11 Facts Which Will Make You Want to Own a Mini Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodle Feature

The Mini Labradoodle is a smart, sassy and sweet designer dog. A Mini Labradoodle is a designer cross breed with a Miniature Poodle and Labrador parent.

Affectionally known as “the world’s most loving dogs”, these little pups make themselves known with their adorable faces and loving temperament.

They pack a lot of heart into their mini 45lb size, and, if you didn’t want one already, when you realize they look like real-life teddy bear dogs – you will!

Popular from the beginning, these dogs have made themselves know in the dog lover community. But, what is there to know about them?

Read on to find our favorite 11 facts that will genuinely make you want to own this mixed breed today.

11. A Mini Labradoodle Makes The Best Companion Dog

Mini Labradoodle Feature

Mini Labradoodles were first bred to be companion versions of their guide dog cousins (i.e. standard sized Labradoodles).

The intelligence of the Poodle makes them very trainable, and therefore they make wonderful service animals, and their intuition makes them wonderful people pleasers.

We can therefore assume this mix will have the same temperament – just in a smaller package.

They are typically very smart, sociable, and will love to please you and your friends by doing tricks and just generally being silly – this is true of most Poodle mixes.

Because of their Labrador parent, this Doodle mix will love to trick train and will revel in delighting you. They make wonderful obedience pups, learning quickly and doing well in obedience school.

10. He Will Be Playful Like A Lab and Smart Like A Poodle

Labradoodle Playing

There are different “generations” of designer mixes. When purchasing your puppy, you should ask the breeder which generation cross your future puppy is:

  • A F1 hybrid is a Miniature Poodle crossed with a Labrador.
  • A F1B is a Mini Labradoodle crossed with either a Mini Poodle or a Labrador.
  • A F2 cross is breeding one Mini Labradoodle with another.

An F2, or subsequent generation cross breed, is known as a multigenerational cross, these dogs are typically more expensive as their temperament and appearance is more predictable than that of a F1 or F1B. There is a table below to help illustrate the different generations:

F1Miniature Poodle Labrador
F1BMini Labradoodle Miniature Poodle
F2F1 Mini Labradoodle

F2 or F3 crosses tend to blend both temperaments, bringing together the playful spirit of the Labrador with the composure of the Poodle.Dogs which are an F1 cross may lean more towards one of their parent’s temperament, being either more like the loving and yet dopy Labrador, or more stubborn and intelligent like the Poodle.

9. Every Mini Labradoodle Is Unique

Each one of these adorable puppies has a coat that is completely unique to them.

Due to the fact these dogs are crossbreeds, it’s difficult to predict which parent they look like. However, you can take an educated guess of the colors/textures of the pup’s fur by looking at the parents’ coats.

They come in a variety of different colors, with many different types of fur, curly cream and golden fur normally commands a premium for this puppy, the most common color variations are:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • White

They may either have fur that resembles that of a Poodle: long, curly and thick, or they may have fur that resembles that of a Labrador: short, straight and dense.

There is the possibility that their coat will be a perfect hybrid of the two with curly short hair in a cream or golden color.

8. Some Mini Labradoodles Are Hypoallergenic

Mini Labradoodle Appearance

When they were first bred, they were hand selected to breed those dogs with hypoallergenic coats.

Not all of these designer mixes are hypoallergenic, this term is unregulated and is particularly overused with puppy mill breeders; read our responsible breeder’s guide to protect yourself from buying a dog from a puppy mill.

As this breed has increased in popularity, and more people have started breeding Labradoodles, the original breeder’s careful and specific breeding program soon became lost. Consequently, a lot of Mini Labradoodles are not hypoallergenic, despite this being the original popularity of the dog, as a result there is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue.

If you are thinking about getting this mix, you may want to purchase either an Australian Mini Labradoodle (as these still follow the original breeding plan) or a second (i.e. F2) or third generation (i.e. F3), as these are much more likely to be low shedders.

7. They Are Recognized By The Designer Breed Registry

A Mini Labradoodle is a designer crossbreed dog – a mix between a Miniature Poodle and a Labrador, they make an almost pocket-sized version of their standard size cousins.

As a result this dog is not registered with the American Kennel Club, and cannot be considered a purebred dog, however, it is registered with the Designer Breed Registry.

It’s no wonder this crossbreed is so popular; both of its parents are practically famous. The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog in America for 29 years in a row!

Combined with the intelligence, and maturity, of the Poodle, this makes for a wonderful little pup.

6. The Mini Labradoodle Was First Bred In The 1990s

Mini Labradoodle Puppy

First bred by Wally Conron in 1988, these dogs have been growing in popularity ever since.

Standard sizes Labradoodles were first bred in Australia with the purpose of being guide dogs for those who needed a hypoallergenic guide dog in the 1970s. The first litter contained three pups, one of whom was suitable for purpose due to his low shedding.

These dogs have proved incredibly versatile due to their easily trainable temperament and social nature.

The Mini Labradoodle came along not long after due to the demand for a smaller, more manageable dog, to fit in with an urban lifestyle.

At some point between 1991 and 1994, Dr Kate Schoeffel first bred the Mini variation of the standard size. His name was Sultan and like a king – he was very popular.

To this day, Dr Schoeffel keeps Minis, and owns 500 acres of land where she has dedicated herself to the breeding of this cute little dog.

5. These Designer Pooches Are Famous

Mini Labradoodles are very popular, and have even replaced the Morkie as a popular celebrity dog.

Not only are Mini Labradoodles taking the world by storm in every-day life, being one of the most popular crossbreeds in the world, but these dogs are so popular they have found their way into some famous homes.

Jennifer Anniston, Joe Biden, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond all have owned Labradoodles.

These pups have also taken over social media and you may even recognize them from your Instagram feed. Famous pups such as Gaston are racking up the likes as these little dogs are just too cute.

These dogs have also been seen in the palaces of some royals, with the Norwegian Royal Family taking a particular shine to them.

4. Mini Labradoodles Are Cute and Popular

Mini Labradoodle in Grass

Mini Labradoodles are the cutest puppies, just look at that picture above!

These dogs are very popular among stars, celebrities and on social media. It’s no wonder why when they stay looking like puppies forever.

Due to the fact they stay around 10 to 15 inches tall, it is no wonder that they are known as forever puppies.

However, their cuteness it not lost on the breeders, and they do not have a small price tag. Mini Labradoodle puppies can sell from between $1,500 to $5,000 USD, depending on the area and value of the parents as breeding stock.

This expensive price tag means that they are a fan of puppy mills.

When looking to purchase a pup, it is important to find a responsible breeder.

Always ask to see the dogs with their mother and ask for a health check to ensure well looked after pups. Any reliable breeder will be happy to do this for you.

3. They Are Great Swimmers

Mini Labradoodles typically have webbed paws, because of this, these dogs make wonderful swimmers.

Their webbed paws come from their Poodle parents (or grandparents if they are a second generation cross). Poodles have webbed paws because they needed to be excellent swimmers as they were gun dogs.

You may be able to see this by gently separating their toes – if they will allow you of course.

As a result of this condition, these dogs will very typically make wonderful beach bums, enjoying nothing more than a walk on the sand and to dip their paws in the sea!

2. They Make Great Running Partners Too

Mini Labradoodle Running

Don’t let their small size fool you, Mini Labradoodles are very active dogs; like their Miniature Golden Retriever cousins.

They love to swim, but they also love to go on regular adventures be it a walk or a run.

You may wish to consider jogging with your dog. These dogs do well on between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise daily, leaning more towards the higher end if they are a first generation cross.

As a result of this high activity level, they love to play game – this has many health benefits as it mentally stimulates them alongside their physical activity from walks:

  • They may wish to channel their gundog roots with a game of fetch
  • Alternatively they may find it more fun to play more sophisticated brain games

1. A Mini Labradoodle’s Loving Personality Will Win Your Heart

Mini Labradoodle Appearance

While it is impossible to predict the personality and temperament of any dog; this mix is known for being the life and soul of the party.

These fun-loving dogs are known people pleasers who live for a good time. Energetic, intelligent or obedient, these dogs have a golden personality.

Not only are Mini Labradoodles known for their loving personality, but, they make wonderful family pets too. Due to their smaller statue, these pocket-sized pups are much less boisterous and therefore they do better with younger children than their clumsy cousins.

This smaller size means they can thrive in all environments, be it a city apartment or in a country manner house with acres of land.

They do need room for when they occasionally get “the zoomies”, so be sure they have the space and freedom to play.

These dogs are massive extroverts, known for their love of adventure.

Everything is exciting to a Mini Labradoodle, from making a cup off coffee to a trip to the store. Their zest for life is infectious and you will soon find yourself enjoying mundane, everyday tasks with them by your side.


If you don’t want a Mini Labradoodle now, I don’t think there’s anything we can say to make you want one!

These adorable little teddy bear dogs are the light and soul of any household, bringing joy into the life of those around them.

This article reviewed just 11 interesting facts about them, but, these unique souls will delight and entertain you every day – life with them never gets boring!

Just in case you forgot, Mini Labradoodle are crossbreed dogs that look like teddy bears and will fall in love with you at the first cuddle.

If you love this mix, or have any other thoughts on the breed, feel free to leave us a comment telling us all about your experience with this wonderful little pup.

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