How can I make my Maltese happy?

You can make your Maltese happy by:

  • Providing proper shelter. Maltese hate cold and wet areas, so you need to provide dry, covered shelter for them outside so they can go to the bathroom. If you cannot provide a dry, covered area outside, Maltese are happy with indoor litter boxes so they can go to the potty.
  • Playing with them. They are lively dogs that love to play. Many owners say that only 10 minutes of playtime a day keeps them very happy. Good toys for Maltese include flirt poles, plush chew toys for tug of war, and rubber balls for fetch.
  • Giving them plenty of toys. When you’re away, having plenty of chew toys and balls around the house will keep them entertained and happy.
  • Cuddling. Maltese are highly affectionate dogs that love to cuddle and nuzzle their owners or other family members. If you embrace their cuddling nature, you will have a very happy Maltese.
  • Taking them on walks. Maltese don’t require much exercise, but taking them on walks up to 30 minutes every day will keep them in a good mood.
  • Teaching them new tricks. Maltese learn new tricks and games easily. If you slowly teach them new tricks or games, your Maltese will stay happy over long periods of time.