35 Indian Dog Names & Meanings (Baloo, Holi, Karma & More)

Indian Dog Names Feature

You have just welcomed a new four-legged friend into your family, and you are looking for Indian dog names for them?!

Well, you have come to the right place.

Choosing an Indian name for your dog is a great way to give your pooch a title with an interesting meaning.

Due to India’s large diversity of religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, these monikers can be super spiritual too. So this list also contains some pawsome choices if you are looking for a spiritual or religious title.

Do you have a dog of Indian origin, or perhaps you just really love their culture. Whatever the reason, we are here to lend a helping paw in your search for an Indian dog name.

Howl about you take a look at our list below?


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Indian Dog Names

Indian Dogs

Did you know that India is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world?

They also have many different languages including: Hindi, Bengali and ancient Sanskrit!

Because of this, there are so many beautiful and unique names to choose from.

But don’t worry, we have narrowed it down to only the best, so we hope you find a moniker you woof.

Top 10 Indian Dog Names

  1. Baloo – Here is a title we are sure you’ll all recognize! Baloo is the name of the bear from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Coming from the Hindi word bhālū this moniker literally means bear! Great for a dog who appreciates the bare necessities of life.
  2. Bala – Another Hindu word, Bala means several things. It is often translated to mean ‘young girl,’ however, it also means ‘power and strength.’ This would make a brilliant choice for a feisty female! Howl can you resist this name when it has such a both badass and cute meaning?
  3. Drisana – This is one of our personal favorites. Drisana means ‘daughter of the sun’ and is one of the most beautiful Indian dog names to choose for your female furry friend. This would be pawfect for a puppy who is the light of your life and who brings sunshine and smiles wherever their paws walk.
  4. Goa – Why not consider naming your pup after an Indian region? A southwestern coastal state in India, this city is really popular for people who love sunny beach holidays! This would be a great choice for a canine who loves taking sandy strolls along the beach with their owner.
  5. Holi – This is a really culturally inspired name because Holi is an Indian festival celebrated in the Spring. Also known as the ‘festival of colors’ or ‘the festival of love’ it celebrates the coming of Spring and celebrates love, laughter and forgiveness. Naming your pooch Holi would be a great way to remember the most important things in life.
  6. Jasmine – This is a fab-fur-lously feminine name for your hound! Jasmine is the English version of the Arabic title ‘Yasmine’. Jasmine refers to the Jasmine flower, so is a great choice if you prefer a moniker that has a delicate and pretty meaning.
  7. Karma – This is a word we’re all familiar with; it’s associated with both Hinduism and Buddhism. Karma is essentially the result of how a person acts – you do good, you get good luck and if you do bad, you get bad luck! We think Karma makes a great choice, as it’s an alternative to calling your pooch the popular choice of lucky.
  8. Masala – A food inspired name! Masala is a mixture of ground spices used in cooking and is probably most famously used to make the curry chicken-tikka masala! This would be great for a hound who has a sassy personality and is as fiery as spice!
  9. Paneer – This Hindi name actually comes from Persian origin and actually means cheese. Yes, this is a grate choice for all you cheese lovers out there… and even better if your dog has a cheesy smile!
  10. Tara – This is an amazing option for a female four-legged friend who loves to be the star of the show! Tara means ‘star’ in Sanskrit, however, it is also a Hindu Goddess who was abducted by the God of the moon, leading to a great war!

Our Favorite Indian Dog Names

  • Amaya – This is a beautiful choice for a girl. Amaya means ‘guileless’ (innocent) in Sanskrit, however, it can also be translated to mean ‘night rain’. We think it would make a pawsitively adorable title for a small dog like a terrier.
  • Arjun – This would make an amazing moniker for a white pooch! Arjun is a Hindu word, originating from Sanskrit, and means ‘bright white’. This is a really popular name in India and actually has links to an Indian legend, being based upon Arjuna, the son of the King of Gods.
  • ChandraSanskrit for ‘shining moon’ this Indian dog name has a really pawsome link to the Gods! Chandra is one of the nine planets in Hinduism and also, is the father of Budha (the planet mercury). This would make a great choice for any wolf-like dog who loves howling at the moon!
  • Champak – Did you know that in Indian astrology, names beginning with ‘C’ lead to greater inner strength in an individual? Champak means ‘flower’ and is a beautiful Hindu name for your puppy.
  • Dosa – This one’s for all you foodies out there! Dosa is a type of savoury Indian pancake that can be paired with absolutely anything. Though you might think it is silly to call your puppy after a pancake, it certainly is more unique than calling your dog ‘Biscuit’.
  • Falgun – This moniker can be used for a boy or girl puppy! This name is very common in India and means ‘the month of spring.’ This would be a really cute choice if your pooch was born during the springtime.
  • Gaman – This is the pawfect option for a male canine who loves adventure and exploration. Do you take your pal on long hikes? Then this is the choice for you. Gamen means ‘journey’ in Hindi, so it makes a brilliant title if you and your furry friend frequently enjoy adventures together.
  • Haddi – This is reserved only for the coolest of canines! Haddi means ‘bone’ in Hindi – so, obviously it’d make a brilliant choice for a big boned mutt, who perhaps enjoys snacking on the occasional dog bone. Why not throw your dog another bone and give them this moniker?
  • Indra – Has you four-legged friend got a bright or an eccentric personality? We know that every dog has unique characteristics, which is why we love them! But, if your dog’s personality is particularly colorful, then this is the dog name for them! Indra means ‘rainbow’ in Sanskrit.
  • Jihan – This one is truly out of this world! Jihan means ‘the cosmos of the world.’ If you’re a big fan of space or sci-fi then this is one of the best Indian dog names for you!
  • Kumar – Here’s a title for a pooch who likes the finer things in life! Kumar means ‘Prince’ in Sanskrit and can also mean ‘son’. We think this would make a pawsome choice for a furry friend who likes to be treated like royalty!
  • Lalit – Lalit literally means ‘handsome.’ So, this is a fantastic Indian dog name for any good-looking dog but is perhaps especially fitting for a show dog. What do you think?
  • Lamba – The word Lamba means ‘long’ in Hindi. Now, we know this may sound obvious, but isn’t it a pawfect choice for a wonderful Weiner-dog? Dachshunds are famous for their long bodies, so why not give them a short name, with a long meaning?
  • Mani – We know that your pup is one of the most precious individuals in your life. So why not give them a name that truly reflects this? Mani means ‘jewel’ in Sanskrit, and what could be more precious than a diamond or a ruby? Why, your furry friend of course!
  • Nirvana – The word Nirvana is found in lots of religions all over the world, however it is especially prominent in India! In Buddhism and Hinduism (popular religions within India!) Nirvana is the highest state of enlightenment that a person can reach. This would be brilliant for a clever or really chilled out canine companion.
  • Nirav – This is a brilliant Indian dog name for a mutt who loves to snooze! Nirav means ‘peaceful and calm’ in Sanskrit, so it would really suite a pooch who prefers a pillow to play! We think this would make a great moniker for an older dog, who just loves to curl up in front of the fire.
  • Parth – Parth (and all it’s variations like Parthos and Partha) comes from Indian origin and is actually connected to Arjun. Prince Arjun was often referred to as Parth. Parth means ‘warrior prince’ and literally means ‘he who never misses his target’.
  • Raj – This dog name is again derived from Sanskrit and means ‘King’. However, it’s also an Indian royal title, meaning ‘rule’ so the word itself has several royal connotations.
  • Rohit – This is a brilliant choice for a dog with a copper or red colored coat! Rohit is Sanskrit for ‘red’ – so it’s a very literal Indian dog name! We think this option would especially suite a Red Setter.
  • Sakari – A fab-fur-lous choice for your irresistibly cute and cuddly furry friend. The name Sakari means ‘cute’ so it is the best option for any irresistible pooch.
  • Sumit – A popular Bangali word! However, we think this is one of our favorite Indian dog names on the list. Sumit means ‘good friend,’ which makes this a brilliant choice for your canine companion. It really makes the sweetest name if you and your pooch are best buddies.
  • Tushar – Do you have a puppy with white fur? Or, perhaps you brought your new four-legged friend home during the Winter. Here is another awesome Hindi and Bengali word! Tushar means ‘frost,’ ‘snow,’ or ‘winter’ so would make a brilliant Indian name for a pooch with a frosty colored coat.
  • Vishal – Here is a word with great meaning! Vishal means ‘huge,’ ‘great’ and ‘magnificent’. Does your furry friend have a big personality? Or, perhaps they’re literally a giant dog breed. Well, don’t you think this would be really fitting for them?
  • Yasti – This is for all those sleek and slim dog breeds out there. Yasti is Sanskrit and means ‘slim’ – so this would be great for all those dog breeds who have the natural build to be healthy and skinny.
  • Yogi – No, we’re not talking about everyone’s favorite cartoon, Yogi Bear! In Sanskrit, Yogi is the name given to someone who practices Yoga, like a Yoga teacher! This would make an a-pawable title for a puppy – especially because when most dogs stretch, it reminds us of our favorite (or dreaded) yoga poses!


Indian Puppy

We hope our list of Indian dog names has helped you pick the pawfect name for your canine.

Picking a moniker for your puppy is hard work, but choosing one that is unique and quirky is a great way to have fun during the process.

Whether you are of Indian heritage or you just love their culture, we hope our list of choices has thrown you a bone and you’ve found an inspiring one for your canine companion!

Our personal favorites are Drisana and Sumit, however, we have a soft spot for the name Nirvana because of how cool it sounds!

Which were your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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