Are Maltese good pets?

Yes, Maltese are good pets. Maltese are happy, energetic dogs that are great for families or people who live in places with limited space.

In addition, Maltese make great pets for the following reasons:

  • Maltese make good watch dogs as they are always alert and bark excessively.
  • Maltese have playful personalities that stay with them throughout their lifetimes. They love children and families. But be careful with children under the age of 7. Maltese are easily injured due to their small size, so teach your young child how to play with them safely.
  • Maltese learn commands quickly. Because they have a desire to please, they are easily trainable compared to other small breeds.
  • Maltese are low maintenance when it comes to exercise. Playing with them for only 10 minutes a day is enough exercise for them.