8 Border Collie Mixes: Your A to Z Guide Of Collie Mix Breeds

Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Mix

Collie dogs are renowned for their workaholic nature, so by breeding with one, you are sure to end up with an active, intelligent and hard working dog.

Border Collie mix dogs can sometimes be bred by mating a Border with the smallest of breeds like Jack Russell Terriers and sometimes much larger breeds; like the Great Dane.

As with all designer and hybrid canines it is impossible to know which parent’s temperament your puppy is most likely to take after.

But, all Border Collie mixes are a joy to train and happy to learn new tricks.

However, keep in mind that all of these hybrids require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. If not, your pooch will start to demonstrate destructive behaviors like chewing, digging and excessive barking.

Let’s take a look at the most popular eight Collie mix breeds including the: Shollie, Bordoodle, Borgi and Border Jack

1. Shollie

German Shepherd x Border Collie Mix


The Shollie is undoubtedly one of the most trainable dog breeds with German Shepherd and Border Collie parents.

Both German Shepherds and Border Collies are renowned for their working backgrounds, intelligence and energetic personalities.

This dog is often mistaken for a purebred as he usually looks either predominantly like a German Shepherd or a Collie.

Everything an experienced dog owner could want, this pooch is athletic, loyal and eager to please.

Though their high trainability and loyalty makes them an attractive breed, they can inherit flaws from their parents too:

  • German Shepherds can become over protective if not taught boundaries
  • Collies can be very demanding if they don’t get enough physical or mental stimulation

This mix breed is usually very sociable and friendly with other canines and humans. However, early socialization is key for them to develop a stable temperament.

Failure to stay consistent with socialization and training will lead to wariness and barking at strangers.

Both breeds are high maintenance and their mix is no difference. They need a lot of exercise, ideally 2 hours a day and more importantly a lot of mental stimulation.

Their intense exercise and mental simulation needs should be taken into consideration if you are thinking about adopting this breed.

Provide your hybrid with physical and mental stimulation at the same time. Alternate between throwing a ball or a stick with asking them to do one or two commands.

If you are looking for your new partner in crime for dog agility or obedience training, the German Shepherd x Border Collie mix is the dog for you; they love to have a purpose and pick up new tricks very easily.


Shollies are affectionate and playful, best suited to active families or singletons. They need a lot of exercise and a confident pack leader so are not the best choice for a novice.

2. Aussie Shollie

Australian Shepherd x Border Collie Mix

Aussie Collie Mix Breed

Much like the standard Shollie, crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Border Collie results in a very intelligent, energetic and extremely trainable canine.

Both parents were working dogs, used by farmers for their obedience and stamina to heard cattle.

Their high energy makes them unsuitable for small homes or apartments, however they can be the perfect addition to your family home.

Their tri-color coat and pale eyes gives them a unique yet beautiful look.

Known to get along well with other dogs, exposing them to different situations and animals as puppies will ensure your Border Collie mix learns how to distinguish between dangerous and safe scenarios.

A home with other family pets may not be the best for the Aussie Shollie as their herding instincts can kick in and they might start to chase them.

They are very athletic with copious amounts of energy, and if well socialized, will be friendly and love to play around children.

The best way to burn off all that energy is a family trip to the park.

Wide-open areas are exactly what this hybrid needs so they can show you just how fast they can run.


This beautiful mix makes a great family addition, being loyal, affectionate and trainable. However, their high energy and constant need for mental stimulation may be a lot to handle for a novice or a busy family.

3. Border Lab

Labrador x Border Collie Mix

Border Lab

It doesn’t get more friendly and energetic than the Borador; that’s exactly what they were bred for.

By crossbreeding a Labrador with the Border Collie, they have kept the intelligence of the Collie but introduced the mellowness and friendliness of the Labrador.

This makes them the perfect family dog; they’re great with children of all ages, strangers and other dogs.

They’re also a dream to train as both parents are intelligent, fast learners and eager to please their human.

As with any Border Collie mix, their exercise needs are high but they will love to join you on long walks, runs, hikes and a Labrador’s favorite time-pass is swimming.

When it comes to training, use the Labrador’s love of food to your advantage and you will soon have a well-behaved Borador.

Just remember to incorporate training treats into their daily calorie allowance as Labradors are very greedy and can gain weight easily.

Their grooming needs are very simple; they need brushing a couple of times a week. Their eyes, ears and teeth should be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid infection.


Boradors are affectionate, well-rounded and reliable dogs. They are intelligent and love nothing more than to be with their human making training a breeze. No matter your family dynamic the Labrador x Collie will fit right into any active lifestyle.

4. Great Collie

Great Dane x Border Collie Mix

Great Collie Mix

Even though these breeds look very different, they share a number of qualities. They’re friendly, affectionate and eager to please their human.

The Great Dane is one of the largest dogs in the world; they stand at 28 to 34 inches tall and weigh up to 100 to 200 pounds.

In comparison, the Collie is compact and speedy, measuring 19 to 22 inches and only weighing 30 to 50 pounds.

Being larger, the Great Dane is more relaxed and placid, which offsets the excitable temperament of the Collie.

Don’t be fooled, this hybrid still loves to run and isn’t for someone looking for a sofa buddy.

This hybrid is still 50% Border Collie and because of this, they love exercise.

Letting them run as far and as fast as possible will help tire them out. Try some nose and brain games to keep them mentally stimulated too.

Even though this Border Collie mix inherits the Great Dane’s short hair, both breeds are good shedders and so are their offspring.

Daily brushing and occasional bathing will help get rid of all the dead hair and keep your floors hair free.

Training should be easy with such an intelligent breed, the key is to stay consist. They can have a suborn streak so they do need someone who won’t let them walk all over them.


If you’re looking for a larger, but still energetic and trainable breed, the Great Dane x Collie could be the canine for you.

5. Border Pit

Pitbull x Border Collie Mix

Border Pit

Known as the Border Pit, this is not a hybrid you should rule out on reputation.

A cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Border Collie.

The Pitbull gets a bad reputation for being an aggressive dog, this is because they were historically used for bear baiting and as fighting dogs.

However, when well raised and socialized correctly, they are very friendly, affectionate and love nothing more than to be next to their human parent.

This makes the Pitbull Border Collie mix highly alert, intellectual and extremely loyal.

They’re also great with children, other dogs and can get on with families pets if raised together from a young age.

Not too keen on being left alone for longs periods of time this breed loves interacting with other animals and humans.

However, these guys love to chew so you can occupy them with a bone or a chew toy for a while.

It is impossible to know exactly how Border Collie mixes will turn out (because of gene inheritance) but this pooch usually takes after their Collie parent.

They have the athletic body of the Pitbull with the classic black and white coloring of the Border Collie. Puppies with any other coloring are very rare.


Border Pits make wonderful family pets and companions for an energetic singleton; they are very loyal, lovable and easy to train.

6. Bordoodle

Poodle x Border Collie Mix

Bordoodle Border Collie Mix

The Bordoodle is a cross between a purebred Border and a standard sized Poodle. This breed goes by many names, including Bordoodle, Colloodle, Borpoo, Borderdoodle and Borderpoo.

This hybrid will have a medium length fur and can either inherit the Poodle’s curly coat or the Collie’s wavy coat.

Even though the Poodle is known for being hypoallergenic, don’t expect the Bordoodle to be as well.

Collies are moderate shedders and there’s a good chance their offspring will be too.

They can come in a variety of colors and patterns. There’s the classic white and black, but Poodle’s can come in pretty much any color giving the Bordoodle many possible appearances.

When it comes to their temperament, they can take after either parent or be an 50/50 mix of both. Generally they are intelligent, energetic and loving whilst fitting in with any active lifestyle.

Both parent breeds were historic working dogs, the Poodle was bred to hunt ducks, whilst the Collie to herd cattle.

This means your Border Collie mix will have strong natural instincts.

To overcome this concentrate on recall exercises so you are confident your dog will come back when called in open areas.

Collies especially have a tendency to herd, especially small children or animals, but with training, this shouldn’t be an issue.


These curly cuties are really good for an active family looking for an extra addition. They are friendly, smart and love being around people.

7. Borgi

Corgi x Border Collie Mix

Borgi Mix

As mentioned the Border is athletic and needs lots of stimulation, whereas the Corgi is happy, loving and playful.

Their appearance varies greatly, mainly because the parents have completely different statures. This mix will measure anywhere from 10 to 22 inches and weighs between 28 to 55 pounds.

There is a risk this breed will inherit the Corgis short legs, which can cause some serious health issues like hip dysplasia.

They have an affectionate and loving personality with lots of energy.

This Border Collie mix does not like being left alone for long periods of time, so it s advised at least one person is at home with the breed.

If you must leave them, make sure they have been walked and aren’t hyperactive to avoid destructive behavior.

The size of your Borgi will determine how much exercise they will need. The smaller your dog, the less intense the exercise should be.


If you are looking for a smaller breed but with the Collies temperament then the Borgi could be for you. But bare in mind the smaller the breed the more likely they are to develop health issues.

8. Border Jack

Jack Russell Terrier x Border Collie Mix

Border Jack

Another small Collie hybird, known as the Border Jack, these guys are full of character; just like the Jack Russell.

Again with both parents having such different physical attributes it is hard to tell what each puppy will look like.

However the most common look is a slightly taller and stockier Jack Russell with a longer and wiry coat.

Though bigger than its purebred parent, the Border Jack is still agile, quick and intelligent. This makes them perfect for agility courses and flyball or just a casual play with a Frisbee in the park.

Border Jacks are incredibly intelligent so training will be a breeze. However this Border Collie mix can be strong willed so start training young, stay consistent and give lots of positive reinforcement.

They are fairly fuss free when it comes to grooming, a couple of brushes a week is enough to remove dead hair, tangles and dirt.


This small but active breed is best suited for an experienced family with older children who are aware of the intense exercise and mental stimulation this pooch needs.


As mentioned, a Border Collie mix will give you an intelligent and very energetic dog.

For experienced owners looking for a high energy agility or obedience dog the German Shepherd or Australian Shepherd mix is the perfect choice.

If you are looking for a smaller dog but love the intelligence and trainability of the Collie then the Jack Russell or Cogi hybrids could be the pooch for you.

Finally, if you are looking for a lovable yet protective family pet, try the Pitbull cross.

Remember, if any of these mixes are not properly exercised, this will lead to destructive behaviors.

Make sure to leave your thoughts below on these breeds, especially if you are thinking of adopting one!

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