150+ Dog Memes: Wonder-Fur-l , A-Dork-Able and Paw-Sitively Howl Worthy

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Car Dog Meme

Welcome to our punny and paw-fect collection of dog memes.

Designed to make you smirk, smile or even laugh, these memes are dedicated to every dog lover who needs a pick me up or is just simply, bored.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands and thousands of years. A dog has the ability to make anyone feel loved and happy and memes tend to have a similar effect… so why not combine the two?!

Our collection has been made especially for you and we have tried our best to cover all areas.

We have those “classic just funny dog memes”, cute and adorable, hilarious sure-to-make-you-laugh and the best of the best dog memes!

So many dog memes, it’s crazy, we Shih Tzu not! Sit back, scroll and enjoy.

Funny Dog Memes

The perfect way to brighten up someone’s day or even just your own.

Made for sharing around the paw-fice, because who could be mad at receiving a dog meme?! (other than a cat lover).

Here is our little collection of funny dog memes sure to make anyone howl, bark or yelp with laughter.

Funny Dog Meme
Make it strong please Frank.
I’ve had a hard day at the paw-fice
Fun Dog Meme
What’s a dog’s favorite pizza?
Border Collie Joke
I’ve got to go!
But I’ll collie you later!
Doctor Dog Pun
Trust me, I’m a dogtor!
This won’t hurt I pawmise.
Dog Eating Food Pun
Eats the couch.
Fur-gives me anyway
Dog Paw Meme
When telling a good story, don’t forget to…
Paws for dramatic effect.
Hound Dog Meme
Quit “hound”ing me,
with these doggone memes.

Joke About Puggles

Labrador Dog Meme
What do you call a dog magician?
A labracadabrador!

Sausage Dog Joke

Shih Tzu Dog Pun
The zoo had no animals, only one small dog.
It was a Shih-Tzu
Small Dog Joke
I guess you could say I feel very
Walking a Dog Pun Meme
Take me for a walk!
It’s the leash you could do

Some More Funny Dog Memes and Puns

Don’t stop retrieven

Hold on to that feline

I’m not fancy

I’m just a little paw-sh

Gets cold

Turns into a pup-sicle

Today has been a ruff day

What do dogs eat for breakfast?

Pooched eggs.

What’s a dog’s favorite breakfast?


What’s a dog’s favorite vegetable?

A collie-flower!

My dog got arrested.

The police had to take a “mugshot”

Cute Dog Memes

If you’re trying to impress a crush or sweet talk with someone special, then what better way to do this through a meme?

Cute memes are the perfect way to win someone over, especially if they’re a fellow dog lover like yourself!

They can be a punny way of conveying a festive or special message or even the odd pick-up line.

You can never go wrong with a witty pawfect saying with an adorable or goofy puppy photo to match, memes are the perfect combo!

Pug Meme
Ruff day?
Pug-get it!
Border Collie Dog Joke
Here’s my number
Chihuahua Dog Meme
Boom chicka-chihuahua
Corgi Heart Meme
You have the cor-key to my heart
Dog Covering Face Joke
It’s so cold
I’m a pup-sicle!
Dog Meme
You’re the ulti-mutt dog mom
Funny Dog Joke
Are your paws tired?
Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day!
Funny Dog Meme
You look quite fetching today!
Funny Dog
I wuff you because you’re paw-fect just as you are!
Nike and Dog Joke
Just doodle it (Nike)
Sausage Dog Pun
Dachshund through the snow…
Two Dogs Together
Let’s stick together fur-ever.

More Cute Dog Memes

  • You may say they are truly a-dork-able…
  • Nothing mutt-ers as much as you!
  • I’m mutts about you!
  • I woof you! You’re the ruff of my life.
  • Pugs and kisses!
  • I labr-adore you!
  • Whose paw-some? You’re paw-some.
  • You are paw-fect!
  • Don’t be such a Mal-tease.
  • He’s paw-fect Just a little ruff around the edges.
  • I’d be a basset case without you.
  • Happy Anni-fur-sary.
  • Be-leash me, I know.
  • Be-leash in yourself.
  • I’ve got the paw-er.
  • I chews you!
  • It’s a wonder-fur world with you in it!
  • I love you a Rott.

Best Dog Memes

Tired of searching aimlessly through thousands and thousands of dog memes?

Are you just trying to find the ulti-mutt one to share around?

For this section, we have searched far and wide, high and low, to bring you the best of the best dog memes!

These dog memes are clever, witty, punny, adorable and clearly the best.

Labrador Meme
I have done the math.
We can’t afford the cat.
Leash Pun
We really need to renegotiate the terms of this Leash
Shampoodle Meme
What kind of dog loves bubble baths?
A shampoodle.
Weiner Dog Pun
Weiner Dog Meme
Dogs and Cats Pun
No cats you say?
Sounds like paw-idise!
Funny Dog Joke
Funny Dog Meme
Golden Retriever Meme
What do you call an intelligent blonde?
A golden retriever
Hush Puppy Pun
What kind of dog doesn’t bark?
A hush puppy.
Dog Singing Meme
Dog Singing Meme
Dog Toy Meme
Begs you to throw toy
Refuses to give it back
Dog Wink Joke
Can’t afford my legal fees?
That’s fine, I work pro-bone-o
Bull Mastiff Joke
Trying to train your dog through negative reinforcement?
What a mastiff waste of time.
Car Dog Meme
Id’ like to make a woof-drawl from my checking
And a de-paw-sit into my savings
Dalmation Dog Joke
Please hold on!
The connection is a little “ruff”
Dog Frequency Pun
My favorite frequency is 50,000 Hz
You’ve probably never heard it before.
Bark Pun
I don’t always bark
But when I do it’s in the middle of the night for no reason.
Beagle Dog Meme
Yeah I rap, they call me
Sniffy cent

Some More Dog Meme One-Liners

  • Jurrasic Bark
  • Labrathor
  • Snarls Barkley
  • Tell someone who gives a “pit”
  • Pit happens
  • You shall not paws (pass)
  • Fleas Navidad
  • Chew-barka
  • Canine buy you a drink?

Hilarious Dog Memes

In the mood for a bit of a howl? Or how about a bark?

This collection is hilarious and we dare you to go through them without having a wee giggle or tail-wag.

For this section we have gathered only the funniest memes, they are super punny and relatable for any canine fur-natic.

We hope that these memes really hit your spot and get your leg shaking because these are hair-larious!

Are you ready? Here goes…

Dog Joke Meme

Lab Pun

Lab Retriever Pun

Puppy Meme

Yorkie Dog Meme

Poodle Dog Meme

Litter Box Pun

High Five Dog

Howling Dog Pun


Small Dog Laughing

Did we do a good job?

We hope you enjoyed our collection of dog memes and we hope you found it paw-fect enough to share around with your friends, co-workers and fellow dog-owners.

Whether you were looking for a funny meme, a cute meme, a hilarious meme or just the very best and fur-tastic memes, we hope we managed to make you smile and kill some of your time in the most effective way possible!

What was your favorite meme?

Did we miss any good ones?

Let us know below.

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