15 Lab Mix Dogs: List of Labrador Mixed Breeds & Pictures

Lab and Golden Retriever

Labradors are by far the most popular dog in America, topping American Kennel Club’s list of breed registrations for 29 consecutive years!

First seen in Canada as the “St John’s Dogs,” Labradors were used by fishermen to haul in nets and help with their process.

This love of water can still be seen in Labrador retrievers over three hundred years later. Their passion for work and will-to-please carries through into their loving temperament and makes them a great family dog.

It is safe to say that Labrador fever has swept America, and this continual popularity, combined with a love of designer mix dogs, has led to a steady increase of Labrador mixed breeds.

Whether you are considering a Labrador mix, or just a fan of the designer breeds, here are fifteen mixes for your reading pleasure.

15. Beagador – Beagle and Labrador Mix

Lab and Beagle

Known as a beagador or labbe, the Beagle Lab mix is a family favorite and came into existence during the 1990s at the beginning of the designer dog movement.

Both beagles and Labradors are known for their kind and loving temperament:

  • Beagles are intelligent and are highly trainable
  • Labradors excels at trick training and love having a job

The labbe is highly vocal and has three main vocalizations: the back, the howl and the “bay” (inherited from their beagle parents).

These dogs are very chatty, and do not hesitate to let their owners know how they feel about something.

14. Labrabull – Labrador and American Pitbull Terrier

Lab and American Pitbull Terrier

The labrabull is a mix of the Labrador and the American pit bull terrier. These gentle giants are an amazing family pet and have a mix of the loving lab and protective pittie.

A vigilant and observant Labrador Mixed breed, they are great for someone looking for a watchdog. Their booming bark will soon alert intruders to their presence.

Labrabulls are known to be very low maintenance dogs and they require very infrequent grooming.

The most challenging component of owning a labrabull is their intelligence and athleticism! You dog will need daily 60 minute walks and additional activities such as swimming and fetch!

13. Borador – Border Collie and Labrador Mix

Lab and Border Collie

Known as the borador, the border collie and Labrador mix is an excellent addition to any family household! Intelligent and easy to train, this mix is known for their owner-oriented nature.

Due to genetic influences, it is impossible to predict what this breed, or any dogs on this list will look like. Your borador puppy may resemble a border collie, a Labrador, or a hybrid of the two!

Border Collies are smart enough not only to understand commands, but potentially not follow them in order to protect their herd. This natural cleverness flows through into the borador, too.

As with the labrabull, the borador needs over 60 minutes of exercise each day and will also need other activities like playing games or trick training.

12. Aussiedor – Australian Shepherd and Labrador

Lab and Australian Shepherd

A working mix between an Australian shepherd and a Labrador, the Aussiedor is an active breed that makes a great match for any sport-oriented owner.

They do well in homes where they have access to a secure outdoor space or owners who like to spend time walking and hiking in the great outdoors!d

Aussiedors go stir crazy entertainment, even more so when their owners are absent. If they have to be left, try leaving them with puzzle toys to keep them busy.

Although this Labrador mix can be a good family dog, generally speaking, they do better in adult only homes.

11. Labmaraner – Labrador and Weimaraner

Lab and Weimaraner

The labmaraner is a lively and intelligent mix of a Labrador and a Weimaraner that is not suited for first-time owners; instead, they are best adopted by experienced owners.

This Labrador mixed breed thrives when they have a job to do. If you are interested in this mixed-breed but do not plan to work them, do not be surprised if your dog self-assigns a role (e.g. chewing, barking, and howling).

Weighing up to 100lb and standing 24 inches tall, these gentle giants do not do well in apartments and are best suited to larger homes where they can have continual access to a securely fenced yard.

10. Shepador – German Shepherd Dog and Labrador

Lab and German Shepherd Dog

Like most other Labrador mixes, the Shepador is known for their playful and energetic personalities!

The German Shepherd Lab mix gets along very well with children, and their unrelenting energies match perfectly. After a good few hours running around the yard, they are happy to curl up on the couch.

As with all Labrador mixes, feeding should occur in small, frequent bouts to satisfy their scavenger genes. Slow-down bowls should be used to prevent them from consuming too much food too quickly.

9. Boxador – Labrador and Boxer

Lab and Boxer

A mix between the Labrador and the boxer, the bouncy boxador is a perfect family pet. These energetic dogs are well suited to families who can capture their energetic and silly nature.

Despite the fact they weigh between 50 and 80lb, the boxador often believes they are a lapdog and is one of the cuddliest dogs out there.

Everything is an adventure to the boxador.

This Labrador mixed breed makes a great first pet due to their willing and trainable temperament. They love to learn and have a natural eagerness, making them a great first pet for all ages.

8. Huskador – Siberian Husky and Labrador Mixed Breed

Lab and Siberian Husky

The labsky is a high energy breed best that is a mix of a Labrador and a Siberian husky that is suited for a high energy owners!

Labskies are known for their unrelenting energy and positive spirit. Potential owners of this mix should be aware of this and provide lots of both physical and mental exercise.

Unlike other Labrador mixes, this breed tends to inherit their husky parent’s double coat. Because of their double coat, they require a lot of grooming to keep them well maintained.

Not suitable for those looking for a hypoallergenic breed, the huskador is a heavy shedder.

7. Springador – English Springer Spaniel and Labrador

Lab and English Springer Spaniel

The English springer spaniel and Labrador mix is another breed full of energy.

This headstrong dog is best suited to owners who can keep up with their high paced energy, both in and out of the house. Springadors love the great outdoors and are best suited for large yards.

They can be quite stubborn, so consequently, this Labrador Mix is best suited to experienced owners.

After a walk for 30 to 45 minutes, this breed will happily engage in some play like tug of war or fetch.

6. Labradoodle – Labrador and Poodle

Lab and Poodle

Debatably the iconic and original designer mix, the labradoodle was the first Labrador mix!

Unlike other Labrador mixes, this breed has an extremely detailed history, with the first recorded mix appearing in 1988.

Combing the intelligence of the Labrador with the hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle birthed the Labradoodle.

Today, Labradoodles are more commonly seen as a family pet rather than a service animal. Playful and kind hearted, Labradoodles are a great match for children and grownups alike known for their family oriented nature.

Since 1991, a mini Labradoodle has been available too, packing the loving and caring nature of the breed into a much smaller, apartment-friendly package.

5. Dalmador – Dalmatian and Labrador Mix

Lab and Dalmatian

A relatively new mix breed, the dalmador is a medium sized dog that is intelligent, patient, and loyal. They may inherit some of the Dalmatians tendency to guard, but they still make excellent family pets.

Unlike other Labrador Mixed breeds on this list, the dalmador requires very little grooming. Their short coats need brushing once every week or so to keep they shiny and mud free.

They only require bathing when muddy or particularly smell. This should be done with dog friendly shampoo to avoid drying out their skin.

Dalmadors are known to excel in obedience training, mastering basic commands with ease. Often, this mix is the top of their obedience class and will go on to master many complex commands. In addition, it’s essential to provide your Dalmatians-Labrador Mixed with nutritious food to support their overall well-being and health.

4. Mastador – Mastiff and Labrador

Lab and Mastiff

A mix between a bullmastiff and Labrador, the mastador is known to be natural protectors of families, and consequently very well suited to homes looking for a guard dog.

These dogs known to be stubborn and may need a high reward when it comes to training.

Beyond this, their natural intelligence, will-to-please, and love of food makes them great learners. Their patience and playful nature make the mastador a great match for homes with older children.

As with American pit bull terriers, there is a large misconception around the temperament of the bullmastiff. These dogs are known to be gentle giants, their kind natures are common knowledge among fans of the breed.

3. Labrottie – Labrador and Rottweiler

Lab and Rottweiler

The lovable labrottie is a Rottweiler Labrador mix which was bred from outdoor working dogs, meaning they are at their happiest outside. Labrotties are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities.

This breed needs at least 60 minutes of daily exercise and ideally a well fenced in yard that they can nap in afterwards.

While they can do very well in family environments, they can often forget their own size which leadings to accidents. Weighing between 70 and 115lb, they forget about their size when these dogs are overexcited from play. Consequently, it may be beneficial to keep this dog with older children.

2. French Labrador – French Bulldog and Labrador

Lab and French Bulldog

This unusual mix is likely to have come from the designer movement. Sometimes called the bullador or French Labrador, the French bulldog and Labrador mix is a sweet natured family-pet.

In some cases, this breed will have the flatter brachycephalic face associated with French bulldogs. This can lead to breathing issues.

However, most of these Lab mixes end up with a slightly more elongated (mesocephalic) nose, alleviating those potential health issues.

The one guarantee of owning a bullador is their giant personalities! The clown-like nature of the French bulldog combined with the energy and drive of the Labrador creates a dog that will go out of their way to make you laugh.

1. Goldador – Golden Retriever and Lab Mix

Lab and Golden Retriever

Last, but by no means least, we have the goldador.

Better known as the golden retriever Labrador mix, this combination of the number 1 and number 3 dog in America was bound to be a popular breed.

Goldadors are easily recognizable by their big paws and even bigger hearts!

Fans of this breed love them for their sunny disposition and attention seeking nature. Goldadors love everyone they meet, often throwing themselves at stranger’s feet for pats.

This Labrador mixed breed does best in a busy household, where there is always someone around to play with or cuddle.

They do not do well with long periods of inactivity or loneliness that can lead to boredom. Consequently, those who own a goldador should find a way to keep them busy when inevitably having to leave them alone, such as giving them toys.


Lab Mixes come in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest French Labrador to the largest mastador and make wonderful pets.

As every dog in our list is a mix, it is hard to predict appearance and temperament, each Labrador mix will be completely unique.

It is also important to note that it is not uncommon to find Labrador mixes in your local rescue shelter. If you are considering one, why not start your search there?

Do you have a Lab mix at home? Are you a Labrador enthusiast? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I own a black lab x chesapeake bay retriever mix. I love our boy. He picks up on when my daughter is having seizures. He is the sweetest, smartest boy. He knows 20-25 commands and is great around every age group and all sorts of animals. He is 9.5 years old.

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