Pit Bull Dachshund Mix: What To Know Before Buying

Pitbull Dachshund Mix What To Know Before Buying

Pit bull mixes are very popular dogs but the pit bull dachshund mix is an incredibly rare mix.

This hybrids tend to have the wiener body of a dachshund and the head of an American pit bull terrier.

They have boundless energy and just like their parent breeds are incredibly loving to their family. This truly unique pooch needs an experienced and committed owner to give them the best life.

Do you think that you can take one on?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this rare hybrid.

Pitbull Dachshund Lying Down

Pit Bull Dachshund Mix At A Glance

  • Pitbull Dachshund

The pit bull dachshund mix is a spirited and friendly pooch with a personality like no other.

This is a very unique dog and you will not find many people who own or breed this dog. They have a strong and energetic personality and know how to have fun wherever they go. Whilst they are one of the most challenging crossbreeds to take on they make a wonderful family pet for those with older children.

  • Popularity: Rapidly Rising.
  • Speciality: Companion.
  • Weight: 20-30 pounds.
  • Price: $400-$600.
  • Personality: Hyperactive, spirited and funny.

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Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Overview

Dachshund Pitbull

In 2015 a very unusual pup was listed for adoption at a humane society in Georgia.

This dog had the head of a pit bull and the body of a dachshund.

Instantly the pooch became a viral Internet sensation and this was the first known example of a pit bull dachshund mix.

Even to this day this hybrid is incredibly rare and not typically bred on purpose.

The pit bull and the Dachshund are classified under the Terrier and Hunting Hound groups respectively, however this breed is classified as a hybrid.

This is a friendly and family oriented dog however their hyperactivity can sometimes cause a few problems around the house.

Occasionally this mix may display a touch of aggression or stubbornness, but this breed is not aggressive by nature and will never be mean on purpose.

Their appearance depends on the expression of the parent breeds’ genetic traits.

They can look like a small pit bull with a long body or sometimes they look more like a dachshund with a pit’s colors.

Only an experienced owner should take this furry wildcard on.

Not only is their personality hard to predict but they get bored very easily and have a tendency to be unintentionally destructive.


  • One of the most playful pups around.
  • Very affordable due to low demand.
  • Does not shed much.
  • Have a unique and adorable appearance.


  • Very rare puppy to find.
  • Cannot be left alone for long periods of time.
  • Some have their parents’ moody attitudes.
  • Can be boisterous to the point of destruction.

A Day In The Life Of This Breed

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning you will wake up to the sound of excited paws making their way down the hall.

Before you know it your pit bull dachshund mix’s big wet nose will be right in your face. Your pup will cuddle and nuzzle you until you are finally out of bed and then follow you into the kitchen for breakfast for two.

After breakfast it is time for a short walk around the block. Then it is time for a game of catch in the backyard before you head out to work.

This is an active dog so if you are away for work the whole day you should arrange for your dog’s favorite sitter to come by to check in from time to time.

After work your Mix will not be able to contain their excitement when they see you again. Leash them up and head out for another walk together.

Then it is time to play some more.

They will love another game of catch or frisbee or a run around the dog park with their four legged friends.

A game of tag or hide and seek should get the last of the zoomies out of the pup’s system. Then it is time to go home for dinner and some quiet time that will be much appreciated by both of you.

The sun may be setting but this dog’s day is not over.

They will bring you their favorite toy and beg you for one last game before it is time to get ready for bed.

When it is time to sleep both you and your dog will be so tired out that the two of you can sleep easy.

But when the sun comes up it will be time for another day of fun.

History And Origin

Pitbull Dachshund Mix Close

The pit bull dachshund mix’s origin is a wonderful story of chance.

This hybrid’s history only goes back 5 years and it starts at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia.

Five years ago this Humane Society came across Rami who was the first known example of the mix.

Rami’s unusual appearance earned him so many adoption requests that it was ultimately decided that he would remain at the shelter as an animal ambassador.

No one knows if Rami’s birth was intentional but his handlers consider him a likely accident.

Now the breed is still very uncommon but has a niche group of enthusiasts that adore them.

6 Fun Facts

  1. The most popular pit bull dachshund was a shelter dog named Rami. He received so many adoption requests that the shelter could not pick a home for him and decided to keep him.
  2. This pooch comes in a wide size range but is generally a small sized dog.
  3. Pit bull mixes are among the most popular hybrids. Other more well-known mixes include the Labrabull and the German pit.
  4. This Mix is known for their hatred of the leash – they will need more intensive leash training than other dogs.
  5. Dachshunds can come in standard or miniature sizes but a pit bull dachshund mix will only ever come from a standard sized Dachshund parent.
  6. This hybrid is also known as a Bulldach, Doxiepit and Pitwees.

Temperament And Behavior

Pitbull Dachshund

Just like other hybrids the pit bull dachshund mix’s temperament is hard to predict.

One thing we do know is that this pup is one of the most hyperactive hybrids out there!

Your dog will want to run wild for just about all of their waking hours.

Their exuberance and energy are their best assets.

Even though they can be a little stubborn or moody at times, their love for their family is unconditional. Whilst they are a great family dog, this dog needs a family that can keep them on their feet for most of the day. And just like every other breed, there should be an adult with the dog at all times when they are around children.

Despite their energy they are surprisingly quiet.

A Doxiebull will only bark only when they notices something alarming or when they are in a playful mood.

Nuisance barking is not very common.

Ignore your dog when it is barking just for the sake of making noise. They will quickly learn that there are better ways to get your attention.

Although this mix loves their family they will take some time to warm up to strangers outside of the home.

They are also not a big fan of other pets.

You will need to make sure your dog is properly socialized as a puppy to help them get along with strangers and other pets.

This mix needs attention almost all of the time and will be loud and belligerent if left alone. You will need to find a dog sitter or ask a friend to check in with your pooch while you are out.

Just remember without a proper outlet for their energy they can become destructive.

Overall this dog is a four legged free spirit. If you can keep up with their boundless energy then they will pay you back with all of the love you could ever ask for.

How Much Does A Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Cost?

Dachshund Pitbull Mix

If you are on a budget you will be happy to know that the dachshund pit  bull is one of the lower priced pups.

Their rarity combined with low demand makes this breed a bargain.

You are not likely to find this breed at a typical dog breeder and usually they will be up for adoption at a shelter.

Shelter adoption fees tend to run between $200 and $300 for any given pup.

If you do manage to find a breeder you will likely spend between $400-$600 on your new puppy.


Buyer’s Tips

  1. Due to the breed’s incredible rarity there are very few breeders out there. However any that you do find will charge much less than you will usually pay for a pup ($400 is the average starting price).
  2. Adopt, do not shop. This breed is much more common at shelters than at breeders and you might be able to adopt one for as little as $200.
  3. You will need a dog sitter for when you are away from home as this pup cannot stand to be left home alone.
  4. This dog is well known for destroying their toys and you will need to factor replacements into your budget. Expect to spend up to $50 a month on new toys.
  5. Unfortunately because of the pit bull’s reputation special training classes will be needed. These training classes tend to be higher priced for Pits and Pit Mixes.
  6. As this is largely an accidental breed it can be nearly impossible to determine if your puppy is from a quality line. If you are adopting try to get them a health checkup before adopting.

Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Appearance

Dachshund And Pitbull

As this is a mix there are no official breed standards.

They can inherit any combination of their parents’ traits.

The most common appearance is a short and muscular dog with a pit bull’s head, nose and muzzle. The body is usually the Dachshund’s classic wiener shape.

Their ears can be erect or rounded, long or short.

And their legs can be long and lean or short and stubby.


The typical height for a pit bull dachshund mix is 8-13 inches.

They usual weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

You can expect a female to reach the smaller ends of these ranges.


Just like their personality this mix’s coat can be a wildcard.

The pit bull dachshund mix has a coat of many colors – fawn, brindle and brown are the three most common colors.

Any of these mixes that are not a solid color are usually a dark and white contrast. They can have either a single or double coat but the double coat is more uncommon.

The fur itself will be dense and wiry and a little rough to the touch.

Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Care Guide

A Dachshund And Pitbull

Unfortunately the pit bull dachshund mix is one of the higher maintenance hybrids.

If you have never owned a dog before then this is not the breed to start with. Anybody looking to own one should have prior experience with other hybrids ideally.

You should also be active enough to handle this dog’s energy.

There should be at least one person at home with the dog at any given time (even if it means hiring a sitter).

Just remember that this breed is a real challenge and anyone who wants one must be fully equipped to take it on. This is a commitment that could last over a decade.


Perhaps the biggest part of caring for this dog is their exercise requirements.

Dachshund pit bull mixes are extremely active dogs that will need at least 90 minutes of exercise every day.

They spend most of their day running and playing whenever possible. This dog absolutely hates the leash so it is recommended to have a safe place to walk them off leash most of the time. Hours of leash training will be needed before you can walk your pup in the neighborhood.

It is very common for this dog to get a serious case of the zoomies – make sure that they have a special space where they can let it all out without knocking anything over.

Also as they have a tendency to destroy their toys you need to make sure you keep a few spares around and be ready to replace them often.

  • Total Daily Activity: 90+ minutes.
  • Activity Level: 5/5.
  • Favorite Activity: Running.


How much your dog sheds will depend on which parent they have inherited their coat from.

Those that inherit the pit bull’s coat will not shed much. Whereas those that have the wire haired dachshund coat will shed much more.

However, most pit bull Dachshund Mixes do not shed very much at all.

Typically they will only need brushing once every week.

A steel currycomb can help control shedding for dogs with thicker coats.

For those mixes that have big floppy ears you need to pay attention to them – they can collect dirt and grime and are more susceptible to infection.

Check your dog’s ears every day and use a swab or a damp cloth to clear away the dirt.

Finally for their nails.

You should trim the nails whenever they start to curl or make hard clacking sounds against the floor. However most active dogs will file their nails down naturally while they are running and playing.


While this dog is very energetic it is smaller than most high energy breeds.

This means they will not need to eat as much as a larger dog with the same activity level.

You can purchase special formulas for especially active dogs that are small. These formulas will have everything that your pup needs to get through their day.

Aim to feed them around 1200 calories per day.

Feed them one cup of protein based kibble for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When checking their feed, protein should be the first ingredient listed in the ingredients – it should come from real meat sources rather than byproducts. Carbs come in second and should only come from natural sources rather than fillers or additives. There should be very little fat in your dog’s diet.

Once your pooch is 1 year old they should weigh 20 to 30 pounds – most of their weight gain occurs between 2 and 6 months of age.

Health Concerns

Just like all other wiener breeds Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is the most common health problem.

This is the result of the dog’s unusual bone structure.

Intervertebral discs degrade naturally as any dog ages. But if the dog has an elongated back the discs may degrade faster and at a younger age. IVDD is very painful and causes sluggishness in an otherwise very active dog. The dog may be unwilling or unable to run and jump and when it is very bad they will drag their back legs.

The condition is diagnosed via x-ray or MRI. Treatment includes corrective surgery, physical therapy and pain medication.

As for any other common health problems you need to pay attention to hip dysplasia.

Unfortunately is one of the most common joint disorder with pit bulls. Again like IVDD treatment includes surgery and physical therapy. In hip dysplasia the hip joints do not fit together properly. The condition can be genetic or caused by an injury later in life.

The condition causes pain and lameness in the affected leg. Your dog may limp on or drag the leg and may not be able to run and play as much as they want to.

How Long Does A Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Live?

You should expect a healthy pit bull dachshund to live for 8-12 years.

How To Train A Dachshund Pit Bull Mix

Training with this breed will not be easy, however, here are some puppy training tips to help.

Their wildcard personality mixed with their stubborn tendencies can make training difficult for even the most experienced dog keepers.

Your pup would much rather be playing than training.

The clicker or mark and reward method combines reward conditioning with mental stimulation. It is one of the best ways to train this active and reluctant pooch.

Click the clicker whenever your dog successfully completes a command.

Over time your dog will learn to associate the commands with the sound of the clicker. It will also associate the sound of the clicker with its reward.

Do not enroll this puppy in puppy kindergarten.

Socialization for this pup should start in the home and then eventually branch out to other people and dogs. You should begin socializing as soon as you bring your pup home.

This breed is not particularly friendly to other dogs but will enjoy playing with them at the dog park.

The general rule of thumb is to keep the dog’s mind as active as their body. You can come up with indoor games and puzzles that the two of you can play as a team.

Tag is a training game that allows your dog to let out their energy while it practices their manners and basic commands. Practice sit, stay and heel as you and your dog tear around the yard together. Your puppy will not even realize it is hard at work training.

It offers plenty of off leash fun for such a free spirited pup.


If you are looking for an interesting furry friend like nothing you have seen before then the pit bull dachshund mix could be for you.

However only the most dedicated and experienced dog owners should take on this high maintenance breed.

Whilst they are loving and friendly they are very active and will need an owner as active as they are.

This hybrid will fill your day with fun and games – their energy is absolutely contagious.

Their exuberant nature and irrepressible energy will mean you need to keep this dog engaged at all times.

Let us know in the comments section if you already keep one of these beautiful mixes…

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