The A-Z List of 400 Cute, Sassy and Fun Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Names Feature

Small and adorable, the Chihuahua is a popular pet for dog lovers everywhere.

Originating from Mexico, they are named after the state of Chihuahua.

Many people view the Chihuahua as a bite-sized ball of energy, sass and attitude, but, some are very shy and timid – it all depends on the dog!

If you are looking for some amazing Chihuahua names for your little friend, take a look at this list of over 400 for inspiration.

Chihuahua Names Feature

Male Chihuahua Names

Male Chihuahua Names

If you’re bringing home a male Chihuahua soon, there are plenty of places to find some inspiration for the perfect name.

Some people like to use classic names; this is especially cute if you use a short name for your short dog (e.g. Abe or Jak)!

You can also use names that are inspired by the physical traits of your Chihuahua, such as their bark or their tiny size!

If you are still stuck, you can use the names below to reflect your pup’s masculine traits:

Male Names
Cody Croft Grump Morris
Yapper Hunter Todd Kurt
Max Basil Nick Oli
Kit Woofer Sam Kian
Nibbles Mack Joey Noel
Dean Bandit Ian Zap
Timmy Ramon Reid Angelo
Jon Vader Kane Abel
Nippy Lou Thorn Theo
Cole Harvey Mick Dante
Bane Wick Hyde Bolt
Russ Lee Ely Paul
Stu Seb Yap Bert
Jim Red Bubba Chuck
Camden Damon Gus Yeti
Zed Snap Hound Chub
Dean Kai Eli Finn
Ezra Andre Odie Jak

Female Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Dog Portrait

When choosing a name for your female Chihuahua there are plenty of perfect ones out there!

Names that are short but sweet can work very well for such a small breed.

We also like names that are very feminine, or that are inspired by the physical traits of a Chihuahua.

Take a look through this list to find some great inspiration:

Female Chihuahua Names
Kira Wendy Evie Juno
Rae Jackie Jill Jess
Orla Pam Storm Julia
Grace Bessie Nadia Ffion
Viv Pixie Zippy Mara
Tia Kitty Sophia Gwen
Pip Phoebe Mila Diana
Ally Mia Paige Moll
Nell Tiny Luna Una
Kat Simi Hetty Kim
Emi Hana Lyra Kodiak
Donna Kirsty Pippin Daffy
Skylar Opal Aja Leela
Jade Tina Poppy Terra
Cora Ellen Harriet Joy
Carly Lola Ginny Echo
Branden Liz Annie Leah
Dee Tess Sally Isla

Cute Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Winking

Due to their small size and adorable expressions, it is only natural to want to pick super adorable Chihuahua names for your Chi!

We like names inspired by nature, especially fruit and flower names.

It is also very cute to choose names that could be used as terms of endearment for humans.

Another way to find an adorable name is to use words that emphasize the cutest aspect of your dog, such as their size and their fur!

Cute Names
Teacup Onyx Ruby Posy
Peach Plum Darling Jasmine
Berry Aspen Sapphire Pearl
Rose Dahlia Clay Thyme
Thistle Fluff Petal Mint
Cloud Jasper Cinnamon Yarn
Aria Juniper Melon Cuddles
River Clementine Flora Ocean
Birk Lovely Granite Lark
Heather Valley Tidal Feather
Autumn Nettle Cherry Ivy
Sunny Robin Skye Lava
Nectar Emerald Pear Raven
Brin Oliver Olivia Shell
Cutie Moonstone Root Bracken
Blossom Elm Sandy Reed
Ash Ginger Lyre Leaf
Wren Rain Sunflower Fur-Ball

Mexican Chihuahua Names

Chihuahua Dog Walking

As Chihuahuas are originally from Mexico (from the state of Chihuahua) it makes sense to choose a name with Mexican roots!

If you’re a foodie, you could go for a super adorable Mexican food name (e.g. Taco and Guacamole)!

We also love traditional Mexican names that work really well for dogs (e.g. Pedro):

Mexican Names
Taco Posole Jalapeno Ricardo
Juana Pedro Chirimia Chile
Enchilada Silvia Carlos Gloria
Maria Tequila Nacho Martha
Burrito Francisca Josefina Jorge
Daniel Adriana Harp Leona
Elizabeth Fajita Violin Empanada
Juan Yolanda Tamale Taquito
Horchata Alejandro Eduardo Margarita
Salsa Queso Huevos Tostada
Gabriela Manuel David Gerardo
Quesadilla Churro Arturo Guacamole
Rosa Tortilla Maraca Juano

Unique Chihuahua Names

Teacup Chihuahua Feature

To choose a name that is truly unique and perfect for your puppy, the first thing that you can do is look for alternate and different spellings of popular names.

You can also find a truly standout name by looking for inspiration from space (e.g. Galaxy).

We also like the idea of using color names, as they’re often beautiful and very unique (e.g. Cyan)!

Chihuahua Names Based on Space and Color
Galaxy Pink Lilly Ophelia
Kamryn Mars Comet Macey
Pluto Kallum Flame Amazon
Terracotta Capricorn Elio Violet
Kait Titania Andromeda Castor
Fuchsia Ariel Saffron Astro
Venus Tricia Jupiter Samson
Flirt Star Arun Quinn
Taurus Amber Halley Opportunity
Atlas Elara Mercury Rocket
Rebel Portia Pastel Columba
Lukas Turquoise Azure Beau
Juliet Apollo Ollie Eleodoro
Aditya Amelie Twinkle Solar
Pandora Sirius Cyrus Aimee
Mauve Jacques Navy Sienna
Cyan Stella Astrid Milky

Funny Chihuahua Names

Funny Chihuahua Names

It can be really great to choose a name for your pup that is both suitable and very funny.

We love names that cause you to giggle, such as hilarious food and drink names.

You can also find great funny names by using irony – as Chihuahuas are so small, why not choose a name that sounds like it is for a big dog?

Another great idea for an amusing name is to just go with something completely ridiculous and funny sounding!

Funny Names
Carrot Doodles Pooper Tooth
Bruiser Tower Biceps Broccoli
Quiche Milkshake Scar Avalanche
Snuggles Jell-O Tusk Loch
Avocado Hazelnut Slammer Cookie
Breaker Ram Gunner Butch
Axe Carbon Clementine Chuckle
Omelette Stilts Cumin Rage
Tango Thor Tomato Cheddar
Brownie Pork Duke Jumbo
Inferno Giggles Ricotta Butter
Boxer Biscuit Hunk Whale
Cracker Growler Calamari Cyclops
Cupcake Turkey Ham Trout
Pepper Hatchet Steel Chief
Lemon Macho Curry Cerberus
Tofu Chicken Brute Cappuccino
Snake Spaghetti Bingo King


Although choosing an amazing name for your Chihuahua may seem difficult, it is actually a super fun opportunity to show off your creativity!

Use nature, space or your favorite food as inspiration, you are sure to find perfect Chihuahua names.

If you have used any of the names on this list, be sure to let us know! We’d love to hear any names we might have missed, so leave us a comment if you have got any great suggestions.

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  1. My first service dog was named Pixxi. My current service dog is named Zari. Both are Chihuahuas.

  2. I had a little rescue chihuahua and his name was Beanie. It was a great name for such a little lively boy. I will be getting another one in two weeks, thinking of using one of the names on your list, Mia. I also like Zoe.

  3. I had a chihuahua years ago that was this perfect Irish cream color all over his body. Even his nails eyes every tip of him so it only fit for his name to be Bailey for Bailey’s Irish Cream. My Husband just got me another chihuahua for my birthday we picked him up yesterday it took about a hour of being home to have the name Benny just pop in my head and he started coming to the name right off almost like he told me what his name is. He he is Black with the tan/brown markings. Is has become already one of the biggest loves of my life! My Husband of course is getting very special treatment right now cause of this too. LOL

  4. Our little niece named our two boys Tater and Tot! Why? Only the mind of a 7 year old little girl knows, but we love them and their names!

  5. My Chihuahua had a puppy and she is black with tan markings. What is a good name for her having trouble figuring out a good name for her.

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