Do Maltese dogs bark a lot?

Yes, Maltese dogs bark a lot. They have a strong natural desire to bark. Maltese dogs bark because they are:

  • Stressed: Maltese dogs will bark when they want to relieve stress. If there is a stranger, or there are a lot of new visitors at your house, your Maltese will be overwhelmed and out of stress.
  • Enthusiastic: They become very enthusiastic while playing or exercising, which causes them to bark.
  • Bored: If you leave your Maltese at home for long periods of time alone, they will bark out of boredom. They need enough attention and exercise to keep them from getting bored.
  • Frustrated: If there is something out of your Maltese’s control, like wanting to go out, or getting a toy out from under the sofa, they will feel frustrated and start barking.

However, you can train your Maltese to not bark. A Maltese will reduce how often it barks if you:

  • Give them lots of attention: Try to give them as much attention as possible. When you’re away or at work, hire a dog walker or have a friend stop by to play with them whenever possible.
  • Teach them the “quiet” command: After they stop barking, use the “quiet” command. If they remain quiet, provide them with a treat. Constantly repeating this command after they bark, and then providing treats as positive reinforcement will reduce how often a Maltese barks.
  • Ignore them when they are incessantly barking: Maltese dogs will bark because they need attention. If they are barking nonstop, ignore them until they calm down and then show them affection when they are quiet and calm.
  • Give them exercise: A Maltese gets bored and nervous easily, so if you take it on daily walks, it will get tired and be less inclined to bark.