50+ Strong and Powerful German Dog Names

German Dog Names Feature

If you’re looking for a stern yet charming name to suit your dog then perhaps a German name may be just perfect.

Whether you have a dog of German descent, and want to respect their pedigree, or are simply are in love with German Bratwurst (i.e. hotdogs) our collection of German Dog names will be perfect for you.

Hopefully these German Dog names won’t make you laugh until your stomach hertz too much

Good German Dog Names

These names can either sound really cool, or they can be associated with a famous landmark, person or object! Here’s what we’ve picked for you:

Aldous – Meaning “from wealth”

Aken – a town in Germany

Bruno – Meaning “brown”. A name to match your brown furry friend or maybe you admire its cute factor

Berlin – Berlin is the capital city of Germany. However, this may also be used as a German name for any dog

Franz – Meaning “free” – good for those wild-at-heart dogs

Greta – meaning “pearl”

Hans – as in Johannes, but a very common true German name

Hansel – The famous fairytale

Jäegar – The alcoholic drink or to mean hunter; great for a hunting dog

Luger – an old fashioned German firing weapon

Pilsner – Famous German beer, because who doesn’t love beer and dogs?

Wolfgang – Meaning quarry of wolves

Female German Dog Names

If your female dog is feminine yet has a strong character, these names with hidden meanings will be just perfect. Here’s ones we love..

Ava – Cute and simple, meaning “life”. Suitable for your petite sidekick or your strong companion.

Fritzi – Means “peaceful ruler”. This one could suit a smaller dog. Perhaps your Havapoo?

Heidi – Means “noble from birth”

Hilda – Means “Maiden of battle” also seen on Hey Arnold

Mischa – Meaning “God like”

Raina – This name means bright, suitable for your pooch who loves to make you smile

Sascha – This name means “The defender of mankind” – okay this one is perfect for mans best friend

Thea – A goddess!

Ursula – Means “Little female bear”, also from Disney’s, the Little Mermaid

Vera – Meaning “truth”. This name is extremely beautiful and one of our personal favorites.

Zelda – This name means “grey warrior”

Male German Dog Names

Stern and charming, and not to mention unforgettable. These names are generally associated with loyalty and power. Let’s have a look!

Axel – Meaning “peaceful”

Cayden – This name means “spirit of battle”

Hamlin – This name means “home lover”

Hertz– Not the ketchup brand, but instead this name means “Kind hearted”

Imre – Meaning “Great king” – a great German Dog name for a strong dog!

Kaiser – Meaning “King”. A stern name, even a simple word like this sounds better in German don’t you think?

Max – Definitely a name you’ve heard before, but did you know it was German for “the greatest”

Otto – Meaning “wealthy” or “of wealth”

Theobold – Meaning “bold”, this may also be shortened to Theo.

Verner – This name means “defender”

Zelig – Meaning “blessed” as in blessed you chose him/her!

German Shepherd Dog Names

The famous German Shepherd is a loyal, protective and hardworking breed. Sticking to their German Shepherd roots when naming this pup can emphasis these outstanding traits.

Ada – Meaning nobility. This name is very feminine yet fitting for a dominant and intelligent breed.

Adolph – This name means noble wolf. The German Shepherd is renowned for their loyal qualities

Alger – This name means a smart warrior. This breed is famous for their protective and guard-dog like traits, definitely our favorite four-legged warrior

Alphonse – This name means noble and ready for battle. Again, this name is very fitting for any Shepherd breed

Bärchen – Meaning little bear. If you have seen a German Shepherd as a puppy then you will know just how perfectly true this is. This name could possible suit a Miniature German Shepherd

Elsa – This name means “a God of plenty”. A beautiful sounding name perfect for your furry German Shepherd lady

Heinrich – Meaning “Home king” or “ruler”. A dominant yet beautiful breed by nature definitely suits this name!

Leonard – Meaning brave lion. A prestigious sounding yet strong in meaning, a perfect name for your pup, it could also be shortened to Leo! Leo the Lion

Rolf – A famous wolf

Ulf – This name literally means “wolf”, could it be any more fitting?

German Hunting Dog Names

Another German blooded breed. The German Hunting dog originated in Germany and was bred to, well hunt, to this day they have become one of mankind’s favourite hunting partners due to their loyalty and trainability.

Bernard – This name means “Brave like a bear”. The German Hunting dog was originally bred to hunt large animals such as a bear – therefore it only makes sense that they should be as brave as one, if not braver

Jarvis – Meaning “spear thrower” – again this one fits with their hunting instincts

Norbert – Meaning “hero”

Odo – Meaning “wealthy”

Oskar – Translates to “spear” and therefore very suitable for your German Hunting dog

Panzer – Meaning “Armor”, suitable for a pup with a protective persona

Rico – Meaning strong and powerful

Saxon – This name means “Sword”, may also be shortened to Sax

Unique German Dog Names

If you want to be different, here are a few rather unique yet stunning names for your dog:

Duxi – Meaning “warrior of the people” … or the canines

Kaja – Meaning “alive”

Liebe – Meaning “love”

Schatzi – This name means “little sweet one” and is perfect for any loveable little pup who can’t get enough of your attention

Schapps – An alcoholic drink

Xantan – A city in Germany

Ulrich – Meaning powerful like a wolf

Wendell – This name isn’t exactly unheard of. To be fair, not many individuals name their pup “Wendell” – this one will definitely be a crowd pleaser due to its slightly geeky aspect

Zaki – This means “pure” and may also be shortened to Zak. However, Zaki adds more kick and is more unique!

Unique German Dog Names


And there you have it, our favourite collection of German Dog names.

Perfect for any occasion, whether you are looking for a unique name, a masculine, feminine or simply a breed specific name to respect your dog’s pedigree.

A German name is exotic, yet stern, and gives your pup a stronger demeanour plus they can sound rather cool.

Why settle for an ordinary name when you can kick it up a notch? We hope these weren’t the “wurst” names you’ve come across! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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