Amaryllis Aster Venus Cressida
Capricorn Begonia Zoey Summer
Scorpio Kayti Sunshine Heather
Star Bellatrix River Hazel
Lunar Miya Jaxson Pebble
Thuban Lilly Meteor Ash
Leaf Bark Oceana Jupiter
Kolton Averi Gemini Elara
Rose Hilda Blossom Juno
Cosmo Jesy Alya Bailee
Gamma Stardust Forest Frost
Storm Canopus Dione Evanthe
Vega Finlay Fern Cliff
Lilian Symon Mars Tulsi
Camren Capella Saturn Elio
Delta Orion Autumn Thistle
Cloud Galileo Coral Miranda
Noa Mandi Vera Cailyn
Rain Deneb Faye Flame
Nova Bracken Meadow Cordelia
Galaxy Samson Rocky Alpha

Funny Chocolate Lab Names

Chocolate Lab Nose

Are you looking to make people giggle when they hear your dog’s name? Or maybe you just want a very light-hearted name?

You can choose a funny name for your Chocolate Lab to make sure people know your pup has a sense of humor.

We love the idea of using food names for dogs, as this is both adorable and comedic. Why not use punny names, or names that are just plain silly?

We also love naming dogs things that would typically be used for other animals, to add an ironic edge!

Look through this list to find some side splitting ideas for funny Chocolate Lab names.


Mary Puppins – We really love this hilarious punny name – a spin on ‘Mary Poppins’! If you want a funny name, this could be a good choice.

Funny Chocolate Lab Names
Cake Pecan Jon Bone Jovi Tweety
Cracker Drooler Squarker Pizza
Chewbarka Sherlock Bones Bugs Yowler
Meowler Edam Burrito Ziggy
Marshmallow Bunny Virginia Woof Pepper
Haggis Feta Taco Fur-Dinand
Claws Tickles Santa Paws Salami
Doodles Porky Chutney Pepperoni
Jam Fangs Burger Howler
Trifle Taylor Pawtner Tomato Chicken
Harry Paw-ter Meatball Whiskers Chuckles
Crumble Cumin Squiggle Googly
Noodle Jiggly Ramen Nuggets
Britney Ears Cottontail Chilli Kitten
Sandwich Saffron Feathers Winnie the Pooch
JK Growling Dumpling Melon Buffalo
Scribbles Indiana Bones Perch Celery
Carrot Avocado Beaky Applesauce
Purr Ron Fleasley Karl Barks Flopsy
Lollipop Honey Tapenade Ranch
Peanut Spaghetti Olive Cleo-Paw-Tra
Kernel Mary Puppins Mittens Stilton

Good Chocolate Lab Names

Good Chocolate Lab Names

There are some names that are truly fitting and good for a Chocolate Lab.

If you’re looking for a name like that, then there are plenty of places to find inspiration.

Chocolate Labs are known for their rich, brown coats. Why not go for a name that reflects their beautiful color?

Labradors are famous for being lovable and friendly, so we think it’d be great to choose a name from any culture or language with a meaning like ‘friend’ or ‘loyal’.

We also like virtue names, as they’re great ways to honor your dog’s personality. Look through this list to find a really good Chocolate Lab name.


Lexa – This short and cute name is of Czechoslovakian origin. It has a great meaning – ‘defender of mankind’. If your Chocolate Lab is loyal, this is a good name for them.

Good Chocolate Lab Names
Terracotta Fudge Amity Dakota
Colesha Festus Winifred Nelwin
Choc Alyson Maite Pal
Flax Unwin Jojo Marron
Gingerbread Darrel Adaline Dodie
Beauty Caraf Brunette Auden
Birch Heaven Coffee Nalan
Wafi Godwin Sienna Walnut
Kyla Edina Justice Ranica
Love Bean Coconut Siran
Cherie Denbeigh Bonamy Bear
Suki Acorn Cola Orva
Chia Lovell Nicole Lexa
Hadwyn Honesty Order Alie
Cappuccino Jati Winna Espresso
Peace Hickory Abdo Ellone
Rafiki Fido Whiskey Oatmeal
Kama Elwin Clove Toasty
Amine Anis Corwan Davy
Pumpernickel Moose Pragun Jebediah
Sadiki Alvin Ruth Russet
Java Truman Monkey Didina
Serenity Aruba Buddy Alise
Taupe Pine Thisbe Brandy
Boule Umber Cocoa Agacie
Chestnut Taffy Nissa Marvin
Kiwi Adelia Woodchip Nutmeg
Pretzel Jonda Mocha Latte

Best Chocolate Lab Names

Chocolate Lab Puppy

If you’re looking for the very best name for your Chocolate Lab, then we have some amazing suggestions.

Why not choose something that has been tried and tested?

You can use the name of a famous Labrador, or a celebrity dog’s name.

Why not go for a name that reflects the very best quality of your Chocolate Lab, whether that is their boundless energy or their astounding beauty.

We also like the idea of using names of role models that have traits you see reflected in your beloved pet. Use this list to find the very best name for your Chocolate Lab.


Mabel – This amazing Latin name is the best choice for a Chocolate Lab. It means ‘beautiful, lovable’, which highlight’s your pet’s best traits.

Best Chocolate Lab Names
Genevieve Luath Ellene Mabel
Alayne Mercury Vivian Kevra
Charlie Zoelle Arjan Calista
Mineko Shaine Evelia Tegan
Sirah Lucy Tyko Sophie
Christmas Kalliope Nadal Libbie
Tabea Bridgit Gemi Jacinda
Elvis Bella Bandit Spencer
Charuhas Vito Yeva Harmony
Rupali Miranda Briet Brian
Allyn Mandela Glenys Vashti
Dusty Donatella Olene Emiko
Zowie Marley Rita Goosers
Taylor Bonita Sushma Kiah
Chum Cosmin Amra Lindi
Daisy Deen Glory Zaina
Neleh Elu Lewa Merlin
Zoie Ramya Barfy Live
Anabela Maggie Jollipop Fineena
Rossa Manha Calanthe Leana
Eddie Charu Joost Lyza
Jemila Ella Ponta Turbodog
Miyu Tanda Rover Lalit
Beldan Pete Taruni Zuma
Chayla Bonnibel Jilian Sundari


If you are bringing a Chocolate Lab home soon, the challenge of naming them is sure to be on your mind.

Whether you look to natural names, or beautiful names from other languages, there’s sure to be something in our lists that can help you!

Make sure to let us know if you use any of the Chocolate Lab names in these lists.

We would also love to hear if you have any suggestions for names that haven’t been mentioned here, so be sure to leave a comment.

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