300+ Golden Retriever Names For Your Happy & Loveable Retriever

Golden Retriever Names Feature

Golden Retriever Names Feature

Soft, cute and loveable.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs for people who are considering adopting a canine friend.

They are naturally loyal and friendly, and have great potential to learn many tricks and commands.

If you are bringing a Golden Retriever into your home soon, you’re probably looking for perfect Golden Retriever Names which are equally adorable and fitting for your dog!

So we decided to put together an extensive list that will help you find some inspiration for your happy and loveable retriever!

How to Choose a Name for your Golden Retriever

Name for your Golden Retriever

Before you see the lists of Golden Retriever Names, it can seem very daunting to choose a name for your new dog.

So we have put together a handy list of five quick tips to choose the best name for your Golden Retriever.

  1. Use Personal Names

This is a great opportunity to use a name that you have always liked and you like the sound of when shouting it at the dog park.

  1. Look Online

We have a multitude of helpful and extensive lists of names that are here to help!

  1. Ask your Friends

There is no shame in asking your human friends for help naming your puppy – they may have some ideas you haven’t even considered.

  1. Observe your Puppy

Choosing a name for your dog should not be a challenge – if you know their personality inside and out. Golden Retrievers are full of cheer and friendliness, so why not use this as a source of inspiration?

  1. Go with your Heart

Some names will just feel right. If you find a name that clicks straight away then it probably is the perfect one for your new canine.

Male Golden Retriever Names

Male Golden Retriever Names

Male Golden Retrievers make adorable pets, and they are a classic choice for many people looking to get a pet dog.

We recommend classic masculine names that sum up your dog’s strength and personality.

Why not choose Golden Retriever Names which have an interesting meaning, or that represent your dog’s physical traits?

Top Name

Freddie – This great male name means ‘power’, but it is also inspired by British music hero Freddie Mercury. The name is not only fitting for your pet but also is a great tribute to his memory!

Kenneth Herbert Conrad
Kevin Bear Billy
Brian Boris Eric
Bandit Morgan Colin
Charles Arthur Apollo
Patrick Noah Benji
Austin Joel Samuel
Maximus Gerald Cole
Liam Thumper Asher
Oscar Kyle Jared
Beau Ross Baxter
Remo Walter Aaron
Guy Artie Cooper
Gus Christopher Fabio
Ethan Joshua Blaze
Owen Mitch Frank
Freddie Dennis Jerry

Female Golden Retriever Names

Female Golden Retriever Names

If you are bringing home a female Golden Retriever, this is the perfect opportunity to find a creative name for her.

We love using gorgeous, classic and vintage sounding girl names that are amazing for such a lovely and loyal breed of dog.

It is also a lovely idea to choose very feminine names with soft and gentle meanings (e.g. Oralia) – perfect for such soft and lovely dogs.

If you’re really stuck, we recommend using names that mean a lot to you, perhaps inspired by a famous or inspirational woman.

Top Name

Oralia – This gorgeous old-fashioned Latin name is the perfect name for a Golden Retriever. Not only is it lovely sounding, it also means ‘golden’ (how fitting)!

Agnes Juliet Maude
Sadie Evelyn Elisa
Bessie Irene Lilith
Bonnie Betty Linde
Phoebe Winnie Johanna
Amita Maggie Nami
Cathy Lucia Rosalind
Bunty Liza Sophia
Aurelie Josie Lena
Emily Kenza Winnie
Jenesse Iris Vivian
Annalie Maisie Julienne
Addie Keira Theodora
Cornelia Clementine Susie
Chloe Megara Ruth
Dottie Jenny Priscilla
Doris Claudia Oralia

Puppy Golden Retriever Names

Puppy Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retriever puppies are amongst the cutest and most lovable animals in the world – it makes sense that you would want to find an adorable and perfect name for them.

We recommend puppy golden retriever names that have precious meanings, or perhaps that reflect the tiny size of your new dog.

If you want a name that is really cute why not use a name inspired by sweet or fluffy things?

Food names can also be perfect for puppies, especially tasty foods!

Take a look through this list to find something amazing for your puppy.

Top Name

Topaz – This gorgeous name is inspired by a deep golden precious stone. Not only is this name sparkling and adorable, it is apt for a golden puppy!

Beignet Caramel Alannah
Custard Puff Porridge
Biscuit Pudding Pip
Lulu Gem Churro
Mouse Peanut Mocha
Cupcake Ganache Maru
Nadira Sparkle Sprinkle
Brownie Sundae Frosting
Fluffy Micro Caoimhe
Blondie Butterscotch Sugar
Sweetie Cookie Honey
Waffle Alaine Maple
Kat Teeny Syrup
Chocolate Smore Marmalade
Precious Strudel Diamond
Squeak Praline Chip
Toffee Flapjack Topaz

Unique Golden Retriever Names

Unique Golden Retriever Names

Some people love to choose a name that is unique and special for their dog.

If this sounds like you, there are plenty of places to find some amazingly creative ideas.

Finding inspiration from outer space is a great way to find some beautiful and unique names. We also recommend looking for names from your favorite books, video games and films.

Have a look through these unique golden retriever names for creative names and inspiration.

Top Name

Epona – This amazing and creative name is inspired by a fictional horse from the Legend of Zelda series!

Mercury Star Yoshi
Mars Chun-Li Link
Jupiter Estelle Leoric
Venus Matilda Sula
Pluto Augustus Orion
Alice Stella Aries
Arya Ron Taurus
Rue Zelda Sirius
Jane Mario Waverly
Hermione Luigi Pandora
Io Primrose Madeline
Solar Cammie Ganondorf
Sunny Blanka Ginny
Luna Harry Cordelia
Noctis Peach Nova
Katniss Daisy Calypso
Galaxy Ramona Epona

Top Golden Retriever Names

Top Golden Retriever Names

If you want to find a really good and solid Golden Retriever name, it can be a brilliant idea to look to nature for inspiration; especially soft names inspired by water or weather (e.g. Cloud and Thunder).

We also love names that have creative meanings, or names that mean softness and companionship.

Top Name

Delta – This absolutely beautiful and rare name is actually the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also a geographical formation – great for any nature lovers.

Genesis Cloud Ruby
Buddy Thunder Lapis
Bestie Rain Pearl
Rose Rainbow Moonstone
Pine Thorn Opal
River Holly Benton
Brooke Berry Meadow
Leaf Ivy Feather
Dew Olive Petal
Clay Violet Blossom
Bracken Crimson Summer
Thistle Scarlett Autumn
Heather Silver Juniper
Posy Copper Acacia
Sunflower Emerald Jade
Tulip Birch Phoenix
Granite Asher Delta

Best Golden Retriever Names

Best Golden Retriever Names

To find a name that is truly the ‘best’ for your Golden Retriever, you can always look to names of famous Golden Retrievers or the pet names of celebrities.

We also love names that are typical dog names, or that are extremely popular – this way you definitely know it is the best!

Top Name

Buttercup – This beautiful natural name is a perfect choice for a Golden Retriever. Not only is it a soft and gentle name, its’ namesake is a beautiful golden color, just like your pup!

Loki Harvey Stogie
Butter Macaroni Pal
Shepherd Comet Dug
Murphy Jasper Shadow
Leo Napoleon Bud
Rudy Rex Fluke
Lemon Hunter Rosebud
Mustard Cosmo Ember
Roscoe Hound Amber
Ollie Speedy Flicker
Dexter Lucky Flame
Chico Duke Hive
Digby Brando Bumble
Rufus Diesel Orca
Pilot Champ Kira
Cherokee Buster Liberty
Brutus Spunky Buttercup


The challenge of choosing from these golden retriever names for your Retriever may seem scary, but we hope our names have given you some amazing inspiration that you can use!

Whether you choose a name from nature, video games or just a popular name we know it will be perfect for your golden puppy.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a name to suggest that we haven’t listed!

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  1. I had two golden retrievers whose names suited them perfectly : the first was Moses and the second was Theo. Both are good strong names.

  2. We named our Golden Bindi. A friend had a Golden named Bindi and her dog and our Setter were best friends. It was kind of in memory of both of them.

  3. I have had 4 golden retrievers: shadow, harley, bear,and rylee (current). All great dogs and very very faithful (more than some people I know) a great family dog.

  4. I have had 3 Golden Retrievers. The first passed away at age 18 years of age. The second passed away at only 7 from hemangiosarcoma. The 3rd is now 3 years old. All 3 were named Jean-luc, after Captain, (now Admiral) Jean-luc Picard from Star Trek. The fist lived so long that life just didn’t seem right without calling out “Jean-luc”, not to mention people just loved the name. The usual response from most people is, “As in Picard ?” Long story short, I have kept the name though 3 Generation of pups, all whom came from the same breeder.

  5. Love the names

    Daia (Diya)
    And Piper for girls

    And Marlow for boys

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