Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Breed Information: Temperament, Pictures & Size

Pitbull Mastiff Mix

The pit bull mastiff Mix is a giant crossbreed between an American pit bull terrier and mastiff.

This loyal pit bull mastiff mix comes in many different shapes and sizes. They typically have short, fine coats which are either red, white, black or brown.

You may have come across this dog at an airport because they make excellent sniffer dogs.

This crossbreed is also regarded as a skilled guard dog.

Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the pit bull mastiff’s protective tendencies and giant size. However with proper training and care these dogs quickly become the center of the family.

What Is A Pit Bull Mastiff Mix?

The pit bull mastiff mix is a crossbreed which is bred by mating any pit bull breed with any mastiff breed:

  1. Pit bulls were originally bred for bull baiting. Pit bull is now a classification of dog which includes both the Staffordshire bull terrier and American pit bull terrier.
  2. Mastiffs were bred for generations as defense and protection animals. They are typically English, Spanish, or Argentinian.

This mix is unusually versatile because of the number of dogs that can be bred to make them so their temperament, appearance and size can vary.

One attribute which doesn’t vary is their protective nature.

Their strong personalities make them incredible guard dogs for houses and livestock.

There is a cultural misconception that they are ‘attack dogs’. However this overlooks their receptiveness to training, obedient nature, and devotion to their owners.

With early socialization and committed training, a pit bull mastiff mix can be docile, affectionate family dogs. A busy household is ideal, as they thrive on attention and contact. Families with very young children may be better suited to a smaller dog breed.

This breed is suitable for experienced owners. They respond well to consistent and firm training.

First bred in the 20th century, this Mastiff mix has been best friends to the rich and famous, with celebrity owners including: Fred Astaire, Steve Irwin, Madonna and Michael J Fox.

The American Kennel Club and English Kennel Club both recognize the Mastiff dog, but do not recognize the pit bull. Therefore, the pit bull mastiff is not recognized. However, many owners find community and advice in support networks like the Mastiff Club of America.

What Is A Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Called?

  • Mastiff pit bull mix
  • Pit mastiff
  • Bullmastiff American pit bull mix
  • Masti-bull

Why We Love This Mastiff Mix

  • Their docile temperament and obedience make them both wonderful companions and instinctive guard dogs.
  • Highly intelligent, they are very responsive to their owners. They love being mentally challenged, and are eager to please.
  • They require little grooming so their fine short-hair coats are easy to maintain.
  • Full of adventurous spirit, these dogs are keen to explore and can keep pace with your active lifestyle.
  • When properly socialized, these dogs are friendly and kind to children, making trustworthy playmates!

Breed Facts



100 to 145 pounds



25 to 30 inches



$1,500 USD



8 to 12 years

Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Puppies

Pitbull Puppies
Healthy puppies are sociable, responsive to interaction, and have no noticeable breathing or mobility problems.

Pit bull mastiff mix litters usually range from between 5 to 10 puppies. These puppies grow very fast:

  • At 3 months old they weigh in at around 30 pounds.
  • By 6 months they will reach between 60 to 70 pounds.
  • At 9 months they will cross 80 pounds.
  • Finally, at around 12 months they will be 100 pounds or more.

Puppies can cost anywhere between $600 and $2,000.

The price depends on the pedigree of the parents, and both the sire and dam should have health certificates proving they have been hip-screened. Fees could also increase if breeders elbow-grade their breeding stock.

You should also ask the breeder to see the Dam of any puppy.

To avoid puppy mills, ensure the contract of the sale is valid and do not buy from breeders who don’t health-check their dogs or won’t allow viewing of the dam and puppies together.

It is important to make sure your puppy comes from happy and healthy parents!

Owners who are not prepared to commit to training this breed are sadly are likely to abandon them. This is because they require careful and attentive training and socialization.

This means there are many senior pit bull mastiff mix dogs who are ready to rescue.

Organizations dedicated to re-homing this breed include Mastiff to Mutt and the Southern States Mastiff Rescue.

Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Size and Appearance

Pitbull x Mastiff Mix
This breed looks observant and thoughtful.

A sturdy build with a muscular neck this dog is often confused for a purebred Mastiff.

Interestingly this crossbreed does not have an officially recognized color pattern.

Because they are a mix, they might be any combination of colors from red to black, grey to cream or white. There are no rules when it comes to formally recognized coats!

Most commonly, pit bull mastiff mixes are black with dappled red coloring.

They usually have short, rose ears, drooping mouths and short snouts from their mastiff parent.

Finally, they tend to have short, fine hair which makes their grooming low-maintenance and negates the need for costly trips to groomers.

How Big Do Mastiff Mix Dogs Get?

This Pitt Mastiff usually weighs around 100 pounds with some growing to 150lb and they stand at around 25-30 inches tall.

Their size and weight vary dramatically depending on their sex and the size of their parents. Typically this mix is usually large to giant-sized dogs.

Color and Coat

All pit bull mastiffs have short, fine hair coats that are smooth to the touch.

Whilst not requiring cutting, they do need to be brushed regularly. This is because both pit bulls and mastiffs are high-shedding breeds. They tend to shed year-round, especially around the fall and winter months.

The most commonly recognized color for this breed is black. Other popular combinations include blue and grey, and red and white.

Their coats may be brindled like the brindle pit bull, patched or merle. There really are no rules!

Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Temperament

  • Affectionate
  • Active
  • Obedient
  • Defensive
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Prone to Boredom

The pit bull mastiff mix is an incredibly loyal, devoted and protective dog.

Their prey drive is low because neither parent are not working breeds.

Provided they are socialized appropriately from a young age, this mix can be an incredibly loving docile pet. To make sure they are sociable, they must be introduced and allowed to play and interact with other people, dogs and animals. Once socialized they are likely to be friendly towards other dogs, pets and people.

Because of their Mastiff parent they are known for being confident and territorial.

They require confident and patient leadership from their owner. The development of a strong bond is essential when it comes to obedience training for this mix.

They are also highly intelligent, so with patience and training, they can learn to distinguish between threatening and non-threatening situations.

Finally, they are unlikely to howl or bark. They may greet you vocally when you arrive home, but they are a quieter breed.

Is The Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Aggressive?

Sometimes. The strong bond they form with their family means they are loyal and defensive. This can often be confused for aggression.

They are very protective and are highly likely to alert home intruders.

If untrained, this breed will develop barking and growling behaviors in social situations (outside of the home).

Any pit bull mix is unfortunately misjudged as an ‘aggressive’ breed. This is known as the pit bull placebo and should be seriously considered by owners before adoption.

All dogs labeled as ‘pit bull’ are assumed to be more violent by the general public.

However, the American Temperament Testing Society tested the aggression level of 870 pit bulls over their usual daily routine. They had an 86% pass rate, showing no hostile behavior, panic, or avoidance without recovery.

Mastiff Mix

Are They Good Family Dogs?

For some families, yes. This breed is definitely a good family dog, but they do require a certain family dynamic to settle well.

Their high energy levels from the pit bull parent make them a better companion for teenagers and adults rather than young or senior family members.

If small children are present in the household, they need to be supervised and interacted with in short intervals. Your dog needs to become used to interacting with them. If you are considering rescuing a senior pit bull mastiff mix, the dog must be used to small children.

Family pets and dogs are compatible with this breed.

However, they must be present from the moment of adoption. Introducing other dogs into the household later on may cause friction and illicit territorial behaviors from your Mastiff mix.

Provided your dog is experienced in socializing with other dogs and people in public places, they are likely to more welcoming to guests in the home.

Known Health Issues

With proper care, exercise and feeding routines, your pit bull mastiff mix could live for up to twelve years.

To ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life, exercise and play with them regularly and stick to a recommended diet to help avoid obesity.

Common health issues:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia (hip arthritis).
  • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (bloat).
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (vision loss).
  • Subvalvular aortic stenosis (congenital heart diseases).

The biggest risk factors this breed faces is obesity and joint problems.

Care Guide (Grooming, Feeding & Exercise)

Pitbull Mastiff Mix Dog

As a large or giant-sized dog, this dog has a large appetite. They require controlled feeding and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity.

Because this dog can vary from 100 to 150lb, their caloric intake will vary.

Apart from their diet, this breed is relatively low maintenance requiring short periods of play and weekly grooming.

They are best suited to experienced owners who are also financially able to support this breed’s high food intake and medical bills.

Feeding Guide

Daily Food Consumption
Guide ~2,000 calories
Cups of Kibble Three Bowls of Kibble Required per Day

This Mastiff mix loves to eat raw meat and fish. A raw diet can help to maintain teeth and bone health better than canned or dry diets. For larger dogs, you can supplement raw with some kibble.

They thrive with a high protein, low fat diet.

Their diet should consist of around 25% protein and 10% fat.

For a 100-pound dog, three meat-based meals (each with a cup of kibble) are suitable. Your mix is likely to be happy with a meal in the morning after a walk, early afternoon, and in the evening.

Exercise Requirements

Daily Exercise
Minutes 30 minutes
Activity Level This is a high activity dog breed
Favorite Exercise Walking

As there is so much variation in the dogs that can be used to breed this mix, there is also a huge variety in their energy level and exercise needs.

Most are active and require energy outlets such as: playing with ropes, balls and frisbees.

Chew toys are not likely to excite this breed as they have a low prey drive.

Most dogs will be able to keep up with a walk or hike for around 30-40 minutes each day.

If they are not exercised enough this breed will become bored and exhibit behaviors such as chewing.

Training Tips

The pit bull mastiff mix is obedient and receptive to training.

They are very eager to bond and interact with their owners and are very intelligent. This means, from puppyhood, they need to be supervised, positively trained and negative behaviors ignored.

Reward-based training is helpful for this breed, since they are food-oriented. They are mostly motivated by praise and food because their pet/owner bond is strong.

Within a short period of time, this crossbreed can be taught a range of dog tricks, from sit and lie down, to giving paw, spinning and playing dead!

Grooming Guide

As their coats are short and fine this breed does not require a salon grooming.

Instead, it is important to brush your dog around twice a week. This helps to control shedding and build a bond.

Their teeth will also last longer and remain healthy when brushed around twice a week with dog friendly toothpaste.

Aim to groom and brush their teeth at least twice each week.

Nail clipping should be carried out when necessary.

Pitbull Mastiff Mix Swimming


The pit bull mastiff mix is the perfect breed for owners who want a guard dog and have experience in training and caring for dogs. They make an excellent companion and protector of the home.

Owners living in apartments are not well suited to this large dog as they need space to roam and play.

In addition to space, this dog needs a lot of time and attention, and their feeding requirements are extensive. Owners must also be prepared to buy good-quality, high-protein content meals. Raw meat diets are preferable.

This breed can be well-suited to homes with younger children provided they are socialized with them from a puppy. Better large breeds for younger children are Labrador retrievers.

Let us know what you think of this giant crossbreed below.

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  1. I have one. He is my emotional support dog. Such a sweet docile nature. Loves kids, other dogs & cats. He’s grey merle & incredibly beautiful! Excellent breeds to cross.

  2. I have one that is I am not sure what to call him but a Husky/Pitbull Mastiff cross. He looks like a pit but acts like a Husky and he is huge at 6 months he was larger than the pits I had before and they were big. He was 80 lbs about last check at 7 months. He does not just have a chewing problem he swallows anything he comes across from the moment he came home. This cost a fortune since he had to have an obstruction removed (a harness, buckle, kong toy, string and rocks) at four months. Good with kids, loves everyone especially kids and just wants to play but he is so big. He just learned how to step up onto the bed but he does not like to jump.

  3. We have a Pitbull/Mastiff mix with a dark grey coat with white stockings, white chest and white on his face. He has blue eyes and is so loving. At night he goes to everyone’s room and visits before he goes to bed. He is on target to weigh at least 100 lbs as he is six months old and weighs 60 lbs (he gains 10 pounds a month). My only problem is he is very challenged in the house training.

  4. I was always around pitties when given this little pit pup who lost his mother. I fell in l[love with him immediately he’s so expressive I didn’t realise he was a pit mastiff mix quickly realised it when he was like Clifford the big red dog and just kept growing and getting bigger he has now become our child and true to that he’s a demanding spoiled brat that I say that with a huge smile and love swelling my heart great breed wouldn’t trade him for the world! And true to their breed and a great surprise to me. While out side I was attacked by another human out of no where came my baby ( 150 lbs and almost 6 ft on his back legs I am 5’3″ and 119 lbs) he grabbed this person off me and subdued them until help arrived. I’ve never trained him to be aggressive only raised with love… he is my best friend and he saved my life in more way than just with my attacker. Thanks for listening to me gush about him . BTW his name is Elvis looks identical to the one pictured mine has brindle. His name is Elvis but I call him boo boo kitty super shut ( he lives it ,) and when calling him from a distance I yell bubble butt and he loves that even more. He won’t come to his daddy if dad just yells for elvis.. OK I’ll stop lol thanks.

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