37 Poodle Mixes: Celebrating Charm of Fluffy Hybrid Dogs

Poodle Mix

Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine the prim and proper Poodle with another beloved breed? The result is a delightful hybrid vigor that captures the best of both worlds. As an animal lover and volunteer at the local SPCA, I’ve had the pleasure of encountering countless Poodle mixes, and let me tell you, these crossbreeds are like a box of canine chocolates – you never know what delightful surprise you’ll get!

From the moment that first litter of Labradoodles hit the scene in the late 80s, the world was introduced to a whole new realm of possibilities. These days, Poodle mixes come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, each one as unique as a snowflake. Some are laidback couch potatoes, while others are high-energy explorers ready to tackle any adventure. But they all share one common thread – the undeniable charm and allure of the Poodle parentage intermingled with another spectacular breed.

So, whether you’re looking for a hypoallergenic companion, an agility superstar, or simply a loving fur baby to snuggle up with, there’s a Poodle mix out there wagging its tail just for you. Let’s dive into this vibrant world of Poodle crossbreeds and discover which one might be the perfect fit for your family!

The Poodle Family

The Poodle truly is the crème de la crème when it comes to family companions. These regal pups can trace their lineage back over four centuries to the noble estates of France, where they were the beloved lapdogs of high society. Even today, Poodles exude an undeniably alluring air of sophistication and elegance.

It’s no wonder Poodles became the “it” breed for designer dog fanciers in the 1990s. With their signature curly coats and lively personalities, they were the perfect canvas for creating a new generation of hybrid pups. Like a masterful artist blending colors on a palette, breeders combined the Poodle’s delightful traits with those of other distinct breeds. The result? Adorable, hypoallergenic Poodle mixes tailored to suit every family’s needs and lifestyle.

Each Poodle crossbreed offers a unique blend of characteristics, from removing potential health issues to capturing that coveted teddy bear cuteness. It’s like getting two amazing dogs in one furry package! The Poodle mix craze has left no breed untouched, resulting in a veritable kaleidoscope of options. The ever-popular Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Bernedoodle reign supreme, but the Maltipoo and Cockapoo are also top contenders for smallest lap-warmers.

If you’ve been dreaming of adding a mixed breed delight to your family, one of these 37 remarkable Poodle mixes just might be the perfect fit. Let’s explore the best of the litter!

What Is A Poodle Mix Dog?

Poodle mixes are the delightful offspring that result when a purebred Poodle’s lineage intertwines with that of another distinguished breed. These hybrid pups have earned the distinguished “designer dogs” title – a fitting moniker for their tailored genetics and one-of-a-kind looks.

With the Poodle ranking as the 7th most popular pooch in America, it was only a matter of time before these curly-coated charmers became the darlings of the hybrid scene. Breeders had a clear vision – to capture the very best traits from both Parent A and Parent B in one perfectly packaged pup.

For many families, allergies were the driving force behind exploring Poodle mixes. The Poodle’s famously hypoallergenic coat opened the door for allergy sufferers to experience the joy of pet ownership. Just look at the ever-adored Labradoodle – the ultimate family companion that combines the Labrador’s affable nature with the Poodle’s sneeze-free locks.

But hypoallergenic furballs aren’t the only goal. Sometimes, a Poodle mix aims to create an utterly unique temperament by melding divergent personality traits. The brilliant Poodle mind, paired with a more stubborn streak, can produce an impressively biddable hybrid that’s a dream for trainers.

No matter the specific “recipe,” one truth remains: Doodles are some of the most loyal, loving, and intelligent companions around. Their insatiable eagerness to learn and please makes them the perfect fit for families from all walks of life. Brains, beauty, and an endless supply of affection – what’s not to love about these mixed-breed marvels?

A-Z Poodle Mix Breed List

WhoodleSoft coated wheaten terrier and poodle $1,500 to $5,000 12
YorkipooYorkshire terrier and poodle $1,000 to $3,000 10
AussiedoodleAustralian shepherd and poodle $1,200 to $2,500 7
BassetoodleBasset hound and poodle $600 to $1,500 37
BernadoodleBernese mountain dog and poodle $2,000 to $5,000 3
BordoodleBorder collie and poodle $2,500 to $3,500 17
BoxerdoodleBoxer and poodle $1,200 to $1,500 26
CavapooCavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle $1,200 to $1,800 6
ChipooChihuahua and poodle $500 to $1,000 27
CockapooCocker spaniel and poodle $1,500 to $3,000 5
CorgipooWelsh corgi and poodle $400 to $900 22
DalmadoodleDalmatian and poodle $800 to $1,000 36
DoxiepooDachshund and poodle $500 to $1,200 24
EskipooAmerican Eskimo and poodle $700 to $2,500 31
GoldendoodleGolden retriever and poodle $2,000 to $2,500 2
Great DanoodleGreat Dane and poodle $800 to $1,500 33
HavapooHavanese and poodle $1,000 to $1,800 16
Irish DoodleIrish setter and poodle $1,500 to $3,000 14
JackapooJack Russell terrier and poodle $1,100 to $3,500 32
LabradoodleLabrador and poodle $1,000 to $2,000 1
MaltipooMaltese and poodle $1,000 to $2,000 4
MastidoodleMastiff and poodle $500 to $750 35
NewfypooNewfoundland and poodle $1,000 to $1,500 18
PeekapooPekingese and poodle $300 to $1,000 13
PomapooPomeranian and poodle $300 to $1,000 11
PoochonBichon Frise and poodle $500 to $1,000 15
PoogleBeagle and poodle $500 to $2,000 25
PugapooPug and poodle $500 to $2,000 28
PyredoodleGreat Pyrenees and poodle $1,000 to $2,000 21
Saint BernedoodleSaint Bernard and poodle $1,000 to $3,500 30
SchnoodleMiniature schnauzer and poodle $700 to $1,500 9
SheepadoodleShetland sheepdog and poodle $1,000 to $3,000 8
ShepadoodleGerman shepherd and poodle $500 to $1,500 19
ShihpooShih Tzu and poodle $1,000 to $1,500 20
SiberpooSiberian husky and poodle $700 to $1,500 34
Springer DoodleSpringer spaniel and poodle $800 to $1,800 29
WestiepooWest Highland white terrier and poodle $1,000 to $3,000 23


Top 37 Poodle Mixes

1. Labradoodle

Labra Doodle Mix

Ah, the Labradoodle – where do I even begin with this delightful doodle darling? This fun-loving fusion of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle is undoubtedly the reigning king of the hybrid scene. Chances are, you’ve spotted one of these curly-coated cuties frolicking at the local dog park!

One of the biggest draws of the Labradoodle is the potential for an allergy-friendly coat. For families who’ve always dreamed of sharing their home with a devoted Lab but couldn’t due to pesky allergies, this mix is nothing short of a miracle worker. You get all the affection and goofy antics of a Labrador bundled up in a hypoallergenic, curl-kissed package.

But don’t let their Ted-dy bear looks fool you – these pups definitely inherited the zany, playful side from their Labrador parentage. A game of fetch or a rollicking romp in the yard will leave a Labradoodle’s tail wagging for hours on end. That said, the Poodle influence lends them a brilliant mind that can be channeled into engaging puzzle toys and brain teasers.

Their eager-to-please attitude and fast learning capabilities make Labradoodles a perfect partner for families or as service dog prospects. You’ll quickly discover that this mixed breed’s middle name is “versatile”! With their infectious zest for life and endless supply of cuddles, it’s no wonder Labradoodles have captured the hearts of doodle devotees worldwide.

2. Goldendoodle

Golden Doodle Mix

When you envision Goldendoodles, it’s impossible not to picture that iconic Golden Retriever smile paired with a whimsical cloud of golden curls. This irresistible doodle delights in its hybrid DNA, inheriting the very best from both the beloved Golden and the regal Poodle.

While the Mini Goldendoodle variety aims for a smaller stature, their standard-sized kin capture the essence of two larger-than-life personalities in one furry package. These doodles are the life of the party; their boundless energy and friendly dispositions make them the ultimate playmates.

A day without playtime is simply inconceivable for these social butterflies. Fetch, chase, tug-of-war – you name it, they’ll enthusiastically partake! Their trusting natures mean they genuinely believe every human is their new best friend. Be prepared for your Goldendoodle to confidently introduce themselves to strangers at the park with a vigorous tail-wag and an invitation to play.

This outgoing personality and their patience and affectionate nature make Goldendoodles sublime family companions. They thrive in boisterous households with energetic kiddos to romp alongside. But even families of two will be smitten by their doodle’s unwavering devotion and snuggle-ready antics.

No matter your age or lifestyle, these buoyant bundles of joy have an uncanny ability to boost your spirit and social life in equal measure. A Goldendoodle’s zest for adventure is contagious – and you’ll soon find yourself living life to the fullest alongside your curly-coated sidekick.

3. Bernedoodle

Berne Doodle Mix

In 2003, an inspired breeder had a brilliant vision – to unite the stately Bernese Mountain Dog with the ever-elegant Poodle. The result? The utterly charming Bernedoodle is a heartwarmer of a doodle that now ranks among the top hybrid breeds.

At first glance, pairing these two distinctly different dogs might seem unlikely. But the Bernedoodle quickly reveals itself as the ultimate family companion – affectionate, social, and loyal. This curly-coated cuddle bug will smite the young and young-at-heart.

Imagine the Bernese’s trademark tri-color black, white, and rust coat adorning a mane of luxurious, Poodly ringlets or waves. It’s a striking aesthetic that perfectly captures the Bernedoodle’s unique lineage. And for those dreaming of Bernese ownership without the oversized living quarters, the Bernedoodle offers a more compact but no less lovable alternative.

While the Bernese is renowned for its high-octane energy levels, the Poodle influence helps dial things back a notch for the Bernedoodle. A long daily walk and some quality snuggle time on the couch are typically enough to keep these sweethearts content. Just be sure to fuel their adventures with a balanced, nutritious diet to support their overall health and vibrant spirit.

With their winning personalities and undeniable charisma, Bernedoodles have a special way of burrowing into your heart and staking their claim as beloved family members. Once you experience the joy of owning one of these doodles, you’ll never want to be without their comforting cuddles again!

4. Maltipoo

Maltipoo poodle mix

For first-time dog owners, the Maltipoo often emerges as the ideal starter pup. This irresistible doodle blend of a Maltese and Poodle charms with its adorable looks and relatively low maintenance needs – the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of dog parenting.

Be prepared for an onslaught of affection from your Maltipoo! These little lovebugs take just as much delight in lavishing snuggles and kisses as they do in receiving them. Arriving home will promptly trigger a cuddly welcome party with furry embraces and wet smooches galore.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the Maltipoo’s one glaring drawback—their propensity for excessive barking. Anxiety often fuels their vocal outbursts, resulting in a yappy pup that struggles to use its inside voice. While training can help curb the nuisance barking to an extent, many Maltipoos can’t shake the habit entirely.

Despite their tiny stature, Maltipoos make great apartment dwellers for those prepared to correct the barking lovingly. Remember, this pint-sized pup looks like a cuddly stuffed animal for a reason – they prioritize snuggling over rambunctious romping. Gentle handling is necessary, making them better suited to homes with older, respectful children.

With just 30 minutes of daily exercise required, the relatively low-key Maltipoo is perfectly content to spend its days showering you with affection from the comfort of your lap. For novice owners seeking a loving lapdog companion, few doodles are as delightfully suited as the Maltipoo.

5. Cockapoo

Cockapoo poodle mix

Ah, the ever-popular Cockapoo – this spirited fusion of a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel offers a more manageable, friendly alternative to the beloved Spaniel breed. With three adorable size variations, a Cockapoo perfectly suits every family’s needs.

The Standard Cockapoo stands between 10-15 inches tall, while their tiny Toy counterparts measure less than 10 inches. But for those who prefer their doodles truly pint-sized, the Teacup Cockapoo caps out at an irresistible 8 inches and under.

No matter which size steals your heart, one thing’s for certain – these doodles live for playtime! Cockapoos are the ideal four-legged buddies for active families with energetic kids or playful pups to join their rambunctious antics. Their affectionate natures ensure they’ll be just as thrilled to shower you with cuddly snuggles after an epic chase session.

It’s impossible to stay in a funk for long with one of these fuzzy bundles of sunshine around. Their bright, happy dispositions are contagious! If your Cockapoo inherits the low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat from their Poodle parent, even better – you’ll enjoy those adorable doodle kisses without the worry of allergies.

While Spaniels can occasionally be moody or strong-willed, the Cockapoo’s hybrid lineage makes them far more even-tempered and eager to learn. This makes them an ideal family companion – all the cute without the sass! With their loving personalities and endlessly entertaining antics, Cockapoos effortlessly bring smiles to any household.

6. Cavapoo

Cavapoo poodle mix

Regarding the perfect family dog, few doodles can compete with the utterly charming Cavapoo. This spirited cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an adventure-seeker, making them the ideal energetic companions for households with young children.

Be prepared for romping, running, and all-out zest for life with your Cavapoo! These tireless pups may keep you frolicking in the yard for up to an hour before they finally collapse into your arms, tongues lolling in blissful exhaustion. Their innate curiosity means they’ll thrive with plenty of new sights and smells to explore – the local dog park should become your second home.

While Cavapoos start small, don’t be fooled – these mixed breed marvels can reach up to 15 inches once fully grown, leaving their puppy-sized days behind. But one trait that never fades? Their steadfast velcro-dog devotion. Cavapoos form powerful bonds with their humans and stick to you like furry glue every chance.

Unfortunately, this extreme attachment can manifest as separation anxiety for some Cavapoo pups. Proper training to help them feel safe and secure on their own is crucial from an early age. With their boundless energy balanced by an equal zeal for snuggly downtime, these versatile doodles need ample playtime and opportunities to recharge their cuddle-loving batteries.

For families longing for a loyal, loving companion with a perpetual puppyhood spirit, the Cavapoo delivers in delightfully furry spades. Their zest for adventure and snuggly affection make them unmatched as family pup perfection.

7. Aussiedoodle

Aussie Doodle Mix

The Aussiedoodles is a real tour de force in the doodle world – this high-octane mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle is every bit the tireless watchdog and farm hand you’d expect. Their iconic Aussie Shepherd roots shine through in that gorgeous tri-colored coat wrapped in Poodly curls.

But let me be clear – these doodles aren’t for the faint of heart! Aussiedoodles possess an off-the-charts energy level and an insatiable drive to work. Failure to provide enough mental and physical stimulation is a surefire recipe for a destructive, stir-crazy pup on your hands. It is a must to keep them happily “employed” with jobs, challenges, and activities.

For families living that homestead or farm life, the Aussiedoodle makes an invaluable four-legged ranch hand. Their herding instincts run fierce and strong, lending a helping paw with cattle and sheep or even keeping rambunctious kids in line! That said, herding habits can become a nuisance if not properly addressed through early obedience training. Nipping at heels and rounding up the gang needs to be curbed.

Wrangling and training an Aussiedoodle is no easy feat – these are highly intelligent working dogs that require an experienced, equally energetic owner. Providing a nutritionally optimal diet tailored to their needs is crucial for sustaining their vigor and stamina for the long haul.

In short, the Aussiedoodle is an absolute dynamo best suited for seasoned dog parents with the time, patience, and experience to take on such a special working breed doodle. Their loyalty, protective nature, and incredible drive make them one-of-a-kind companions for the right families.

8. Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle Dog Breed

When you cross the gloriously shaggy English Sheepdog with the ever-elegant Poodle, you get the ultimate curly-coated charmer – the Sheepadoodle! This delightful doodle perfectly blends the herding heritage of the English Sheepdog with the Poodle’s easygoing nature.

While bred as hard-working farm dogs, Sheepadoodles adapt brilliantly to rural or suburban family life. Their devoted dispositions are the polar opposite of the aloof working breeds. You may find your Sheepadoodle’s velcro-dog affection bordering on clingy at times!

Don’t mistake that over-the-top adoration as neediness, though. Sheepadoodles simply revel in lavishing their owners with endless love and loyalty. This people-pleasing tendency does, however, mean they despise being left alone or separated from their beloved humans for too long.

Crate training from an early age can help your Sheepadoodle feel safe and secure when you’re away. You may also want to consider utilizing a trusted dog sitter or walker to provide companionship and prevent separation-related angst.

With their irresistible teddy bear looks and unfailing devotion, Sheepadoodles make truly wonderful family companions. These doodles thrive on forming unbreakable bonds with their people – a trait that ensures they’ll be your ultimate snuggle buddy for years to come. Just be prepared for a whole lot of furry love!

9. Schnoodle


When you combine the spunky Miniature Schnauzer with a Poodle of any size, you get the unabashedly fun-loving Schnoodle! This spirited pup inherits the best traits from two highly intelligent parents, making them naturals in the show ring. But make no mistake – Schnoodles are through-and-through lovable homebodies at heart.

These doodles live to entertain and will stop at nothing to earn a laugh from their beloved owners. With their clownish antics and clever tricks, having a Schnoodle around ensures never dull moments! Their eagerness to please makes training an absolute breeze too. Keep their brilliant minds engaged with positive reinforcement and a plentiful supply of tasty treats.

Fueling their energetic exploits is key, so plan to provide your Schnoodle around 1 cup of high-quality dry food per day, split into two meals. Couple that with enough exercise to keep their agile bodies in tip-top shape, and you’ll have one supremely happy, healthy pup on your hands!

In addition to their comedic talents, Schnoodles are incredibly versatile companions blessed with effortless friendliness. While they adore the whole family, these doodles do tend to select one very lucky human as their inseparable sidekick. This makes them an especially ideal choice for single owners seeking a loyal, loving shadow.

With their whip-smart minds, goofy personalities, and unshakable devotion, Schnoodles secure a permanent spot in your heart from the moment they prance into your life. Get ready for infinite laughs, cuddles, and memories with this one-of-a-kind doodle!

10. Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo poodle mix

Tiny but packed with personality, the Yorkipoo is an adorably quirky cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. This miniature doodle inherits the biggest attitudes from both parents, resulting in a pint-sized pup that’s bursting with energy and spunk.

While their diminutive stature may be tempting for families with children, I must advise caution – the Yorkipoo’s high-strung nature makes them better suited as companions for adults. Their small size coupled with a big-dog attitude can potentially lead to snapping or biting if handled too roughly by little ones.

Instead, these feisty furballs thrive in urban apartments or smaller homes where their people-pleasing dispositions can be lavished on their owners. Prepare for a furry shadow that’s always down for playtime and adventure! Despite being fully grown, Yorkipoos cling tightly to that adorable puppy-like zest their entire lives.

And boy, they know how to use those big puppy-dog eyes to their advantage! Yorkipoos are some of the chattiest doodles around, happily vocalizing their every want and need to their humans. Getting the silent treatment is never an issue with this talkative pooch.

In the right nurturing environment, the Yorkipoo’s lively spirit and loving nature make them stellar companions for equally energetic owners. Just be ready to dote on your tiny pocket pup’s every whim – they’re masters at working those irresistible charms! With patience and the proper precautions, these dynamic doodles ensure your life is always full of laughter and snuggles.

11. Pomapoo


Have you ever wondered how a cloud would feel if it scampered joyously around your home? Meet the Pomapoo, a delightful mix of Pomeranian zest and Poodle intelligence, wrapped in an irresistibly soft fur ball. This charming hybrid is one of the most adorable poodle mixes, capturing hearts with their plush, teddy bear-like appearance.

Though small in stature, the Pomapoo has a personality as expansive as the sky. They are perfectly suited for those who appreciate constant companionship—be it the elderly, handicapped owners, or stay-at-home parents. Their gentle nature and undemanding size make them ideal for laps and light walks rather than rigorous outdoor activities.

However, don’t let their angelic looks deceive you; these little dynamos are not suited for rough play, which makes them less ideal for families with young children. Their delicate constitution, coupled with a natural anxiety, means they thrive in a calm environment.

The Pomapoo’s need for interaction is as boundless as the ocean. They are not the kind of dogs that can be left alone for long periods. Isolation can lead to a symphony of yaps, as they use their voices to demand attention and express their displeasure. Their feisty streak can fill your living space with energy and, occasionally, a bit of chaos.

Despite their petite frame, don’t be fooled—the Pomapoo might rule your roost with an iron paw. Early socialization and consistent training are crucial to temper their assertive tendencies. Without this, their small bodies might cast a large shadow over your household as they attempt to take charge.

Ultimately, the Pomapoo is a testament to the saying “small but mighty.” With the right guidance and affection, these dogs can bring a bounty of joy and liveliness into your home, proving that sometimes the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages.

12. Whoodle

Imagine a creature so endearing that it seems conjured from a child’s imagination—the Whoodle, also known affectionately as the Wheaten Doodle. Born from the union of a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle, this hybrid boasts a charm that can melt the hardest of hearts. With the silken fluff of the Wheaten and the refined intelligence of the Poodle, the Whoodle sports an irresistibly sweet face that seems to always be smiling.

The allure of the Whoodle is not just skin-deep. Both parent breeds are celebrated for their hypoallergenic coats, making the Whoodle a dream come true for families plagued by allergies. This dog combines the best of both worlds: the Poodle’s minimal shedding and the Wheaten’s soft texture.

Yet, don’t be fooled by their teddy bear exterior—Whoodles are not merely decorative. They inherit a robust zest for life from their working dog lineage. A bundle of kinetic energy and joy, the Whoodle lives to engage with the world around them. They thrive on attention and are happiest when part of your daily activities, whether a brisk morning walk or an energetic play session in the backyard. An hour of play a day is the minimum to keep this spirited mix content and healthy.

However, prospective Whoodle owners should beware of their terrier instincts. Like their Wheaten forebears, Whoodles have a natural preference for the chase. Squirrels, birds, and even fast-moving bikes can trigger their pursuit reflex. This inclination also means Whoodles might leap towards new friends with exuberance, which can be overwhelming for the unsuspecting. Because of these traits, keeping them securely leashed in public spaces is wise to prevent any overly enthusiastic greetings or chases.

The Whoodle is a study in contrasts: as elegant and graceful as they are lively and playful. For those who can channel their boundless energy and curb their more boisterous tendencies, the Whoodle offers endless affection and companionship, proving that the best things in life are often wrapped in fluffy, exuberant packages.

13. Peekapoo

Step back in time to the swinging ’60s, a decade renowned for its innovative spirit. This decade also saw the birth of one of the earliest poodle mixes—the Peekapoo. This hybrid marries the royal grace of the Pekingese with the clever adaptability of the Poodle, creating a small dog with a big personality.

The Peekapoo was designed to be a companion dog, a role it fills admirably with its fiercely loyal nature. However, this pint-sized protector takes its duties seriously, often too seriously. The Peekapoo has an active watchdog streak that belies its lapdog size. Its keen senses and strong territorial instincts mean that it often engages in what can only be described as nuisance barking, a trait that might not endear it to neighbors in close-quarter living.

Despite its compact size and adorable looks, the Peekapoo is not a dog that tolerates social butterflies. They typically form a deep, unshakeable bond with their family but can be suspicious and aloof with strangers. This makes them less ideal for households that frequently entertain guests or are bustling with foot traffic. Their anxiety can sometimes lead to defensive behaviors, including nipping, especially when overwhelmed by the energetic unpredictability of children.

Owning a Peekapoo is not a walk in the park. This breed demands more than just regular grooming; it requires a dedicated owner who understands the nuances of managing a dog with a complex blend of traits. The Peekapoo needs consistent, gentle training and socialization from an early age to help mitigate its more challenging behaviors.

In essence, the Peekapoo is not merely a pet; it’s a project, rich in rewards for those who are willing to invest the time and patience required. For the right person, a Peekapoo offers companionship and a gateway to mastering the art of dog ownership, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth. This toy breed, wrapped in a cloud of soft fur, is best suited for those who embrace a challenge as much as they do their dog.

14. Irish Doodle

Irish Doodle Puppy

Picture the vibrant, fiery hues of an autumn forest—that’s the striking impression an Irish Doodle leaves with its beautiful, fluffy red mane. A crossbreed born from the union of the sprightly Irish Setter and the astute Poodle, the Irish Doodle is a testament to the beauty and brains of its parent breeds.

Irish Doodles are not just a visual treat; they are kinetic sculptures of energy and curiosity. With every fiber of their being pulsing with life, they are the epitome of zest, making them an excellent match for families that lead an active lifestyle. Whether hiking through trails, playing fetch in the park, or participating in agility sports, these dogs crave and thrive on action.

However, the Irish Doodle’s vibrant spirit needs proper channeling. When left under-stimulated, their boundless energy can morph into a whirlwind of chaos. Regular, engaging training sessions are crucial, not just for their physical well-being, but also to keep their intelligent minds sharp. Without this, an Irish Doodle’s curiosity can lead them down less desirable paths, from digging up flower beds to escaping the yard to explore the neighborhood on their own.

A bored Irish Doodle is a crafty escape artist with a penchant for mischief. This breed’s innate intelligence means they quickly learn how to bypass barriers or even open doors. Ensuring they have enough physical and mental stimulation is key to keeping them safely and happily contained within the bounds of your loving home.

For those willing to invest the time and energy, an Irish Doodle can bring a dynamic blend of joy, affection, and activity to your life. They don’t just live in your home—they bring it to life, turning every day into an adventure. If you can keep up with them, they will be your loyal companions on every journey, painting your days with the brilliant strokes of their enthusiastic hearts.

15. Poochon

Poochon poodle mix

Step into the world of the Poochon, a captivating blend of the Bichon Frise and the Poodle, and discover a companion whose capacity for love knows no bounds. This bichon poodle mix isn’t just a pet; it’s a heartwarming presence in any home, radiating affection and joy to all who cross its path.

Ideal for pet owners at any stage of life, whether they’re beginners or seasoned dog lovers, Poochons are particularly cherished in family settings. Children are naturally drawn to their plush, teddy bear-like appearance and ever-present friendly smile. Watching a Poochon amid a family is like observing a little ambassador of love, always ready to engage in gentle play or offer a comforting nuzzle.

Unlike their more high-strung canine cousins, Poochons possess a cheerful nature that leans towards relaxation over rigorous play. They perfectly balance families or individuals who prefer a more laid-back companion. With a Poochon by your side, expect to spend long periods wrapped in warmth and affection, as these dogs often prefer cuddling on the couch to sprinting through parks.

But don’t let their penchant for leisure fool you—Poochons are remarkably intelligent. This breed’s sharp mind and eager-to-please attitude make them easy to train and capable of learning a wide array of tricks and commands. Whether you’re teaching them to fetch the morning paper or perform adorable tricks for guests, training sessions with a Poochon are both rewarding and enjoyable.

In essence, the Poochon is a living, breathing bundle of love. Their combination of intelligence, gentleness, and a laid-back attitude makes them not just pets, but cherished family members. For those looking for a dog that embodies the joy of companionship with a touch of elegance, the Poochon is a perfect choice. They don’t just fill your home with love; they make it a brighter, softer, more joyful place.

16. Havapoo

Havapoo poodle mix

Welcome to the delightful world of the Havapoo, a charming mix that might just steal your heart with its toy-like appearance and gentle disposition. Often mistaken for a toy poodle due to its petite size and curly coat, the Havapoo is a designer breed that blends the best traits of the Havanese and the Poodle.

The Havapoo epitomises a cuddle bug, always eager to snuggle up and share affection. Their demeanor is so sweet and loving that they seem to embody the characteristics of an animated stuffed toy, bringing warmth and gentleness to every interaction. With their plush fur and engaging eyes, Havapoos can melt the coldest of hearts and brighten the dreariest of days.

For those new to dog ownership, the Havapoo presents an ideal choice. Their easygoing nature makes them wonderfully manageable and a joy to have in the home. They adapt quickly to their living conditions, whether a bustling family home or a quiet apartment, making them versatile companions for a wide range of lifestyles.

Families, in particular, will appreciate how well Havapoos get along with children. They are patient and playful, capable of matching the energy levels of young ones without overwhelming them. This balance makes them perfect playmates who engage in fun without causing too much chaos or needing excessive downtime.

Despite their playful spirit, Havapoos are not excessively energetic. They have just enough zest to be engaging, yet they’re also content with shorter periods of activity, which is ideal for both the young and the elderly. Their ability to adapt their energy levels to their owner’s capabilities makes them a superb choice for anyone seeking a pet that offers companionship without the demand for intense physical exertion.

In sum, the Havapoo is not just a dog; it’s a heartwarming presence in any home. They bridge generations, bring families closer, and offer the kind of unconditional love and joy that only a furry friend can provide. For those seeking a playful, affectionate, and easy-to-manage companion, the Havapoo is a breed that promises to enrich your life in countless ways.

17. Bordoodle


When you combine two of the world’s most brilliant canines – the Poodle and the Border Collie – you get the astoundingly unique Bordoodle. This doodle defies all expectations, inheriting off-the-charts intelligence and an inexhaustible work ethic from its distinguished parents.

A dog blessed with such staggering brainpower demands constant mental stimulation to prevent boredom and undesirable behaviors. The Bordoodle’s lineage as a premier herding breed means they were born to put that quick mind to work protecting livestock. Be prepared for your doodle to be hyper-vigilant and view every new person, pet, or situation as potential “stock” that needs tending.

Early socialization is crucial for these clever pups to learn what constitutes a real threat versus a friend. Without it, that fierce protective drive can become problematic nuisance barking or aggression in the home. Experienced owners need to establish consistent boundaries while rewarding appropriate behavior.

An exercise-deprived Bordoodle is a recipe for a restless, destructive pup on your hands. Plan for at least an hour of vigorous daily activity and mentally-engaging tasks to keep that brilliant brain happily occupied. A spacious, securely-fenced yard is a must for this working mix – apartment life would prove utterly stifling.

While challengingly high-maintenance, the reward for doting Bordoodle owners is an astoundingly loyal, loving, and endlessly entertaining doodle companion. With the proper exercise, training, and daily enrichment, few breeds can rival their adoration and comedic zest for life. For the right active homes, they’re worth their weight in kibble!

18. Newfypoo

Newfypoo poodle mix

Dive into the world of the Newfypoo, a majestic mix that combines the gentle giant Newfoundland with the clever Poodle. This Doodle mix isn’t just large in size; it’s grand in personality, charm, and heart, making it a standout among hybrid breeds.

The Newfypoo captures the eye with its unique coat, which boasts beautiful spots and salt-and-pepper streaks that seem to tell tales of ancient forests and rugged landscapes. These distinctive patterns not only enhance their visual appeal but also reflect the robust nature of their Newfoundland heritage.

True to the form of their Newfoundland parent, Newfypoos are impressive in size, often reaching up to 30 inches in height and weighing as much as 150 pounds. But don’t let their formidable presence intimidate you—these hybrids carry their size with a grace and gentleness that belies their massive build.

Nicknamed the “gentle giants,” Newfypoos embody a warm and friendly demeanor that makes them excellent companions for families and individuals alike. Their large hearts match their physical stature, offering boundless affection and loyalty to their human counterparts. They blend the protective instinct of the Newfoundland with the intellectual vigor of the Poodle, making them loving and incredibly smart companions.

While their playful energy is a joy to behold, it can sometimes be overwhelming due to their size. However, the Newfypoo’s eagerness to please and natural intelligence make them highly trainable. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are quick learners, able to easily pick up commands and tricks. This trait makes them a joy to train, as they revel in the mental stimulation and the chance to strengthen their bond with their owners.

The Newfypoo is a blend of brawn and brains, with a sprinkle of beauty. They are ideal for those who admire the robustness of large breeds but desire a dog with the gentle, playful spirit of a much smaller one. Whether playing in a sprawling backyard or resting by your feet, the Newfypoo offers the kind of companionship that fills a home with love, laughter, and the occasional bout of exuberant joy.

19. Shepadoodle


If the Newfypoo takes the crown for biggest poodle mix, then the delightful Shepadoodle undoubtedly reigns supreme as the friendliest! This spirited cross between a German Shepherd and a Poodle simply oozes charisma and clownish charm. One look at their adorably goofy face is all it takes to have your heart melting into a puddle.

But make no mistake – these doodles are brimming with effervescent energy that demands an equally active lifestyle. Couch potatoes need not apply for Shepadoodle ownership! These bundles of fur and fun thrive alongside athletic families willing to be their canine fitness partners in crime.

A daily minimum of 60 minutes dedicated to vigorous exercise and playtime is an absolute must for the Shepadoodle’s sanity (and your home’s safety!). Think long hikes, rousing games of fetch, or even hitting some local trails for a rewarding run alongside your pup. Their endurance is impressive to match their enthusiasm.

For families ready to embrace that energizer pup lifestyle, the payoff is a doodle overflowing with affection, loyalty, and an endless supply of laughter. Shepadoodles are the ultimate companions for households that appreciate a goofball with equal parts silly and snugly.

With their friendly dispositions and tireless zest for adventure, these delightful doodles effortlessly worm their way into your heart and life. Just be prepared to return that adoration with ample exercise and quality time! A Shepadoodle’s love for their people knows no bounds.

20. Shihpoo

Shih Tzu Poodle Mix

When you unite the beloved Shih Tzu with the ever-elegant Poodle, you get the downright royal Shihpoo – a pint-sized prince or princess practically designed for a life of luxury and lap-warming. Be prepared to treat this mixed breed to the lavish lifestyle it so clearly believes it deserves!

True to their Shih Tzu roots, Shihpoos are enthusiastic loafers who wouldn’t dream of overexerting themselves. Their days revolve around two main activities – sleeping on their owned thrones (aka your lap) and being lovingly carried from cushy spot to cushy spot like miniature monarchs.

This pampered pooch’s fondness for leisure can occasionally veer into a bit of a sassy, spoiled attitude if not kept in check through positive reinforcement training. An unlimited stream of patience from owners is an absolute must when your furry diva emerges.

That said, those brief windows of energy when the Shihpoo does deign to grace you with its playful presence? Pure delightful chaos! Around 30 minutes of daily rowdiness helps burn off that zestful burst before they happily return to blissful lounging and snuggling.

For owners who delight in doting on their pups, few breeds can satisfy that urge like the Shihpoo. Their loving natures, smushy facial features, and endearing need to be coddled make them wonderful companions in the right laidback households. Just don’t overcrowd their schedule – an overwhelming social calendar simply won’t do for this royally lazy lapdog!

21. Pyredoodle

Step into the world of the Pyredoodle, a striking canine creation that blends the regal Great Pyrenees with the intelligent Poodle. Emerging in the early 2000s, this mix has quickly gained attention for its impressive size and distinctive, fluffy appearance that might remind you of a giant Poodle.

Spotting a Pyredoodle is quite the spectacle. Their luxurious, curly coat combined with their grand stature creates a presence that is both majestic and approachable. While they may look like an enlarged version of a Poodle, the Pyredoodle carries the robustness and solid build of the Great Pyrenees.

Characteristically different from many giant breeds, the Pyredoodle is notably laid-back. Its calm and composed demeanor makes it excellent companions for those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. Rather than seeking out vigorous play, these gentle giants revel in affection and enjoy being the center of a calm petting session more than a high-energy game of fetch.

Their protective instincts are finely tuned. A Pyredoodle is always alert and watchful, making it an exceptional watchdog. Their size and confident nature can be quite imposing to strangers, yet they are not typically aggressive. This protective demeanor, combined with a natural shyness around unfamiliar faces, means they are selective in their friendships but unwaveringly loyal to their family.

Given their love for the outdoors, Pyredoodles thrive in environments where they can roam and relax in expansive spaces. A home with a large backyard is ideal, providing them with the perfect setting to lounge and watch over their domain. While they cherish their time outside, they also possess a softer side that loves the occasional indoor pampering, enjoying moments of serene companionship beside their human family.

The Pyredoodle is a breed that offers the best of both worlds: the protective instincts and stature of the Great Pyrenees, combined with the hypoallergenic coat and intelligence of the Poodle. They are the perfect match for families seeking a watchdog that doubles as a gentle and loving giant, capable of both guarding their home and enriching it with their calm, dignified presence.

22. Corgipoo

Corgi and Poodle

When the world’s most popular herding dog, the Welsh Corgi, meets the ever-elegant Miniature Poodle, you get the wonderfully unpredictable Corgipoo! This unique designer doodle can only result from the pairing of a Corgi and a Mini Poodle – no other size variations allowed.

Part of the Corgipoo’s charm lies in their delightfully mixed-up looks. Some pups take after their low-riding Corgi parents with curly coats, while others sport the typical Poodle style on stubby little legs. No matter which adorable form your doodle takes, one thing’s for certain – you’re in for a whirlwind of fun and games!

These mischievous masters of mayhem live to entertain, often concocting creative new ways to trick, amuse, and utterly beguile their humans. With their stellar smarts, Corgipoos can quickly suss out exactly what makes you tick…and then utterly exploit it! You’ll need to keep at least one eye firmly trained on this doodle at all times.

While their clownish antics and endless humor keep the whole family endlessly amused, the Corgipoo’s energizer bunny personality does require a robust supply of daily activities and playtime to avoid boredom-induced naughtiness. Mental stimulation is key for this clever crossbreed.

Their formidable intelligence can also manifest in an occasional bout of stubbornness. But with patience, positive reinforcement, and a willingness to match wits, you’ll quickly learn to cherish the Corgipoo’s bright, inquisitive spirit and mad comedy skills. These are pups who keep life fun!

23. Westiepoo

Step into the enchanting world of the Westiepoo, a delightful hybrid that combines the sprightly charm of the West Highland White Terrier with the clever adaptability of the Poodle. Known affectionately as charming white ‘teddy bears,’ Westiepoos captivate with their lovely curly fur and bright, expressive eyes.

This breed’s friendly disposition is immediately noticeable. Westiepoos are not just loving towards their family; they extend their warmth to everyone they meet, making them excellent companions for social households. Their open-hearted nature means they’re often eager to greet new friends with a wagging tail and an expectant look.

One of the defining traits of the Westiepoo is their zest for life. These playful poodle mixes are always ready to be part of the action. Whether gardening in the backyard, enjoying a family picnic, or simply lounging outside, your Westiepoo will likely be right by your side—or even jumping into the fray! Their involvement doesn’t stop at play; they’re also curious and alert, keen to explore every nook and cranny of their environment.

Traveling with a Westiepoo is a joy. They are natural adventurers who thrive on accompanying their family wherever they go. Whether a quick trip to the store or a long vacation, having your Westiepoo along makes the journey all the more enjoyable. Their adaptable nature and compact size make them ideal travel companions, always ready for the next adventure.

However, prospective Westiepoo owners should be mindful of their Terrier heritage. These dogs can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic, particularly when chasing after wildlife or barking at unexpected noises like the doorbell. At home, this instinctual behavior turns them into efficient little pest controllers, always on the lookout for unwelcome visitors.

The Westiepoo blends the best of its lineage—combining the affectionate and social nature of the Poodle with the spirited and alert instincts of the Terrier. This mix results in a companion who is as capable of guarding the home as they are of melting hearts with their endearing, teddy-bear charm. For those looking for a small dog with a big personality and a heart full of love, the Westiepoo is a perfect choice.

24. Doxiepoo

Ah yes, the rare and quirky Doxiepoo — a pup that gives new meaning to the phrase “low and lean”! This unconventional cross between the beloved Dachshund and elegant Poodle is one sausage-shaped snuggler you simply can’t unsee.

Unsurprisingly, the Doxiepoo ranks among the most intelligent doodle breeds. After all, they descend from two of the brainiest pup parents around. But that stellar smarts also manifests in an utterly unpredictable personality that defies easy characterization.

At their core, these compact cuties are profoundly loyal family companions with endless wells of love and affection for their humans. Yet that adoration can sometimes give way to touchier temperaments and gruff assertiveness – a legacy from their spirited Dachshund DNA.

While never overtly aggressive, the Doxiepoo’s tendency towards fear-based nipping means proper socialization is an absolute must from an early age. Curbing that potential irritability prevents your pint-sized pooch from attempting to vindicate the “wiener dog” name individually!

With patience, an abundance of positive reinforcement, and an ability to match wits with your brilliant pup, the Doxiepoo’s quirky mix of sassy ‘tude and steadfast devotion can be properly channeled into the ultra-loving partnership this breed so desperately craves.

For the right owners prepared to dodge the occasional mouthy moment, few doodles blend whip-smart hilarity and velcro-dog affection quite like the inimitable Doxiepoo. Just watch those ankles – this low-rider moves quicker than you think!

25. Poogle

The Poogle might be one of the most delightfully quirky doodle blends around! This playful cross between the faithful Beagle and ever-elegant Poodle combines the spirited soul of a hunting hound with the refined beauty of a show-stopping pup.

Don’t let their dapper Poodly curls and hypoallergenic coats fool you. These mixed-breed charmers are explorers at heart, inheriting an insatiable sense of curiosity and adventure from their Beagle bloodlines. The game of hide-and-seek is simply a way of life for the Poogle, who lives to sniff out and track any tantalizing new scent enthusiastically.

While their floppy Beagle ears and adorable patchy fur coats are certifiably cute, a big dog attitude is tucked inside that compact body. Early socialization is key for curbing overprotective or territorial tendencies before they become problematic.

Poogles are whip-smart companions who crave constant mental and physical stimulation to keep their brilliant minds happily occupied. Boredom isn’t in their vocabulary! You’ll be rewarded with a doting, devoted furry friend for owners prepared to keep these inquisitive pups engaged with interactive toys, games, and activities galore.

From their endearing looks to their zany zest for life, Poogles are truly one-of-a-kind companions that keep you endlessly entertained. Just be ready to embrace their adventurous spirits and bottomless curiosity! With the right nurturing environment, these doodles make wonderfully quirky additions to any family.

26. Boxerdoodle

Dive into the dynamic world of the Boxerdoodle, a vibrant mix that combines the Boxer’s boundless energy with the Poodle’s intelligent charm. This breed is a whirlwind of activity, ideally suited for those who lead an active lifestyle and have plenty of space for a dog to roam and play.

The Boxerdoodle thrives in family settings, especially large, active ones. They have a remarkable ability to tune into the emotional dynamics of their household, making them not just pets, but true family members. Their adaptability and sociable nature allow them to integrate seamlessly into the daily rhythm of family life, always ready for the next adventure or cozy cuddle session.

The Boxer heritage brings a playful and somewhat comedic element to the mix. Often referred to as the clown of the dog world, the Boxer’s influence is evident in the Boxerdoodle’s love for entertainment. They enjoy nothing more than an audience to appreciate their antics and tricks. This zest for performance makes them delightful companions, constantly ready to lighten the mood and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Training a Boxerdoodle, however, requires a touch of creativity. Their preference for play over traditional training means that standard methods might not always capture their attention. To keep a Boxerdoodle engaged, training needs to be as entertaining as it is educational. Incorporating games into learning sessions and using tricks to teach discipline will harness their natural inclination for fun while effectively guiding their behavior.

Motivation through play is key with this breed. A Boxerdoodle is much more likely to respond to a training session that feels like a game rather than a chore. By making learning fun and interactive, you tap into their innate desire to please and their love of play, ensuring that each training session strengthens your bond and enhances their skills.

The Boxerdoodle is a joyful, energetic companion, perfect for those who can match their high spirits and need for engagement. With their combination of humor, intelligence, and affection, Boxerdoodles bring energy, laughter, and love into the lives of their families. They are not just dogs; they are entertainers, friends, and beloved family members all rolled into one delightful package.

27. Chipoo

Chipoo poodle mix

Introducing the Chipoo, a delightful hybrid that combines the spirited fun of a Chihuahua with the intellectual prowess and generous heart of a Poodle. This charming mix combines the best traits of both breeds into a compact and captivating package, ideal for various living situations.

One of the standout features of the Chipoo is its temperament. Unlike the often vocal purebred Chihuahua, Chipoos tend to be less yappy. They usually reserve their barking for moments of joy and playfulness, making them a more neighbor-friendly option for apartment living. Their ability to keep their vocalizations to fun times means you can enjoy their lively personality without worrying too much about noise complaints.

Chipoos are exceptionally well-suited to apartment life. Their small size means they don’t require vast spaces to feel comfortable. They are perfectly content playing and exercising within the cozy confines of an indoor environment. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for city dwellers or those with limited outdoor space.

At the heart of every Chipoo is a joyful, toy-sized companion that thrives on affection. They have a profound need for love and attention from their owners and often become deeply attached to their human family. This bond makes them not just pets but integral, loving members of the household.

For families with children, the Chipoo is a treasure. They are naturally good with kids and find great joy and engagement in their playful antics. Children and Chipoos can become inseparable companions, sharing adventures and creating joyful memories together.

However, it’s essential to keep your Chipoo engaged and entertained. They can turn their intelligent minds to less desirable activities without sufficient stimulation. A bored Chipoo might resort to mischief, such as chewing on furniture or other household items. Providing them with toys, interactive play, and regular attention will help channel their energy positively and keep them out of trouble.

The Chipoo is a delightful blend of charm, intelligence, and affection. Ideal for those seeking a small breed with a big personality, this poodle mix offers companionship, adaptability, and a joyous presence in any home. Whether snuggled up on a lap or playfully engaging with children, the Chipoo fills daily with love and laughter, proving that the best things often come in small packages.

28. Pugapoo

If there’s one doodle mix guaranteed to melt your heart with a single glance, it’s the unforgettably adorable Pugapoo! One look at this fluffy, wrinkle-faced pooch and you’ll swear you’re gazing at an oversized, curly-coated Pug. Their signature smooshy features are simply too precious for words.

While utterly charming in appearance, the Pugapoo’s lazy laid-back nature is best suited for fellow couch potato owners. Don’t expect this mixed breed to be your running buddy – they’d much rather conserve their energy for epic snooze sessions and gentle strolls around the neighborhood. A vigorous romp in the yard is about as “athletic” as these doodles care to get!

Their aversion to alone time makes Pugapoos wonderful companions for retirees, seniors, or any owners who spend generous amounts of time at home. Separation anxiety can potentially rear its ugly head without a constant supply of human interaction and cuddles. With their affectionate dispositions and love of lounging, these are doodles just begging to become beloved lap warmers!

Now, that snuggly sweetness occasionally gives way to a more perplexing side – the infamous “Pug-attitude.” A deeper Pug influence can imbue Pugapoos with a natural arrogance and stubborn streak, making training an uphill battle without boundless patience.

But for owners prepared to work around their doodle’s occasional sassiness lovingly, the rewards are simply endless. Few furbabies can rival the Pugapoo’s comical expressions, loyal devotion, and sheer lovable charm. One nuzzle from that smooshy face and you’re smitten for life!

29. Springerdoodle

Springer Doodle

Dive into the lively world of the Springerdoodle, a delightful mix that combines the Springer Spaniel’s vivacious energy with the Poodle’s hypoallergenic curls. This hybrid is a feast for the eyes with its curly-haired charm and a bundle of joy and activity, perfectly suited for families who love to be outdoors.

One of the Springerdoodle’s most distinctive features is its water-resistant coat, a gift from its Springer Spaniel ancestry. This trait makes the Springerdoodle an exceptional swimmer, eager to splash around and play in the water. Whether it’s a day at the lake or a romp through puddles during a family walk, this mix loves any opportunity to get wet and wild.

On land, the Springerdoodle is just as playful. They revel in games of fetch, showing off their athletic prowess and enjoying the physical and mental stimulation of chasing down balls or frisbees. But don’t let their energetic play fool you—once playtime is over, the Springerdoodle is all about relaxation. They are just as content to curl up on the couch for a peaceful evening as they are to be dashing around the yard.

Social and empathetic, Springerdoodles make friends easily and are known for their friendly disposition. They can connect with almost anyone, making them excellent companions for families, singles, and seniors. Their ability to empathize and adapt to their owner’s mood makes them particularly good for homes with varying dynamics.

Living with a Springerdoodle also means dedicating time to their grooming needs. Their lovely curls, while beautiful, require regular maintenance to keep them neat and tidy. Regular brushing and the occasional trip to the groomer will keep their coat in perfect condition and prevent matting, ensuring your Springerdoodle is always ready for their next adventure.

The Springerdoodle is a versatile, affectionate, and lively companion, ideal for active families who can provide lots of love and attention. They thrive in environments where they can engage in physical activities and are equally happy to share quiet, affectionate moments at home. If you’re looking for a dog that’s as fun-loving as they are lovable, the Springerdoodle might just be the perfect addition to your family.

30. Saint Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle Family Dog

When the iconic, life-saving Saint Bernard meets the elegant Poodle, you get the stately, larger-than-life Saint Bernedoodle. This colossal crossbreed can effortlessly tower over even full-grown humans, standing an impressive 30 inches tall on sturdy legs while sporting a luxurious mop of curly Poodle-esque fur.

Make no mistake, the Saint Bernedoodle is every bit the rugged outdoorsman their mountain rescue lineage would suggest. These are hard-working, intelligent pups with an insatiable eagerness to use their skills and strength. From hiking companions to family protectors, there’s no task too daunting for this versatile doodle.

Their dense, weatherproof coats make Saint Bernedoodles masters of harsh, wintry conditions. But that heavy insulation can also pose challenges during the sweltering summer months. It’s crucial to provide ample cool, shaded areas for this giant furbaby to prevent any heat-related hazards when temperatures soar.

Despite their imposing statures, these gentle giants are affable, people-pleasing goofballs at heart. With the proper daily exercise, enrichment, and devoted training, Saint Bernedoodles form profound bonds with their families and live to serve as loyal companions.

For active households seeking a one-of-a-kind doodle with the substance to match their impressive size, the Saint Bernedoodle delivers in spades. Just be prepared to shower this colossal cutie with patience, space to thrive, and lots of air conditioning when the summer sizzle strikes!

31. Eskipoo


Meet the Eskipoo, a charming blend of the Poodle and American Eskimo, both breeds celebrated for their amiable personalities. This delightful crossbreed encapsulates the essence of friendliness and approachability, making it a superb choice for families and social environments.

With its plush white coat and sparkling eyes, the Eskipoo exudes an irresistible appeal. This little white mix thrives in the company of people, embodying the type of canine companion that seems to make friends wherever it goes. Whether at the park, on city streets, or during family gatherings, the Eskipoo is a social butterfly, always ready to charm and engage.

Beyond their sociability, Eskipoos are particularly well-suited to families with children. Their gentle nature and patient demeanor make them excellent playmates for kids of all ages. They are tolerant and loving, often forming strong, affectionate bonds with the youngest members of the household, ensuring that they become more than just pets—they become loyal, protective friends to the children they grow with.

The Eskipoo flourishes in a lively household where interaction and affection are abundant. They crave attention and thrive under the loving care of a big family. This breed does not enjoy solitude; left alone for too long, an Eskipoo can become anxious or melancholy. They are happiest when surrounded by their human pack, participating in daily activities and basking in the companionship that they so love.

For those who admire the American Eskimo but are constrained by space, the Eskipoo presents a perfect alternative. Smaller in size yet equally charismatic, this breed brings the joy and vivacity of the American Eskimo into more compact living spaces without sacrificing the personality traits that make these dogs so beloved.

The Eskipoo is an epitome of joy and friendliness, perfect for anyone looking to add a small, lively, and incredibly sociable member to their family. They adapt well to various living environments, provided they are not left to fend for themselves for long periods. Loving, playful, and always eager for the next cuddle or adventure, the Eskipoo is sure to bring warmth and laughter into any home.

32. Jackapoo


When you combine the frenetic intensity of the Jack Russell Terrier with the intelligence of the Poodle, you get the Jackapoo – a whirlwind of a doodle that’s all energy, all the time! This pint-sized package shows that good things can indeed come in small, furry bundles…just be prepared for zero breaks in the action.

The Jackapoo inherits every single ounce of the Jack Russell’s infamous vigor and zest, tempered precisely not at all by the Poodle’s more laidback influence. Couch potato owners need not apply – these doodles require a constant flow of physical and mental stimulation to stay happily exercised and engaged.

Forget chill lap dog status, the Jackapoo’s relentless spirit of adventure means they’re always primed to tackle the next exciting outing, with you firmly by their side (or being dragged along for the ride!). That brilliant Poodle brain ensures this mix is endlessly inquisitive about the world around them and raring to explore it.

While their petite statures may seem apartment-friendly, the Jackapoo’s off-the-charts activity needs and loud, persistent terrier voices make them better suited for homes with private, outdoor spaces to safely roam and romp to their heart’s content.

For energetic owners prepared to be this doodle’s devoted adventure buddy, the payoff is an impressively versatile working pooch with both brains and bars. The Jackapoo’s eagerness to please and tireless enthusiasm make them ideal agility, obedience, or therapy prospects in the right structured environment.

Just don’t expect much downtime – their internal motor simply doesn’t have an “off” switch! From sunup until they finally collapse into furry heaps of exhaustion, Jackapoos are a whirlwind of perpetual motion. High energy has never looked so adorably relentless.

33. Great Danoodle

When you combine the largest dog breed on the planet, the Great Dane, with the elegant Poodle, you get the appropriately titled Great Danoodle – a towering, teddy bear of a doodle that somehow still believes it’s a tiny lapdog at heart! These mixed breed marvels can easily stand an impressive 27-30 inches tall at the shoulder yet remain some of the biggest cuddlebugs around.

Don’t be fooled by their colossal statures – Great Danoodles are famous for their docile, easygoing temperaments and downright friendliness towards everybody they meet, human or canine. They’re more likely to attempt an adoring snuggle than anything remotely intimidating! This makes them ideal family companions, especially for seniors who appreciate their laidback, low-key dispositions.

Despite their substantial size, these gentle giants tend to spend most of their days blissfully lounging around the house and soaking up quality time with their owners. With their people-pleasing natures and impressive intelligence, Great Danoodles are an absolute breeze to train from puppyhood.

While their genial personalities mean they get along swimmingly with fellow larger breed pups, that massive Danoodle size can potentially be a bit too exuberant for more petite pooches to handle safely. But make no mistake – these doodles make for dependable, level-headed guardians of the home when called upon.

For owners searching for a family-friendly mix with a colossal supply of lovability, calm energy, and tons of space on the couch for cuddling, the Great Danoodle truly can’t be outmatched. Just don’t mind being smothered with affection from this larger-than-life, bighearted beauty!

34. Siberpoo

Explore the captivating world of the Siberpoo, a striking hybrid that combines the elegant coat of a Poodle with the mesmerizing icy blue eyes of a Siberian Husky. This mix creates one of the most unique looking breeds you will ever encounter, turning heads and sparking curiosity wherever it goes.

The Siberpoo is not just a feast for the eyes; it is a breed that embodies the intense energy and intelligence of both its parent breeds. Known for its distinct appearance and dynamic personality, this hybrid is suited for experienced dog owners who can handle a challenging yet rewarding companion.

Training a Siberpoo is not for the faint of heart. Their Husky heritage brings a degree of stubbornness that requires patience and consistency to manage. This breed is known for its independent streak, and while intelligent, it often has its own ideas about obedience. They are not the easiest to train and demand an owner who can provide firm, yet loving guidance.

Despite their beauty and brains, Siberpoos are not typically considered family-friendly pets. They can be sensitive to rough handling and loud noises, which may provoke them into nipping or biting if frightened or overwhelmed. This temperament makes them less ideal for homes with young children or environments where boisterous activity is the norm.

However, Siberpoos make fascinating and deeply loyal companions for those who can meet their needs. Their need for both physical exercise and mental stimulation is immense. They inherit the Husky’s boundless energy and the Poodle’s need for intellectual engagement, resulting in a dog that will demand much of your time and attention. Activities that challenge them both physically and mentally are essential to keep a Siberpoo happy and healthy.

Owning a Siberpoo is a full-time commitment that offers immense rewards to those who are up to the challenge. They require an owner who is as active and engaged as they are, one who enjoys being intricately involved in the nuanced care of their pet. For the right person, a Siberpoo offers not just companionship, but a deep bond that is as loyal as it is demanding.

In conclusion, the Siberpoo stands out not only for its stunning looks but also for its complex personality. This breed is best suited for those with the experience and dedication to harness its potential, providing a structured and loving environment where this remarkable hybrid can thrive.

35. Mastidoodle

Meet the Mastidoodle, a formidable hybrid that combines the gentle giant Mastiff with the intelligent and curly-coated Poodle. This mix brings together the best traits of both breeds, resulting in a dog that is as protective as it is affectionate, and as impressive in stature as it is in elegance.

Of all the doodle mixes on this list, the Mastidoodle stands out as the premier guard dog. Their Mastiff lineage equips them with a natural instinct to protect, making them excellent watchdogs for any home. However, their protective nature requires careful training to accurately distinguish between a friend and a potential threat. Without this, their zeal to guard their family can sometimes lead them to be a bit overzealous.

Physically, the Mastidoodle is a giant among dogs, often weighing over 100 pounds and standing up to 30 inches tall. The sight of a Mastidoodle standing guard in front of a gate can be quite imposing, deterring any unwelcome visitors with its presence alone.

Despite their daunting exterior, Mastidoodles are incredibly calm and loving within the family circle. They transition smoothly from a vigilant guardian outside to a cuddly companion inside. This breed loves relaxing on the couch with their loved ones, proving that even the fiercest protectors have a soft side.

The elegance of the Mastidoodle is further accentuated by its luxurious deep black coat, inherited from the Poodle’s well-known curls. Maintaining this magnificent coat requires daily grooming to keep it free from tangles and looking its best. This grooming not only ensures their coat remains healthy and beautiful but also provides a wonderful bonding experience between the Mastidoodle and their owner.

In summary, the Mastidoodle is a breed that combines the protective instincts of the Mastiff with the intellectual prowess and striking appearance of the Poodle. They are ideally suited for families looking for a guard dog that can also be a loving, indoor companion. For those willing to invest in their training and upkeep, the Mastidoodle offers loyalty, protection, and companionship, all wrapped up in an elegant, curly-coated package.

36. Dalmadoodle

Have you ever imagined a poodle dotted with polka dots? Enter the Dalmadoodle, a striking mix of the iconic Dalmatian and the intelligent Poodle. This breed combines the best of both worlds, featuring the Dalmatian’s distinctive black and white spots beautifully arrayed on the Poodle’s luxurious curls.

The Dalmadoodle is more than just a visual delight; it’s also an allergy-friendly companion. Thanks to the Poodle’s influence, this mix benefits from a low-shedding coat that makes them suitable for families with allergies. This allows more people to enjoy the unique charm of a spotted friend without the sneezes.

Inheriting the Dalmatian’s historically celebrated traits, Dalmadoodles are determined and protective, qualities that once made their ancestors the preferred companions of firefighters. These traits make the Dalmadoodle a vigilant guardian of the home. However, their protective nature can also present challenges. They require an owner who can confidently lead and provide clear boundaries, ensuring their protective instincts are well-managed and don’t become overbearing.

The Dalmadoodle’s mix of intelligence from both parent breeds results in a clever and occasionally stubborn dog. Without adequate mental and physical stimulation, a bored Dalmadoodle can quickly turn your house and furniture into a disaster zone. They thrive on engagement and challenge, needing regular mental exercises as much as physical activity to keep them well-behaved and content.

Providing for a Dalmadoodle means committing to an active lifestyle and lots of interactive play. Puzzle toys, advanced training sessions, and consistent engagement are essential to keep their sharp minds occupied. With the right stimulation and firm, loving guidance, Dalmadoodles can positively channel their intelligence and energy, proving to be loyal, affectionate, and highly capable companions.

The Dalmadoodle is a unique blend of beauty, brains, and brawn. Ideal for experienced dog owners who can provide the necessary training, structure, and stimulation, this breed offers the opportunity to share your life with a truly distinctive and spirited canine friend. The Dalmadoodle is not just a pet; it’s a testament to the fascinating possibilities of hybrid breeds.

37. Bassetoodle

Meet the Bassetoodle, a charming poodle mix born from the combination of a sharp-minded Poodle and a steadfast Basset Hound. This hybrid combines the Poodle’s intelligence and protectiveness with the distinctive physical traits and sensory capabilities of the Basset Hound.

The Bassetoodle is immediately recognizable by its unique appearance. It sports the long, droopy ears and the pronounced nose of a Basset Hound, all artfully hidden behind the Poodle’s curly, often hypoallergenic coat. This combination makes them incredibly cute and quite the conversation starter.

Inheriting the Basset Hound’s role as a scent hound, Bassetoodles possess an exceptional sense of smell. This acute sensory ability makes them excellent at picking up scents that would otherwise go unnoticed. Coupled with their remarkably good hearing, Bassetoodles are natural watchdogs, alert to the sounds and smells of their environment, ready to notify their family of anything amiss.

However, their communicative nature comes with its challenges. Bassetoodles are not known for their quiet demeanor. When they sense something unusual, or when feelings of loneliness creep in, they are prone to expressing themselves through long, melodious howls. This trait, while endearing to some, makes them less suited for apartment living where neighbors may not appreciate their vocal performances.

A Bassetoodle would thrive in a suburban setting, with a yard to explore and the freedom to express themselves without causing too much disturbance. Their ability to alert owners to potential dangers and their loving and intelligent nature make them excellent companions for families looking for a dog with character and capability.

Despite their occasional noisiness, the Bassetoodle’s loyalty, intelligence, and unique charm make them a beloved pet for those who can accommodate their needs. They offer the best of both worlds: the keen instincts of a scent hound and the adaptive intelligence of a poodle, wrapped up in a package that’s as lovable as it is protective.

Choosing the Right Doodle Mix for Your Lifestyle

Poodle Mix Puppy

Navigating the vast array of over 30 different doodle mixes to find the perfect match for your family can be challenging. It’s essential to consider your lifestyle and what kind of environment your new dog will need to adapt to. For instance, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are fantastic for families, while Schnoodles are more suited to seniors or homes without children. If you’re looking for a child’s first pet, Poochons or Cavapoos are ideal due to their gentle nature.

Dog ownership also demands a match between the pet’s energy level and the owner’s physical activity level. Energetic owners might find a perfect companion in a Jackapoo, known for its vivacity. Conversely, a Havapoo, which enjoys relaxing on the couch, might be the perfect fit for those who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle.

The size of your living space is another crucial factor. Owners with large yards might opt for a Newfypoo, which can utilize more space to burn off energy, whereas apartment dwellers might find that a smaller Chipoo or Maltipoo suits their space constraints better.

Your experience in training dogs should also guide your choice. Beginner-friendly mixes like the Yorkipoo and Goldendoodle are recommended for new owners due to their trainable nature and gentle disposition. However, a Dalmadoodle, which requires more experienced handling due to its protective instincts, might be overwhelming for a first-time dog owner.

Choosing the right doodle mix involves carefully balancing these factors to ensure a harmonious match that benefits both the dog and its family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Poodle Mixes

What are the main advantages of choosing a poodle mix over a purebred dog?

Poodle mixes, often referred to as ‘Doodles’, combine the hypoallergenic qualities of Poodles with the distinct characteristics of other breeds, offering a variety of traits tailored to different lifestyles. These hybrids tend to have fewer health issues common in purebreds due to their mixed genetic pool, promoting greater overall health and longevity. They often inherit the Poodle’s intelligence and trainability, making them excellent candidates for families, first-time dog owners, and those needing a service animal. Additionally, poodle mixes come in a range of sizes and coat types, providing options for almost any living situation or personal preference. Lastly, their unique appearance and diverse personalities mean that choosing a poodle mix can often result in a truly one-of-a-kind companion.

How do I know if a poodle mix is right for my family?

When considering a poodle mix for your family, assess the specific breed mix as different combinations can result in various energy levels, sizes, and care needs. Think about your living environment, lifestyle, and the amount of time you can dedicate to exercise, training, and grooming. Poodle mixes do well with families who can provide love, interaction, and a structured routine, as they often form strong bonds and thrive on companionship. It’s also important to consider allergies; many poodle mixes are marketed as hypoallergenic, making them suitable for homes with allergy sufferers. Before deciding, try to meet the dog in person to see how its temperament aligns with your family dynamics.

What kind of grooming requirements do poodle mixes have?

Poodle mixes typically inherit the Poodle’s curly or wavy coat, which requires regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain overall coat health. Depending on the specific mix, the grooming can range from daily brushing to professional grooming sessions every 4-6 weeks. Some poodle mixes may also inherit coat traits from the non-poodle parent, possibly reducing or increasing the need for maintenance. It’s important to establish a grooming routine early in life to keep your dog comfortable and accustomed to the process. Additionally, regular ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental care are essential parts of grooming that keep a poodle mix healthy beyond just coat care.

Are poodle mixes good with other pets?

Poodle mixes can be very sociable and generally get along well with other pets, especially if they have been raised together or properly introduced in a controlled environment. Their intelligence and trainability make them good candidates for learning how to interact safely and respectfully with other animals. However, the other breed in the mix can influence their prey drive and sociability; for instance, mixes with hunting breeds may have a higher tendency to chase. It’s advisable to supervise initial interactions and gradually increase their length as the pets become more comfortable with each other. Socialization training from a young age can greatly improve a poodle mix’s ability to adapt and coexist peacefully with other household pets.

Can poodle mixes be trained for special tasks or as service animals?

Poodle mixes are excellent candidates for special task training or becoming service animals due to their intelligence, eagerness to please, and often hypoallergenic coats. Many mixes inherit the Poodle’s aptitude for learning quickly and responding well to obedience training, making them suitable for roles such as therapy dogs, emotional support animals, or assistance dogs for people with disabilities. The specific abilities and suitability for training can vary depending on the traits inherited from the non-Poodle parent breed. Regular, consistent training sessions and early socialization are crucial for preparing a poodle mix for a service role. Their adaptable and gentle nature often makes them effective in such roles and deeply valued companions for those in need.

Discovering the Perfect Poodle Mix for Every Home

Poodle mixes truly make wonderful pets, and no matter what type of dog owner you are, there’s a delightful doodle mix perfectly suited to your lifestyle. These hybrids offer everyone—from seasoned dog owners to first-timers—the opportunity to experience the joy and companionship of a poodle mix. Many of these dogs boast hypoallergenic coats, charming appearances, and are remarkably easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for any home.

Once you’ve pinpointed the ideal mix for your family, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research before proceeding with adoption. Take the time to shop around and choose an ethical breeder who specializes in the specific poodle mix you’re interested in. This ensures not only the health and well-being of your future pet but also supports responsible breeding practices.

If you currently own a poodle mix or have had one in the past, we’d love to hear about your experiences! Share your stories in the comments below and let us know how your doodle has made a difference in your life

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