30 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs For People With Allergies

Hypoallergenic Dogs Feature

A hypoallergenic dog is simply a dog breed which is less likely to cause an allergic reaction in humans.

It is thought that three in ten Americans suffer from dog allergies to varying degrees of severity.

However, the reaction is not caused by pet hair (as commonly thought), but by dander (i.e. dead skin), saliva or urine.

Consequently, those who suffer from allergies should purchase hypoallergenic, as these animals tend to produce a lower level of dander and therefore may not trigger allergies.

To try and ease the issue, here is a list of 30 dogs that don’t shed.

Small Hypoallergenic Dogs


30. Maltipoo

Intelligent, Affectionate, Social

The maltese poodle mix, or “maltipoo”, is the ultimate companion dog!

The maltese is one of the oldest companion dogs and so it makes sense that the maltipoo thrives on human attention.

Known for being hypoallergenic, despite their fluffy white coats, these dogs are very low shedding and tend to be an excellent match for allergy suffers.

Teacup Poodle

29. Teacup Poodle

Loving, Intelligent, Fun

Teacup Poodles are an even smaller version of the Poodle!

This tiny pup is ideal for apartment dwellers who would love a small hypoallergenic dog breed but do not have the space for one!

All the intelligence and fun of the poodle just in a smaller size.

Miniature Labradoodle

28. Miniature Labradoodle

Friendly, Clever, Loving

A miniature version of their standard sized cousins.

The miniature labradoodle is often referred to as the most loving dog in the world!

Originally bred to be hypoallergenic, the labradoodle is a perfect match for families looking for dogs that don’t shed.


27. Havapoo

Social, Gentle, Sweet

What happens when you combine the national dog of Cuba with the national dog of France?

Why the havapoo of course!

Like the maltipoo, these adorable little dogs are known for their cuddly, hypoallergenic and affectionate nature.

These hypoallergenic dogs are also known to be very intelligent and love to please.

Bichon Poodle

26. Bichon Poodle

Fun, Playful, Loving

Just because you are allergic to dogs it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fluffy dog!

The bichon frise Poodle mix, or “bichpoo” is known for his thick curly hypoallergenic coat.

These dogs are loyal and devoted companions, who are very intelligent in nature and pick up tricks very quickly.

Wire Haired Fox Terrier

25. Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Active, Clever, Playful

Although he bares a striking resemblance to the Smooth Haired Fox Terrier, the two breeds are not related.

The wire haired fox terrier is known primarily for two things: energy and intelligence.

These hypoallergenic dogs are always ready for a great adventure!

They are also very intelligent, their sharp minds will pick up on basic obedience with ease making them a great choice for first time owners.

Miniature Goldendoodle

24. Miniature Goldendoodle

Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent

The second most popular “Doodle” after the labradoodle!

The miniature goldendoodle is the perfect family dog for those who don’t have the space to keep a larger pet.

This dog is patient and kind, and their larger cousins are often used as emotional support animals.

The goldendoodles coat is soft to the touch, and like all poodle mixes are very often hypoallergenic!

Teacup Maltese

23. Teacup Maltese

Affectionate, Devoted, Happy

The maltese is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of lapdog in the world due to their cuddly nature.

The teacup maltese is no different and both versions of the breed are hypoallergenic.

Teacup malteses are low energy and high cuddling, making them the perfect pet for those who are home a lot.

Plus, who doesn’t love a cute fluffy and tiny white dog?

Australian Silky Terrier

22. Australian Silky Terrier

Active, Playful, Curious

Although often mistaken as a Yorkshire Terrier, the Australian Silky Terrier is anything but!

These hypoallergenic dogs are playful and fun, combining the best elements of a Terrier and a great hypoallergenic lapdog.

While they do love to nap on their owners lap, these active dogs need lots of exercise (both walks and play)!

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

21. Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

Sweet, Affectionate, Playful

What better solution for an allergy to dog fur than a hairless dog!?

The hairless Chinese crested dog may be a little odd looking, but, these sweet little dogs are incredibly good natured.

They love nothing more than a good cuddle and thrive off their owner’s attention.

Known for being very good with children, other dogs and pets, they fit perfectly into anyone’s life.

Medium Hypoallergenic Dogs

Italian Greyhound

20. Italian Greyhound

People-Oriented, Active, Skittish

The Italian Greyhound is not 100% hypoallergenic.

However hypoallergenic coat is short and fine and as a result those who suffer from mild dog allergies may be okay with this breed.

This breed is often noted for their owner-oriented behavior.

A well socialized Italian greyhound will enjoy the company of all people, although ideally, they should not be kept in home with small children or pets.


19. Schnoodle

Clever, Devoted, Stubborn

The schnoodle is usually a cross between a miniature schnauzer and a miniature poodle.

They are widely regarded as an excellent match for allergy sufferers.

They are hypoallergenic and obedient which makes them an excellent choice for owners from all walks of life.

Irish Doodle

18. Irish Doodle

Loyal, Social, Friendly

A cross between an Irish setter and a poodle.

The Irish doodle is more than just an adorable face!

This hypoallergenic dog is known for their quiet and social nature.

They love to be involved in the action and are great with kids – which makes sense as the only people who love to play as much as the Irish doodle are children!

Portuguese Water Dog

17. Portuguese Water Dog

Loyal, Social, Friendly

Because Barack Obama purchased this adorable breed, their popularity has been on the rise!

These active dogs were first bred to help fishermen with their nets.

Being hypoallergenic, they are a great match for families who enjoy outdoor activities and are looking for dogs that don’t shed.


16. Whoodle

Fun, Affectionate, Kind

Often mistaken for a teddy bear, the whoodle is a cross between a wheaton terrier and a poodle.

They are a perfect family pet due to their hypoallergenic status and playful nature (with the added bonus that they are easy to train).

This hypoallergenic dog’s lower exercise requirements make them a great choice for seniors or singles.


Cairn Terrier

15. Cairn Terrier

Confident, Lively, Active

One of the oldest terriers in the world, the cairn terrier also has one of the world’s funniest coats!

Not only is it hypoallergenic and water repellent, their coat also changes color throughout their lifetime!

They are fearless in personality; nothing sets this puppy on edge.

They are ideal for active families with older children who are looking for a lively hypoallergenic dog!

West Highland Terrier

14. West Highland Terrier

Self-assured, Loyal, Social

Affectionately nicknamed the “Westie”, the West Highland terrier is a hardy breed who are known for their independent nature.

Unlike other hypoallergenic dog breeds in this list, they are not a great match with young children or other household pets.

They are extremely loyal and protective, in an adult only household this hypoallergenic dog thrives!

Tibetan Terrier

13. Tibetan Terrier

Affectionate, Gentle, Energetic

Despite their name, the Tibetan terrier is not actually a terrier.

Historically, Tibetan terriers were never bought or sold, but given as gifts to promote good fortune.

Tibetan terriers makes great hypoallergenic dogs, perfect for those looking for a low maintenance companion.

They are not fond of strangers or younger children, but when socialized correctly they warm up to them.


12. Affenpinscher

Adventurous, Stubborn, Playful

As fun to say as they are to own, the affenpinscher is often called “The Monkey Dog.”

These little dogs are almost terrier like in personality.

They are very toy and food oriented and do not like to share.

This means they are not a good match for homes with other pets or young children. Despite this, the Affenpinscher is hypoallergenic, loyal and playful in nature.


11. Komondor

Fearless, Friendly, Gentle

The Komondor is also called “the mop dog” and its not hard to guess why!

These dogs aren’t hypoallergenic as they do shed.

But, their hair gets trapped in their thick coat and mats, creating the mop like appearance!

Consequently, these hypoallergenic dogs might be suitable for those who suffer from mild allergies.

Big Hypoallergenic Dogs

Australian Labradoodle

10. Australian Labradoodle

Social, Loving, Fun

The Australian labradoodle was first seen in 1988.

Unlike the standard Labradoodle, the Australian labradoodle is mixed with a spaniel.

They are also almost always hypoallergenic thanks to the selective breeding program in place.

These hypoallergenic dogs are known for their incredibly loyal nature, they love to play, and their patient and kind nature means they will happily put up with all kinds of antics!


9. Labradoodle

Clever, Silly, Loving

The labradoodle is a cross between a poodle and a labrador.

They have been extremely popular since they were first seen in 1992.

These dogs are known to be incredibly loving and social, being a great match for active families.

Ultimately massive goofballs; they love to please and are at their happiest when their owners are happy.


8. Goldendoodle

Kind, Patient, Affectionate

The goldendoodle was first seen in 1969, however it was not popular until the 1990s.

Like the labradoodle, the aim of this breed was the create a hypoallergenic dog.

Consequently, they are smart and kind, the perfect family pup.

They have the patience of a saint and will often deal with antics from children.


7. Sheepadoodle

Playful, Smart, Energetic

A cross between a male old English sheepdog and a female poodle.

Sheepadoodles are more than just ball of fluff, they are obedient, intelligent, calm and kind.

Being hypoallergenic, their coats may come with huge grooming routines.

An excellent companion for those who have an active routine and the time to dedicate to their training.


6. Basenji

Aloof, Curious, Active

The basenji is something of the black sheep of the dog world.

These funny dogs are known for three things: their inability to bark, a strange cat-like grooming routine, and being hypoallergenic.

A great match for an active, experienced single who has no other pets and a securely fenced yard.


5. Bernedoodle

Fun, Intelligent, Loyal

The bernedoodle is one of the most adaptable canines on this list.

They come in three convenient sizes: Standard, Miniature and Tiny!

These dogs are somewhat mischievous, they are known for their playful nature.


4. Aussiedoodle

Smart, Obedient, Happy

A cross between the Australian shepherd dog and a poodle.

The Aussiedoodle is known as a hypoallergenic dog who is playful and fun in nature.

These clever dogs love to be active, and are a great match for canine sports like agility, obedience, or flyball.

Aussiedoodles are also known to be somewhat whimsical, on occasion they are known to develop a sense of humor!

Airedale Terrier

3. Airedale Terrier

Independent, Intelligent, Loyal

Affectionately nicknamed “the king of the terriers”, the Airedale is a gentle giant.

To their owners, they are playful and affectionate.

However, their terrier nature means they are also somewhat aloof.

These hypoallergenic dogs are a good match for people who are away from home for periods of time but have time to exercise them!


2. Samoyed

Friendly, Happy, Playful

The samoyed may be one of the happiest breeds in the world.

Famous for their “Samie Smile”, this social dog thrives on human attention and are at their happiest when being cuddled.

They have long puppyhoods, loving to play well into their twilight years.

This playful spirit makes them an excellent match for homes with other pets or young children.

Afghan Hound

1. Afghan Hound

Silly, Independent, Regal

It is easy to spot the Afghan Hound from a mile away!

This breed may be one of the most iconic breeds.

Their long, blond locks may be a lot, but contrary to belief this breed is hypoallergenic.

They are also notoriously difficult to train and are best suited to an experience dog owner.


A Dog Which Doesn’t Shed

As you can see, hypoallergenic dogs come in all different shapes and sizes.

By taking extra precautions, and adopting this type of pet, even allergy sufferers can have the canine companion of their dreams.

What are your thoughts on hypoallergenic dogs? Leave us a comments below.

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  1. Hi. Great article. Looking for a small hypoallergenic dog that won’t bark too much in our family home. Some of the votes so far from members of our family are A TOY POODLE AND COCKER SPANIEL MIX, Bichon Poodle, Teacup Maltese….etc…any thoughts or suggestions or things to consider? We live in a family home, 3000 square feet, multiple floors, big backyard, 7 kids in a Greater Toronto Area suburb. Thanks

  2. Hi, I’m more concerned about having dog hair/fur all over my house rather than being bothered about their dander. So should I be looking at ‘hypoallergenic’ dogs? I just want a small dog that doesn’t shed hair/fur every time you look at it or touch it (like so many dogs), l just want to cuddle and love a dog without being worried about the hairs they leave behind.

    Thank you

  3. Hi i’m Jean Ruiz and i’m allergic to dogs so i came here and i’ve always wanted a golden retriver but they are not hypoallergenic so sadly i can’t get one. I’ve seen the miniature labradoodle and teacup maltese are the ones I see most interesting. I live in an apartment with a baby sister. Which dog is the best one?

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