Dachshund Names: 70 Delightful & Dreamy Wiener Dog Names

Dachshund Names Feature

The Dachshund, also known as a sausage dog (or a Wiener dog), is famous for its long body and small legs that give it an adorable shape.

They come in a variety of gorgeous colors, and different hair length (i.e. short or long hair); so no two Dachshunds are completely alike.

So we have made a list with over 70 Dachshund names each one suitably unique and different from the next.

Are you bringing a Dachshund puppy home very soon?

If so, you’re probably looking for the perfect name for your new little pet.

We have put together this list of 70+ Dachshund names to give you some inspiration.

Dachshund Names and Meanings

Long Haired Dachshund Dog

  1. Amado

This Spanish Dachshund name is absolutely gorgeous. It is a soft and unique name that means ‘loved’, which is perfect for a precious pet.

  1. Esme

This short and cute name is ideal for a short puppy! It has French origins and originally means ‘esteemed, beloved’, which your Dachshund surely is.

  1. Paris

Location names are great for dogs, and Paris (the city of love) is a beautiful choice for your beloved Dachshund.

  1. Jeb

This name, a shortened version of ‘Jebediah’, is a lovely Hebrew name that means ‘beloved friend’, great for a Wiener dog name.

  1. Weenie

This comedic name is very popular name for a Dachshund dog. Not only does it relate to sausages, it is a cute and snappy name.

  1. Henry

This short boys name is lovely, and it is German in origin just like the Dachshund. It means, ironically, ‘ruler of the household’!

  1. Wilbur

German in origin, this cute and rare Dachshund name is so great for your dog. It means ‘resolute and brilliant’, so this could be perfect for determined pups.

  1. Bella

Twilight fans will already be smitten with this short and elegant name. It is an Italian name, meaning ‘beautiful’.

  1. April

This charming name is of Latin origin, and means ‘to open’. If you like the name due to its link to spring, you could use this for a youthful and energetic pup.

  1. Racer

This Dachshund boys name is truly unique and super cool. It is of course ideal for those Dachshunds that love to race around.

  1. Buster

This is a classic dogs name, but is especially popular due to its use in Toy Story. Andy’s dog Buster is a brown Dachshund, so this name is great for any Dachshund Disney lovers.

  1. Queenie

We absolutely love this regal and unique name. If you have a Dachshund that thinks she is queen of the household, this name is great.

  1. Schatzi

This great German name that means ‘little treasure’ is used for Kitty’s pet Dachshund in the TV show That 70s Show.

  1. Pearl

This precious name is ideal for those who love the sea. It is also a great name for white Dachshunds.

  1. Astro

This silly but adorable name is so lovely for puppies that would love to blast off on an adventure.

  1. Everest

Meaning ‘courageous like a boar’, this strong Dachshund name is more famous for being the tallest mountain above sea level.

  1. Atom

This name, even though it means something very small, is great for a dog with a big heart. It is of Greek origin, and means ‘indivisible’.

  1. Pebble

Some Dachshunds can have distinct pebble-like markings in their fur. This name is also great for miniature Dachshunds.

  1. Mina

This short name is great for Dracula lovers. In German this name means ‘the pure love’ which is very apt for your beloved dog.

  1. Sebastian

We love this gorgeous name. It originally comes from the Latin for ‘venerable, revered’.

  1. Cedric

This heroic and handsome name might already be a popular choice with Harry Potter lovers. This Celtic name means ‘bounty’.

  1. Darwin

Scientists and history fans may find this name very appealing. It is derived from the Old English name ‘Deorwine’ which means ‘gifted friend’.

  1. Uniqua

This rare and lovely girls name is perfect for a dog that stands out from the crowd. It is of Latin origin and means ‘only one’- very unique!

  1. Basil

This fresh and herby name is great for chefs and nature lovers. It is of Greek origin, and means ‘royal, kingly’, perfect for a Dachshund that rules the home.

  1. Darcy

As well as being a brilliant choice for Jane Austen fans, this unisex name meaning ‘dark’ is great for Dachshunds that are black or deep brown.

  1. Jazz

We adore this musical name. It would be an ideal selection for those dogs that adore music and dancing around.

  1. Scout

This short and sweet name is of Old French origin, and it means ‘to listen’. If you have an attentive dog then this name may be perfect for you.

  1. Sunshine

If your Dachshund is an absolute sunbeam then this beautiful name could be perfect.

  1. Tulip

This floral and beautiful name is a great tribute to the bold and colorful flower. This Dachshund name could be perfect if you love nature.

  1. Ruby

If your Dachshund is as precious as a gemstone, Dachshund names named after gemstones would be perfect.

  1. Milo

This cute and playful name is derived from the Latin word for ‘soldier’. Milo is also a great choice for Disney lovers as this name was used in the film Atlantis.

  1. Hazel

Meaning simply ‘the hazel tree’, this Old English name is very elegant and a perfect choice for lighter brown Dachshunds.

  1. Felicity

This joyous and bouncy name means ‘fortunate and happy’. How fitting would it be to name a Dachshund after how much fun they bring!

  1. Reva

This strong four-letter name is Hindi and it originally means ‘rain’. This name is perfect for Dachshund puppies that love to splash in puddles.

  1. Thor

As well as being popular with Marvel fans, this strong and masculine name is great for anyone who wants to call their pup something powerful. Thor is the Norse god of thunder.

  1. Van

This short but cute name is Vietnamese, and it means ‘cloud’. Nature Dachshund names like this would be great for white or grey-toned Dachshunds.

  1. Cyril

We love this masculine name. It is derived from a Greek name, and it means ‘lordly, masterful’.

  1. Ezra

If you’re interested in rare and cool sounding names, this could be a perfect choice for your Dachshund. This brilliant name is shared by actor Ezra Miller.

  1. Biscuit

This funny and sweet name is so cute for dogs, especially Dachshunds that love to snack!

  1. Nolan

Meaning ‘champion’, this very creative name is so sweet for dogs.

  1. Valentine

If your Dachshund is total love bug, then why not name them after the Roman saint who made February 14th the day of love?

  1. Angel

This celestial name is so perfect for dogs that are always on their best behavior. We also think this name is great for blonde Dachshunds.

  1. Rocco

This very interesting and unique name was the name of a 14th century French saint. It means ‘rest’, which is great for sleepy pups.

  1. Harper

After David and Victoria Beckham used this name, it gained a lot of popularity. It means ‘harpist’ and would make a lovely name for a Dachshund.

  1. Axel

This name sounds very modern but it was actually very popular in the 1800s. It means ‘father is peace’, and it is so lovely for dogs.

  1. Venice

If you want a location name for your pup, then why not name them after this beautiful canal city in Italy?

  1. Honey

Perfect for blonde Dachshunds, this sugary name is very elegant and pretty. This name is also great for pups who like sweet treats.

  1. Skip

We adore this English name because it is just so short and cute – just like a Dachshund! It means ‘ship boss’, which would be great for a confident pooch.

  1. Opal

Gemstone names are always a great pick for Dachshund names, especially when they are as beautiful as the iridescent opal.

  1. Karma

Meaning ‘fate, destiny’, this cool name is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin. Karma is the teaching of actions and causation in Buddhism.

  1. Juno

Although many movie lovers will know this name from the film Juno, this name is actually of Latin origin, meaning ‘queen of Heaven’.

  1. Melvin

This Irish name is very cute and perfect for a Dachshund. In Gaelic it means ‘polished chief’.

  1. Dora

If your Dachshund is a precious present, why not name them after the Greek word for ‘gift’? It is short and very cute, just like your dog!

  1. Lucky

This modern but classic name for dogs is a great choice for your Dachshund. It means ‘fortunate’, and it is of English origin.

  1. Venus

The Roman Goddess of love and beauty was called Venus, so why not name your lovely and beautiful pup after her?

  1. Edwin

This vintage name means ‘wealthy friend’. We love how cute its sounds, and you could even shorten it to ‘Eddie’!

  1. Sadie

If your pooch is a real royal girl, you could definitely use this vintage Hebrew name that means ‘princess’. It is very cheerful and sweet.

  1. Justice

Virtue names are becoming increasingly popular, so why not name your dog after fairness?

  1. Carlo

Meaning ‘free man’, this adorable Spanish name would work perfectly for a Dachshund.

  1. Romy

This gentle and cute name is actually a shortened version of the Latin name ‘Rosemary’. This name means ‘dew of the sea’, so would work well for Dachshunds that love to swim.

  1. Elva

If you have a white or light colored Dachshund then this Irish name meaning ‘white, noble, bright’ would be so apt!

  1. Guss

This sweet boys name originates from Scandinavia. It means ‘great and magnificent’, which is brilliant if your dog is truly amazing!

  1. Dot

The shortened form of Dorothy means ‘gift of God’. It is a great short name, and is very adorable which is perfect for a pooch.

  1. Ulric

We adore this German name meaning ‘power of the wolf’. It is quite ironic for such a tiny dog, but it is just so cute!

  1. Edie

This very soft and short Dachshund name means ‘strife for wealth’. We love how melodic and gentle it sounds.

  1. Matilda

If you are a Roald Dahl lover, then you probably already love this adorable girl’s name. Matilda is also the patron saint of families.

  1. Coral

Naming your dog after the wondrous coral reef is a great tribute to nature. It also relates to the gorgeous color of coral pink.

  1. Lana

This short name is brilliant if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant. It means ‘little rock’ in Gaelic.

  1. Terra

Perfect for brown and tan Dachshunds, this unique name pays tribute to the earth! It is great for those who love nature.

  1. Saffron

We really love this vibrant and creative name. The spice saffron is very bright yellow, so you could use this for a yellow or tan Dachshund.

List of Dachshund Names

List of Best Dachshund Names
RacerBasil EzraMelvinmatilda
Buster DarcyBiscuitDoraCoral
Pearl SunshineAngelEdwinSaffron
Astro TulipRoccoSaddieAmado
Everest RubyHarperJusticeApril
Atom MiloAxelCarloBella
Pebble HazelVeniceRomyEsme
MinaFelicity HoneyElvaHenry
Sebastian RevaSkipGussJeb
Uniqua CyrilJunoEdieWilbur


Dachshund Dog

There are so many adorable and unique names to choose from when it comes to these wiener dog names.

Naming the new little addition to your household should be fun and exciting!

Dachshunds are lively and clever, so whatever name you choose has to match their spritely personality!

Make sure to let us know if you used any of the Dachshund names listed in this article – we would also love to hear if you have any cool or creative name suggestions.

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  1. Surprised that ‘Shnitzel’ was not mentioned. Name is a derivative of the well known hot dog restaurant chain ‘Der Wienerschnitzel’. In fact, Der Wienerschnitzel sponsors the ‘Wiener Nationals’, a Dachsund race event held annually at Los Alamitos (horse) Race Track in Southern California. It is also the name of our 10 year old long-haired and it fits him well

    • I have a 17 month old Doxy. Her name is ROXANNE! Yes, I do know there is a song!!! lol
      Intended to call her Roxy Doxy. ROXANNE is just too pretty a name. I just always called her Roxanne cause I enloy hearing and saying it🐶

    • I had a Schnitzel. We had to say good bye to her last week. Riddled with cancer. she was the very best!!! Most photographed dog in the world, always came on our river cruises on the Zambezi River!!

  2. Our dachshund is named Ludwig after the mad Bavarian king Ludwig II (Or Beethoven if that suits you better). It is the best name for a boy dachshund.

    • My mini chocolate and tan is called Monty. Our previous mini Black and Tan was Hilde. Dachsie’s are the best dogs in the world! 😍

  3. We have two names for our Dachshund, her proper name is Freeway, but her “cute” name is Footlong.

  4. Our little red wieners are Oscar and Maya (pun intended). We found both of them on the same day at our city animal shelter. Their fabled predecessor, Maxabillion (because Maximillion just wasn’t enough to describe his awesomeness) was our chaperone when my husband and I were first dating. Doxies are the best ❤️!

    • We have a Black and Tan mini,he is a Monster and gets away with all kinds of stuff.He loves mu wife and kinda likes me,until she not home then I’m his best friend. We also have a lab, named Rocket, that’s is the big bother to Max,the Winnie, Max will play with Rocket bit at him playful,not real biting, but the funnies thing Max will do is bite Rockets ears. Rocket will get tired of Max and try to get away from him, and Rocket will have a little mini ear ring, it’s really cute and Rocket doesn’t mind these pets make our life a much better place.1 more quick think,Max loves to watch TV

  5. My first Doxie was a red smooth male and his name was Stretch! My present Doxie is a male blue point dapple and his name is Otto.

  6. My Doxie’s name is Silvana (Silvie) after the name of town where we adopted her. She had puppies by a Chihuahua named Talisen (Tally)RIP, (Chiweenies) names Teddy (Ted, he look like Teddy Bear) Lottie (like Lotta Licking).

  7. Great article. Be sure to scroll down and read the comments as well.

    I have a red mini little girl named Schatzki. I waited several years before I was able to find my little girl. I did a lot of research looking for German names to name her, and I found the name Schatski (meaning tiny treasure) I had never heard that name before. Now that I have my own Schatzki I hear that name all the time. 🤔

    Who ever named their doxie Sauerkraut is genius.

  8. Wow.Great effort . But my Home security guard’s name is missing. Ha ha ha.
    We named him * LIMO * from Limousine. 😎 .Thanks.

  9. We have 4 minis but we didn’t give them German names. We have one boy named Phoenix and 3 girls… Zoey Chanel, JoJo or Joey and Payton. There is nothing that brings more joy then these 4 beautiful babies! Two are long haired Black and Tans, one long haired English Cream and one red piebald long hair!

  10. My beloved tan an black sausage crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago, I called him Nemo. I found it to be a short and strong name.

  11. My girls are named Asuna& Nodoka from one of our favorite animes . Asuna is just like the character she’s named after lively, bossy, red haired. Nodoka is like her character, laid back, smart and loyal. Nodoka is a red sable long hair with white chest & two white paws. They’re both going to be 13 this year .

  12. My little dachshund was 11 when we had to say goodbye to her. Her name was Schnitzel. A real character. My next puppy will be Schatzi. That is what my husband used to call me and my son from time to time. Our new puppy was born on our wedding day. We have to wait until just before Christmas before we have her in our family!!

  13. We have two Dachshunds,Hotdog and Circa. We love them to death, they are very loyal and very loving. Does anyones Doxy sleep with their tongues sticking out? This is the cutest thing ❤️

  14. We have 3, Millie, Walter, Winston. They are the light of our lives!! We had a fourth, Margaret. We lost her a few months ago. She was the boss of our house, for sure!!

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