18 Incredible Teddy Bear Dog Breeds for Families

Teddy Bear Dog Feature

From Paddington and Winnie-the-Pooh to Rupert and Baloo we all remember our childhood days of cuddling a big fluffy bear.

Now you want to own your own pocket sized teddy bear dog?

Big and small, from the Havapoo to the giant Sheepadoodle, these dogs come in all shapes and sizes! But what breeds are considered to be teddy bear dogs? What is there to know about them?

Read on to find out about these adorable little teddy bears:

Small Teddy Bear Dog Breeds

1. Cavapoo

A Cavapoo is a cross breed between two purebred parents (A Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

A Cavapoo (also known as the Cavadoodle) is a designer mix breed. They are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and, either a miniature or toy size, Poodle.

They are known for their kind and loving nature, as well as their ability to get on with all people, especially children, making them the perfect family pooch.

These dogs come in a variety of colors including: black, white, blenheim or tricolor, but, are most commonly seen in gold – the fact they look like a teddy bear dog is just a bonus!

Cavapoos are 9 to 14 inches tall, and 7 to 18 pounds in weight, depending on the type of Poodle they are crossed with.

These dogs are clever, gentle and fun dogs who love to play just as much as they like to curl up on the couch after a hard day of chasing tails. Feeding high-quality kibble is essential for Cavapoos to maintain their health and vitality. They will happily fit in with any life style they are presented with, making them the perfect family pet.

2. Pomchi

A Pomchi is an adorable little crossbreed with a tenacious temperament.

A cross between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua, this tenacious little pup didn’t get the memo that he’s technically a small dog.

Loyal to their core, Pomchis defend their owners to the ends of the earth, becoming your new best friend and protector.

With good socialization, ideally as a puppy, they can be just as loving with other dogs too. They do love to bark at strangers and can be somewhat standoffish with something or someone unknown.

Pomchis are mini but mighty, standing at a noble 6 to 9 inches and weighing just 5 to 12 lb. Generally, their coats are a combination of: blue, tan, black, fawn, cream and chocolate.

3. Bolognese Dog

Bolognese Dog

The Bolognese Dog is the lesser known cousin of the Bichon Frise.

Do not mistake their small size for lack of personality as this fluffy teddy bear dog make their presence known in any room – they love to please their owner and will be a delightful addition to any family.

They will require good and correct socialization when young. Because not only can they can develop little dog syndrome, but, they are known to favor one person and respond negatively to others. This can be corrected by meeting many people and other dogs in early life.

Bolognese dogs are prone to eye problems such as cataracts, as well as health issues seen in bichons. These conditions include epilepsy and kidney issues.

4. Cavachon

A Teddy Bear Dog

Another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross, this time crossed with a Bichon Frise to create the fluffiest dog you will ever likely see.

Cavachons are known for their loyal and loving nature and their sweetness towards people, especially young children.

Standing at 13 inches tall and weighing up to 20lb, these dogs are the cutest little companion you could ask for. They are usually white with tan, apricot or black markings.

They adapt well to small spaces and suit apartment living nicely. A perfect pooch for a smaller family looking to grow.

5. Miniature Goldendoodle

Miniature Goldendoodle
Miniature Goldendoodles are known for their loving and gentle nature. A smaller version of their standard size cousins, these pocket-size pups will be a wonderful addition to your family. Providing a high-quality kibble diet for Miniature Goldendoodles is essential for their overall health and happiness.

This dog is a crossbreed of a Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever. They are social dogs, and despite their small size, love to bark, making them a wonderful guard dog.

Bouncy and enthusiastic, they make a fantastic addition to any family. Due to their smaller size, they do not require as much space as other dogs. However, do not mistake their miniature build for a lack of personality; they pack all the punch of a standard size Goldendoodle in under 30 lb.

As the name implies they are often golden, but in rarer cases can be seen in cream, red, black or brown.

6. Havapoo

A Pair of Havapoo Dogs
This pup is the adorable result of crossing a Toy or Miniature Poodle with a Havanese.

These dogs are well suited to family living, adapting well to all walks of life, be it a large house with a yard or a reasonably sized apartment.

Havapoos are known for their friendliness and teddy bear like appearance.

They love all people and are not known to bark much, but as a result they make rubbish watch dogs. Instead they prefer to follow you around the house watching your movements and getting involved with everything you do. Even making a cup of coffee is an adventure for these little teddy bears.

Havapoos come in a variety of colors and combinations including: brown, grey, tan, white and black. Weighing in at under 20 lb, these tea cup teddy bears are too cute to miss off this list.

7. Bichon Poodle Mix

Bichon Poodle

Smart, sassy and sweet, a Bichon Poodle is known for its caring and friendly nature.

Bichon Poodles are very social and get on well with all people and even other household pets. They love nothing more than going for a good walk with their family and then flopping down on the couch for some well needed shut eye.

Playtime is a firm favorite for this dog as they love to have some fun with their human and fellow furry pals. This is a great way to encourage both your children and pet to be active, as they will both love it.

8. Shorkie

Shorkie Dog

A tenacious little pup, the Shorkie is a crossbreed dog, combining the bravery of the Yorkshire Terrier with the loyalty of the Shih tzu.

They are low shedders which makes them suitable for those allergy sufferers out there.

Not suitable for families with younger children, this little pup is best suited to families without children or with teenage children.

Shorkies are the perfect companion dog, loving nothing more to curl up on your lap in front of the TV. They are fiercely protective of their owners (a trait that should not be taken lightly as this can become an aggressive tendency when left unsocialized).

Good socialization when young is vital in accounting for this behavior.

This loyalty also means they suffer from separation anxiety and on occasion destructive behavior. Consequently, we recommend avoiding leaving this pup for long periods of time.

9. Malshi

Maltese Shih Tzu
These dogs are pocket sized, weighing in at up to 12lb.

The adorable Maltese Shih tzu Mix is a perfect cuddling companion. They are also highly adaptable, fitting in well in the peaceful countryside or bustling city.

Loyal and loving, they make the perfect family puppy. They usually come in one of three colors: white, black or brown. Each Malshi is different with a unique set of markings and combination of colors.

Like their Shorkie sibling, they do not shed much making them a good match for any family that has an allergy sufferer. However, unlike the Shorkie, these dogs can be more patient with children, and might be more suitable for families with kids.

Due to their love and devotion to their families, they can grow bored and destructive if left home alone or unattended for extended periods.

Medium Sized Teddy Bear Dog Breeds

10. Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix is an adorable little ball of fluff. Tenacious, fun loving and loyal, these clever little pups are known as the cutest dogs ever for a reason.

This dog is a cross between a male Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh corgi and a female Siberian Husky. They grow to be between 12 and 15 inches tall and should weight anywhere from 20 to 50 lb.

They come in as many colors as their parents including (but not limited to) a combination of the following:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red
  • White

Due to this dog’s aloof nature, we do not recommend the breed for first time dog owners or families with young children. Their free-spirited tendencies means they are not always the most obedient of pups and they can be quite boisterous with small children.

11. Miniature German Shepherd

Miniature German Shepherd Playing

A pocket sized version of one of America’s favorite dogs.

The miniature German shepherd’s coloring is the same as that of a standard German Shepherd, they are usually a combination of brown, tan, black and may be long or short haired.

They are fiery, energetic and best suited to an active family that likes to walk and has lots of time for play.

Don’t let the fact this guy is a miniature breed fool you, this teddy bear dog will always have the energy for fetch and loves a good ball game.

Like all dogs, it is important to watch out for potential health issues, so be mindful of the fact that Miniature German Shepherds are prone to Hip Dysplasia and Bloat.

12. German Shepherd Labrador Mix

Golden Shepherd

Better known as the Golden Shepherd, or the Sheprador, this dog is a loyal and intelligent companion, fit for any family.

Two of the most popular dogs in America crossed, they thrive in both a busy and active home. They also love to run, which makes them a wonderful jogging partner.

These dogs stand between 20 and 26 inches and weigh between 35-90 lb.

They are usually brown, black, tan, golden or white. This varies depending on the height, weight and color of the parents.

13. Miniature Golden Retriever

Miniature Golden Retriever

The Miniature Golden Retriever, also known as the Comfort Retriever, is a smaller version of a standard sized Golden Retriever.

First seen in the 2000s, this dog is not a purebred, but is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle. Occasionally you see this dog with Spaniel in the line but this can create temperament problems and should be avoided.

These dogs are much better suited to smaller homes than their standard sized cousins, making them perfect for families with limited space or smaller homes.

Miniature Golden Retrievers love to please their owners which makes training a breeze. Not only this but day to day tasks should be fun and easy – these dogs love nothing more than to be groomed, walked, played with and generally fussed.

14. Samoyed

Samoyed On Ice
Known as one of the most distinguished and recognizable dog breeds in the world, the Samoyed is a gorgeous white teddy bear dog that will fit right in with your family.

Caring and wise, this dog responds well to children who will harness this pup’s playful side.

Highly recognizable by their white coat, most prospective owners don’t know that this dog comes in four colors:

  • Biscuit
  • Cream
  • White and Biscuit
  • White

Their bear like fur needs a lot of maintenance. Samoyed dogs shed their double coat year-round, and therefore they will need regular grooming to manage their fluff.

These dogs on average live between 10 and 12 years and usually live long, healthy lives.

15. Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle Puppy

A cross between a male Old English Sheepdog and a female Poodle, the Sheepadoodle may be one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs on this list.

Bred from two very clever dogs, this active pup is always ready to go on adventures. Sheepadoodles love ball games, chase, fetch and will live to delight your children.

These dogs do have their drawbacks, and unfortunately their devotion to their owner can lead to some destructive tendencies if left on their own for too long.

Because they are bred from two lines of working dogs they will need lots of exercise plus stimulation to keep them happy.

For an experienced dog owner, these dogs are a pleasure to keep you company and will be a wonderful addition to any household.

16. The Shollie Dog

Shollie Sitting
Affectionately nicknamed “Shollie”, the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix makes a wonderful companion for any owner able to give this dog the high energy lifestyle it craves.

Bred from two working dogs, German Shepherds and Border Collies, this teddy bear dog will love to be outside and consequently requires a larger home with a yard.

These dogs are not suited to houses without a garden and should be given constant access.

Due to their high energy temperament, they can be somewhat boisterous and therefore should not be left alone with young children.

Due to the fact these dogs are hybrids they are not known to have lots of health issues. As a result of this, they live to be 15 on average.

Large Teddy Bear Dog Breeds

17. Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog
Calm and devoted, this gentle giant makes a wonderful guard dog for those who have a yard big enough to house him (or her)!

Standing at 23 to 30 inches tall and weighing in at a giant ~170 lb, this dog will be the heart and soul of your family.

These dogs are known to be protectors, and for good reason, as they are often wary of strangers they do not take well to unfamiliar people or dogs so caution should be taken.

First seen in 1920s these dogs were bred to protect flocks of animals in Russia.

This dog is not suitable for first-time owners, or families with young children, due to the dog’s sheer size. However, for active families, with older children, this dog may be the perfect fit.

18. Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle Dog

This dog is hard to put into a category as it comes in a variety of different sizes:

Standard Bernedoodle Standard Poodle Bernese Mountain
Miniature Bernedoodle Miniature Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog
Toy Bernedoodle Toy Poodle F1 Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are known for their happy go lucky personality and their willingness to go anywhere and do anything.

You certainly do not need to tell these dogs it’s time for walkies twice!

They are very goofy, yet equally clever, and love to be the centre of attention. Due to this love for attention, they do not tolerate being left alone for long periods of time. This may be something to consider when looking to adopt one of these bear-like dogs.


As you have seen, there are many types of teddy bear dog breeds from big to small, but, all of them are cute and cuddly as the next.

There are all unique and care should be taken to pick the perfect pooch for your family! Be it the mighty Caucasian Shepherd or the little Shorkie, all of these dogs are wonderful in their own way.

If you are thinking about adding one of these dogs to your family, please read our extended breed guides to gain some more insight into these amazing dogs.

Feel free to leave us a comment sharing your experiences of these adorable dogs.

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  1. This is a fabulous list for those looking for a teddy bear-type dog. I have to admit that I didn’t even realize that I could get my dog, Henry, cut into a “teddy bear” cut until I adopted him. The vet and groomer think he’s a Cockapoo. He really does look like a teddy bear. I’d say he falls most closely under your classification for either a Cavapoo or a Cavachon. This was a fun read.

    I’m sharing it with my dog friends! πŸ˜ŠπŸΆπŸ’–

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