Whoodle Dog Breed Overview: Appearance, Breeders, Size, Price & Puppies

Whoodle Feature

When the ever so intelligent poodle mates with the amicable Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier you get a Whoodle.

A handy side-kick, who may occasionally be mistaken for an oversized teddy-bear dog, the Whoodle is a designer dog breed.

Medium in size, with a soft curly and cuddly coat, the Poodle Wheaten Terrier Mix is a perfect companion for any individual, couple or families with children.

Popular for their charismatic charm and size (coming in three different sizes: miniature, medium or standard), the Whoodle makes an intelligent and cheerful dog breed.

Here you will find everything you need to know about this gorgeous hybrid dog: history, temperament, price, breeders, exercise needs and of course appearance, we’ve got it covered!

Prepare to fall in love with this super smart yet snuggly puppy.

Whoodle Breed Summary
Size 12 to 20 inches
Weight20 to 45 lb
Lifespan12–15 years
Breed TypeMixes and more
Suitable ForFamilies With Children, Individuals, Couples And Seniors
Color VariationsBlack, Red, Apricot, Beige, Chocolate, Silver Or Spotted
TemperamentIntelligent, Friendly, Loyal, Fun-Loving, And Playful
Other NamesPoodle x Wheaten Terrier Mix, Sweatenpoo, Wheatendoodle, Wheatenpoo or Wheatiepoo

What Is A Whoodle?

Whoodle Feature

Nobody knows when the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Poodle were first crossed. But, we do know that they have been around for over ten years.

To get a closer look at the Whoodle dog’s history, it is important that we take a look at the Poodle and Wheaten Terrier.

The Poodle

Poodle Dog

The Poodle is believed to be native to Germany, and not France as popularly perceived.

As hard as it may be to believe, they were actually bred to be sporting and working dogs. They make excellent swimmers due to their water-resistant coat.

The Poodle is known to be one of the world’s smartest dogs, they are known for their impressive trainability. This trait in itself, makes them a highly desirable breed. The Poodles gorgeous coat is also an added a bonus.

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier originated in Ireland, and were farm dogs known as the Poor Man’s Wolfhound (i.e. Irish Wolfhound).

They were:

  • Guard dogs responsible for the killing of rodents
  • Herding and hunting companions

This breed is known for their competitive abilities being famous for their agility and tracking skills.

An intelligent and a diligent learner, these qualities along with their love for affection, make them a perfect companion.

The Whoodle

The birth of designer dog breeds has only recently gathered stardom.

The concept of mating two purebred dogs to breed a hybrid dog which has the positive characteristics of both its parent’s doesn’t always succeed. This is especially true with first generation designer dogs which are notoriously difficult to predict in size, appearance and temperament.

Breeders had the goal of crossing the Poodle with the Wheaten Terrier to give birth to a new dog breed which was incredibly intelligent, loyal and affectionate.

This means the Whoodle dog is not only loyal to its owner, but is also well enough behaved to be around children and seniors.

He is not recognized by any Kennel clubs because he is a hybrid dog and not a purebred dog

Whoodle Puppies

The majority of Whoodle breeders reside in the United States and Australia.

When it comes to these puppies, there is lots of variance with characteristics and appearance. This is because there is no official breed standard for this dog and many mixes are first generation.

Some puppies may look like one parent more than the other and some get lucky and are the perfect mix!

The litter size for these puppies depends on the size of their mom (i.e. miniature, medium or standard), typically the litter size is between 5-7 puppies.

The cost of a Whoodle begins at $1,500 USD and in some cases exceeds $5,000 USD; based on the pedigree of the the breeding line.

Whoodle Temperament

Well-natured, fun-loving, playful, intelligent and loyal.

The Whoodle is a go-to family dog due to its caring and easy-to-train temperament.

This breeds’ intelligence not only makes training fun for you, but also fun for them. They love to learn and they quickly become top students.

A Whoodle puppy craves attention and love from its owner.

They are a highly sociable breed. When introduced to a range of people at a young age, these dogs get on infamously with people. This dog is an adaptable breed, they:

  • Are suitable with any living environment
  • Love the outdoors and therefore would adore a large and spacious backyard
  • Thrive just as well in a smaller environment such as an apartment or a town-house

Is This Dog Good With People / Families?

Their playful demeanor is perfect for children. Your puppy can keep your children entertained and vice versa!

Thy are the perfect dog for those cuddly days at home, or even on those more adventurous days hiking or the beach. This makes them not only great for active or busy singles, couples or families but also perfect for seniors who simply desire the companionship of a loving pup.

Is This Dog Good With Other Animals?

This dog may have a tendency to chase smaller animals (such as cats and hamsters) because of their parent’s working history. So make sure you introduce your dog to smaller animals as soon as possible.

As with any dog, it is important to provide your Whoodle with the exercise and mental stimulation they need, without which, your dog may develop barking and howling issues.

They are also at risk of separation anxiety if they are left alone for long periods of time. We recommend doggy day care for those long working hours.

Caring For A Poodle Wheaten Terrier Mix

Caring for this dog is simple.

They make the perfect companion dog and all they really want is your cuddles and adoration.

Being a friendly breed, they too crave your friendship.

Food and Diet Requirements

Daily Food Consumption
Guide 600 calories
Cups of Kibble One Bowl of Kibble Required per Day

The Standard Whoodle is typically medium in size (20 to 45 lb). However, there are plenty of size variations such as the miniature and small sized Whoodles.

This makes it a little tricky to figure out the appropriate dietary requirements for your dog.

As a rule of thumb, this dog requires 30 calories per pound of body weight.

The Whoodle requires 600 to 1350 calories per day depending on its size. This equates to 1 and ½ cups to 3 and a 1/3 cups of kibble per day.

We recommend feeding your dog a high quality dry-kibbled diet, formulated for the medium dog size breed, three times a day.

Splitting up feedings, so that your dog doesn’t eat too much too fast, or try steal your snacks all day, will help to reduce the chances of bloat.

Don’t forget

Puppies need a lot more energy, and food, than an adult dog as they are still growing. So their feed requirements will change as they age.

Exercising A Whoodle Dog

Daily Exercise Requirements
Minutes 30 minutes
Activity Level This is a low activity dog breed

The Whoodle is a fun-loving breed, they love to have oodles of playtime!

This dog is guaranteed to love a big back yard and regular walks!

For an energetic dog like this, exercise should be scheduled into their daily routine.

This breed requires 30 minutes to one hour of exercise per day (this is based on the size variation of your dog):

  • The miniature Whoodle requires much less exercise than the Standard
  • The smaller the dog, the lower the exercise requirements due to their smaller bodies

Exercise should include walks, runs and playtime. Just as long as your dog has a bit of freedom to release all that cooped up energy!

Being an intelligent breed, the Whoodle requires more than exercise to keep them from getting bored.

Training Advice for Whoodle Owners

They love training and catch on very quickly thanks to their Poodle parent.

Training your dog is very rewarding as long as you stick to positive reinforcement.

Negative training techniques have been debunked.

During training sessions, this dog responds to praise and rewards (in the form of toys, praise and treats)!

If your puppy is food orientated, then make sure to make the treat something special and exciting, rather than their normal kibble.

Correct dog socialization is another training requirement. Your dog should have no trouble meeting new people due to their friendly nature.

The Whoodle dog is an intelligent breed, therefore you must provide them with the appropriate mental stimulation so as to avoid any unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing:

  • Try take your dog out on new adventures (new walks, new parks, new beaches),
  • Mix things up with different games during play time such as tug or fetch, or hide and seek.

Just make things fun and your dog will respond!

Known Health Issues

Genetics and anatomy always play a part, as well as environment and nutrition, with the health and wellbeing of your dog.

This dog is susceptible to health issues passed down by their parent breeds.

These health problems include hip dysplasia and ear infections, like other poodle mixes.

Hip dysplasia is a musculoskeletal disease where the joint has a malformation which can cause lameness and pain. This is caused by genetic predisposition combined with environmental factors so try not to tire your dog out too much especially as they get older.

Ear infections in the Whoodle may occur due to their non-shedding fur. This non-shedding fur may begin to block foreign debris in their ear canals and cause pain, irritation and infection.

Whoodle Appearance, Color Coat and Grooming

Their silky fur is filled with waves and is not as curly as the Poodle which makes this hybrid a little easier to groom.

They are a hypoallergenic dog which means they may just be a perfect companion to those who are allergic to dog fur and dander.

The Whoodle often has a head which is slightly larger than the rest of their body. Their eyes are often buried beneath their fur and are dark in color.

Their appearance matches their persona, a cuddly appearance for a dog who just wants your companionship.

The Whoodle stands at between 12 to 20 inches in height, and weighs around 20 to 45lb. This of course depends on the size variation of your dog. In general, however, they are a medium sized dog breed.

Their fur may come in a range of colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Apricot
  • Beige
  • Chocolate
  • Silver

Grooming a Whoodle

This dog has a single coat which means they do not have excessive grooming needs and will do fine with a weekly brush.

They do not require regular trips to the groomers (once every two months is ideal).

You should remember to keep your dog’s ear clean – this is essential for those low shedding breeds as ear infections are common.

Other basic grooming requirements do not differ from any other dog, be sure to trim their nails when needed and to brush their teeth daily if possible (or try a dental chew or toy)!


The Whoodle is a wonderful breed with a super cuddly appearance which is well-suited to their temperament!

They make an extraordinary companion for the elderly, busy individuals, first time owners and of course small or large families.

This breed is highly versatile and fits into any lifestyle as long as affection and food is provided.

With minimal exercise requirements and an easy-to-train attitude, the Whoodle makes an excellent companion providing its owners with lots of joy, just remember to clean those floppy, fluffy ears!

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  1. We love the breed and recently adopted another. She’s four and the adoption fee was $99! I had no idea these dogs were so expensive.

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