Badass Dog Names: 70 Perfect Ideas For Bandit, Outlawed & Rogue Pets

Badass Dog Names Feature

Brave, strong and tough.

All are adjectives you could use as badass dog names.

Our canine companions can do really cool things, from knowing when we are in danger to being able to get help and saving our lives.

Dogs can be used for hunting, they make excellent guard dogs and are even part of the police force!

There is no end to the talents and skills of your dog.

They deserve a badass name that suits their cool, hardcore and fearless nature.

Luckily, we have a list of awesome names for these kick-ass pups!

Badass Dog Names

Badass Dog Names

Here are some of our favorite badass dog names inspired by the baddest, coolest and most intriguing fictional characters we’ve seen on our screens or read about in books.

Your dog will turn heads in the dog park because of the daredevil attitude that they can’t help but give off.

Take a look at the list below:

  • Blade – from the movie, Blade is a vampire hunter with some immortal blood himself
  • Deadpool – this fictional character is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, and it’s your call whether he’s superhero or anti-hero, but he’s still incredibly badass nonetheless
  • Wick – John Wick, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, will go above and beyond to avenge his loved ones, even his beloved dog
  • Leon – from the cult film Leon: The Professional. Leon is an assassin who mentors young Mathilda, Nathalie Portman, which is another badass dog name idea
  • Trinity – a badass female character in The Matrix series, which makes for one of the best badass dog names
  • Thor – God of thunder in Norse mythology, and one of our favorite Avengers, Thor is strong, powerful and very cool
  • Ethan – Ethan Hunt is the main protagonist in the Mission Impossible franchise, portrayed by Tom Cruise. A series about badass spies and secretive missions, this name is perfect for a cool pooch
  • Luke – Luke Skywalker, portrayed by Mark Hamill, is the main hero in the original Star Wars series. He’s a badass fighter that finds out some family revelations along the way…
  • Hulk – a big, green, fighting machine. Hulk is one of Marvel’s Avengers and would make a perfect namesake for a really strong dog

Male Badass Dog Names

Powerful Dog

From James Bond to Batman, these badass male fictional characters can take down criminals, protect entire cities and countries, and look incredibly cool while doing so.

Not only are these characters awe-inspiring, the actors who portray them would also make excellent namesakes for your rugged, tough pup.

Whether you prefer Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves or Harrison Ford, you can’t deny that these actors’ names all make pretty good badass dog names…

  • Bond – James Bond, also known as 007, is a spy for the British Intelligence Service. He is one of the only characters who can fight his way out of a deadly situation and still look incredibly suave while doing so
  • Neo – played by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix franchise, Neo is suave and cool and not just because he is the chosen one
  • Indiana – Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, is an archaeologist searching for ancient treasures, all while wearing a leather jacket and carrying a bullwhip
  • Wallace – William Wallace, a Scottish hero, depending on who you ask, was brought to life in the movie Braveheart and portrayed by Mel Gibson
  • McClane – John McClane, played by Bruce Willis in the Die Hard series, is the person you would want if you were trapped in a high rise building
  • Batman – cool, calm and collected, this superhero would make the perfect badass dog name for a black dog
  • Maximus – played by Russell Crowe in the movie ‘Gladiator’, he is fearless and proud
  • Terminator – played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie of the same name, he is a cyborg assassin
  • Bourne – Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, works for the CIA and is not afraid of some action
  • Wolverine – perfect for any animal with claws like a wolf, Wolverine is a mutant from the X-Men series, played by Hugh Jackman
  • Han Solo – another badass character played by Harrison Ford, Han Solo is a witty and sarcastic smuggler, who flies his plane the Millennium Falcon alongside his friend, Chewbacca

Female Badass Dog Names

Dog Chewing Rope

We are both intimidated by and in awe of these cool, badass and independent female characters.

If you’re looking for a badass dog name for your mighty pooch then look no further.

These on-screen beauties are all intelligent, charming and can put up a fight!

If we were forced into a dangerous situation, these are the girls we would want by our side…

  • Buffy – Buffy Summers, also known as Buffy the vampire slayer, is thought to be one of the most badass female characters we’ve ever seen on screen
  • Katniss – played by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, Katniss is brave, strong and determined, all traits that make up a badass female character
  • Carol – Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is one of the MCU’s most powerful and strong female characters
  • Lara – Lara Croft, from the game Tomb Raider, is known for her bravery and toughness
  • Hermione – known for both her brains and her brawn, Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular badass female characters in books and film
  • Bride – one of cinema’s most iconic female characters. Most likely to be seen dressed in yellow and brandishing a sword, katana or other weapon, The Bride, played by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill is unforgettable
  • Ellen – one cannot make a list of badass female characters without mentioning Sigourney Weaver. She plays Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise
  • Lien – she can fight like no other, Yu Shu Lien was played by Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Leia – Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, proves that being a princess doesn’t stop you from being a fighter
  • Shuri – the princess of Wakanda in Marvel’s Black Panther, this teenage genius has more smarts than everyone around her put together
  • Furiosa – played by Charlize Theron, Imperator Furiosa uses her strength for good in order to free the ‘five wives’ of Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road

Badass Hunting Dog Names

Hunting Dog Names

Certain dog breeds are brilliant for hunting, some even bred for that specific purpose, such as Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Foxhounds and Bloodhounds.

Some dogs do the hunting themselves, whilst others just retrieve the fallen or lost game.

Here are some names that would be perfect for a hunting dog, some of them highlighting the strength, swiftness and accuracy that make hunting dogs great at their jobs.

  • Rocky – Rocky Balboa, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the movie of the same name, is an amateur boxer that takes on a world champion – you can’t get a more badass dog name!
  • Gunner – a name that will let everyone know that this hunting dog means business
  • Artemis – the Greek goddess of the hunt, so clearly it would make an excellent name for a female hunting dog
  • Hercules – a brave, tough warrior in Greek mythology, which would make a great namesake for a pet that’s more divine hero than mortal dog
  • Trojan – the Trojan Horse is one of the most iconic Greek stories. The Greeks hid inside the Trojan Horse sculpture to attack the city of Troy, so is now synonymous with sly and cunning hunting
  • Bear – a badass dog name that emphasize your pup’s love of the wild, but also their sheer, intimidating strength
  • Wyatt – Wyatt Earp is one of the most famous men in the American Wild West. He was an intimidating and powerful lawman, not afraid to put criminals in their place
  • Brutus – a brilliant hunter if the subject is Julius Caesar… (Et, tu Brute)
  • Bolt – a cool and fun name for a dog that can sprint like the wind
  • Tank – a military name for a badass hunting dog with both intelligence and muscle
  • Orion – the namesake of one of the most well-known constellations in the sky, but it was originally coined after a giant hunter in Greek mythology, placed by Zeus amongst the stars

Badass German Shepherd Dog Names

German Shepherd Dog

When we think of badass dog breeds, German Shepherds are one of the first dogs that comes to mind.

To give these dogs a name that’s almost as cool as they are, we have a list of German names with meanings that match the resilient, courageous and daring nature of your pup.

From ‘brave’, ‘strong’ and ‘as mighty as a bear’, there are badass dog names to match every brilliant personality trait of your heroic and gallant dog.

  • Adalard – German meaning ‘brave’, perfect for a badass German Shepherd that isn’t afraid of anything
  • Derek – German for ‘Ruler’, so is obviously a powerful aura
  • Adne – meaning ‘Eagle’, a bird that has very powerful imagery, even becoming the United States’ national symbol
  • Adalwolf – a name which means ‘noble wolf’, perfect for a powerful, badass dog
  • Dicky – meaning ‘powerful ruler’
  • Delma – a German girl’s name, which means ‘noble protector’
  • Galiana – meaning ‘supreme one’
  • Ferdinand – meaning ‘courageous traveler’, so fantastic for a brave German Shepherd that loves adventures
  • Egbert – meaning ‘strong, shiny sword’, perfect for a pooch with the strength of a knight
  • Eberhard – meaning ‘strong wild boar’, clearly a name that is for a strong-willed, determined pup
  • Derica – meaning ‘beloved leader’
  • Edda – if you are looking for a badass, female German Shepherd name, look no further. Edda means ‘vigorous battle maiden’!
  • Balwin – meaning ‘brave friend’
  • Drugi – meaning ‘strong’
  • Adimaro – ‘glorious in battle’
  • Eloise – meaning ‘warrior maiden’
  • Barret – a name that means ‘as mighty as a bear’, clearly a name not for the faint-hearted
  • Edmund – meaning ‘prosperous protector’

Badass Guard Dog Names

Guard Dog Training

One of the many cool roles a dog can do is to guard their humans, making sure no one can break into a house (dogs have been used throughout history for this purpose).

Here is a list of names that would suit a guard dog down to the ground, making sure they are still intimidating and daunting even when you shout their name.

Make sure to choose one of the best badass dog names from the list below… if a potential burglar hears you shout ‘Bubbles’ they probably won’t be scared anymore:

  • Cerberus – the three-headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the gates of the underworld. You don’t get a more diligent guard dog than this!
  • Daenerys – the badass ‘mother of dragons’, portrayed by Emilia Clarke in the show Game of Thrones. There is nothing cooler than a girl that can command dragons
  • Mulan – a famous Disney character, Mulan cares deeply about her family and joins the army under the guise of a male to protect her elderly father
  • Knight – these medieval warriors were meant to guard the kingdom, and ensure the safety of their King and his subjects
  • Justice – perfect for a dog that wants to abide by the law and has a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Storm – a powerful fictional character from the X-Men series, Storm can change the weather just by changing her mind, and if we had to have someone guard us, we’d choose her
  • Fang – Hagrid’s dog in the Harry Potter series, Fang does a great job of guarding Hagrid and the troublesome trio from all sorts of mayhem
  • Medusa – perfect for an intimidating and powerful female dog! Medusa is most known for the snakes that protrude from her hair
  • Boss – this name exudes power and superiority, you can tell this dog is a badass from a mile off
  • Hades – the Greek god of the underworld, this is a character you would not want to cross!
  • Merida – from the Disney movie ‘Brave’, which describes Merida to a T. This would be perfect for a ginger pooch that you would trust your life with


We hope you enjoyed these badass dog names, inspired by daredevil fictional characters, crazy cool historical figures and German names with awe-inspiring meanings.

If one of these stuck out to you as a favorite, then be sure to let us know in a comment.

We’d love to know about your dog and what their name is, especially if your dog is a self-certified badass!

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