Mini Golden Retriever Breed Profile: Size, Price and More…

Mini Golden Retriever Breed Profile Size, Price and More… Cover

The Mini Golden Retriever packs the sunny Golden Retriever personality into a small and family friendly pup.

Because of their size they are able to live in apartments and they are perfect for those looking for one of the best family dogs out there.

They are are carefree and affectionate.

If you are looking for sunshine in a bottle, then look no further than the Mini Golden Retriever!

In this article we explain everything you need to know about them…

Mini Retriever

Mini Golden Retriever At A Glance

  • Small Golden Retriever

The Mini Golden Retriever has all the best qualities of a regular sized Golden in a small package!

The Mini Golden Retriever is not a purebred mini breed but in fact a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel. This creates a merry spirit that is perfect for both families and people who live alone.

  • Popularity: #35.
  • Speciality: Companion.
  • Weight: 20-45 pounds.
  • Price: $3500+.
  • Personality: Lively, sociable and intelligent.

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Mini Golden Retriever Overview

Mini Golden Retriever

The Mini Golden Retriever is actually a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel.

They are the complete companion breed and just love spending time with their family.

Although they are much smaller than a standard Golden Retriever they still have the same signature aura of positivity.

As both of their parent breeds come from the Sporting Group you can expect this breed to be just as athletic as they are adorable. They make an excellent workout buddy or running partner.

Also they are starting to become a common therapy dog because of their loving nature.

With traits from the lively Golden Retriever and the sweet Cocker Spaniel, the Mini Golden excels at family life as they are a sociable and highly trainable breed.

Just remember their energy levels can be a bit high so they will need family members to play with throughout the day.

When it comes to caring for this breed you should expect to put time in grooming and exercising them. Beyond that this crossbreed requires the same basic amount of care as any other breed.

If you can get over the price tag for these pups then this could be the perfect dog for your family.


  • Inherits the Golden’s beautiful personality.
  • Gentle and sweet disposition.
  • Can thrive in apartments.
  • Wonderful family dog when socialized.
  • Very trainable and intelligent.


  • A very expensive breed.
  • Sheds so not allergy friendly.
  • Too energetic for sedentary individuals.
  • Difficult to predict their size in advance.

A Day In The Life Of This Breed

Mornings with a Mini Golden Retriever will depend on the individual dog. Some will be playful from the get-go and shower you in slobbery kisses to help you get ready for the day, while others may be gentle and take their time to fully wake up.

After a quick walk around the block a Mini Golden is happy to wait for you and your family to get ready for the day before you take them to the park for some much needed exercise.

You should expect to be constantly stopped along the way as your Mini Golden greets every stranger and plays with every passing dog it meets.

This sociable pooch loves to meet new people so you may find yourself making small talk with all kinds of people.

At the park they will love to do anything.

Fetch, tug of war, or just letting your pup meet other dogs will make this breed very happy. Due to this breed’s energy levels you should expect to spend at least an hour with your dog outside.

Once playtime ends your Golden will be calmed, happy and ready for whatever you have planned for the day.

If you happen to work away from home then you can keep them in a crate with some of their favorite toys. Just make sure to come back during your lunch break to give them a good ten-minute walk. If you are lucky enough to work from home then expect this dog to follow your every step – soaking up every bit of attention and affection you give it.

As the day heads to a close the Mini Retriever will be by your side to cuddle.

Whether you had a hard day at work, or a busy day filled with chores, this dog’s gentle and loving aura will be there to remind you of the present.

They will be laying at the foot of your bed dreaming of spending another day with you.

History And Origin

Miniature Golden Retriever

Although this hybrid is a fairly recent addition, their parent breeds both have long and vast histories.

Even though both the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel sit in the Sporting group of dogs, these two pups could not be any more different.

The first Golden Retrievers were bred by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland when he mixed a Yellow Retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. The breed’s waterproof coat and sturdy body gave them the ability to thrive in the country’s rainy weather and rugged terrain, helping them grow in popularity amongst sport hunters.

They are a relatively young breed compared to other dogs but they have a very loyal following and are America’s third most popular breed.

On the other hand the Cocker Spaniel has a very different history. While regularly used by British sport hunters these dogs were believed to have originated in Spain. Before the purebred dog craze all Spaniel breeds were often lumped together.

However as time went by the the Cocker was classified for its focus on helping hunters hunt a type of bird known as the woodcock and would be the ancestor of today’s Cocker Spaniels. They were recognized in 1884 when the American Kennel Club was founded and this historical breed has been around ever since.

Now onto the history of the Mini Golden Retriever.

Just like other mix breeds the history of this hybrid is not well documented.

However with the creation of the Labradoodle in the 1950s and its eventual soar in popularity, it is safe to say that the Mini Golden was one of the many hybrid breeds that came to be in inspiration of the historical Labradoodle.

No matter how blurry this crossbreed’s origins may be there is no doubt that this mix is well-loved by everyone.

5 Fun Facts

  1. Unlike other mini breeds the Mini Golden Retriever is a crossbreed.
  2. This breed’s other parent (the Cocker Spaniel) is the smallest breed in the Sporting Group. No wonder breeders chose this lovable dog to help miniaturize the Golden.
  3. While this breed tends to be the idyllic dog of the American Dream – the Golden Retriever actually comes from Scotland.
  4. Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Golden Retriever have had their time on the big screens, with Lady from the Disney film Lady and the Tramp being a Cocker Spaniel and Air Bud from Disney’s Air Bud being a Golden Retriever.
  5. The Mini Golden’s uplifting personality has helped people in a variety of ways and are often used as comfort dogs.

Temperament And Behavior

Miniature Golden Retriever Sleeping

Just like the standard Golden Retriever the Mini Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky dog.

This is a wonderful family dog that is very intelligent and easy to train.

As they are smaller than the regular Golden and have the Cocker Spaniel’s mellow personality, the Mini Golden Retriever can be thought of as a smaller Golden with some extra upgrades.

They are incredibly friendly and outgoing.

This breed loves to play and has no shortage of playfulness or energy.

Whether it is first thing in the morning or just before bedtime they are always ready to play so make sure to buy some durable toys!

Whilst they are fairly quiet this breed can struggle in apartments. Puppies tend to be quite vocal but consistent training is something you can do to fix the issue and decrease the chances of barking becoming a habit.

However there are some specific behaviors and traits you should be aware of.

This breed’s energy levels can be high so you will need to give them enough activity throughout the day otherwise they can start acting out!

Also they will need some form of specialized activity. You can consider activities like dock diving, agility or rally – all of which encourage your pup’s working body and mind to remain sharp.

Specialized training (such as therapy dog certification training) can also offer a great opportunity to give back to your community. Plus your Mini Golden will love all the attention it gets when visiting nursing homes and hospitals.

How Much Does A Mini Golden Retriever Cost?

Small Golden Retriever

Puppies and adults are often the most expensive options.

A Mini Golden Retriever puppy will cost around $3500 from a reputable breeder.

There are lots of expenses a breeder must pay to give the best care to their puppies which means this pricey pup might not be affordable for everyone.

Whilst adults are slightly cheaper to buy they are few and far between.

The same goes for adoption – as the Mini Golden is in high demand this is a rare dog to find at a shelter.


Buyer’s Tips

  1. Look at the parents before the puppies: One of the best ways to predict what your puppy will look like is by checking the parents out. Make sure the parents seem to be in good health and have been thoroughly screened for health issues.
  2. Expect size variations: While breeders try their best to remain within the limits of the general Mini Golden Retriever height, size variations can happen. Because of this you should make sure you buy the right supplies for the right size. Also make sure to keep a receipt should your puppy quickly outgrow their collar or bowl!
  3. Consider similar breeds: As the Mini Golden is very popular breeders can quickly run out of puppies. If you are struggling to find one then you should consider other similar breeds like the Golden Cocker Retriever and the Goldendoodle.
  4. Avoid teacup goldens: Teacup breeds are very popular right now and you may even have heard of Teacup Golden Retriever. While these pups may look cute their tiny size often brings a lot of health concerns. Make sure you do not get anything smaller than a mini.
  5. Keep an eye out for scams: As this breed is very popular right now there are unethical puppy mills producing lots of these pups. If a deal seems too good to be true then avoid it. Also if a breeder seems to have these pups available all the time then that is another warning sign. Please look for responsible breeders.

Mini Golden Retriever Appearance

Mini Retriever Chewing

Like many other mixes breeds the Mini Golden Retrievers appearance can vary pup to pup because this is not a recognized breed with official bred standards.

Despite the slight variances from pup to pup a lot of this breed’s general appearance still matches their namesake.

The Mini looks like a smaller, apartment-friendly Golden Retriever.

They have a bright pink tongue that is always lolling out of their doggy smile – this happy-go-lucky breed is never seen without a wagging tail.


You can expect this breed to stand less than 20 inches tall and to weigh less than 45 pounds.

However in certain circumstances they may slightly exceed 20 inches tall – this is very rare and usually happens when a Golden Retriever is bred with a large Cocker Spaniel.


This dog comes in the standard Golden Retriever colors.

Expect all shades of golden from the darkest golden brown to the lightest cream. Some will have slight patterns on them thanks to their Cocker Spaniel parent but most of the time these dogs are a solid golden color.

This breed has a soft beautiful coat.

Some Mini Goldens can lean more on the Golden Retriever side and have a medium-length double coat.

Others are more on the Cocker Spaniel side and have a wavier coat as well as longer ears.

Mini Golden Retriever Care Guide

When it comes to caring for this delightful mini breed you will be spending most of your time on grooming and exercise.

While the breed is great for beginners thanks to their trainability they do require a lot of exercise because of their working parents.

However beyond these two categories of care, the Mini Golden Retriever is not a high maintenance breed and tend to be sturdy and healthy when bred by a reputable breeder.


As this breed is the offspring of two working parents they will need a decent amount of exercise.

They are not as highly strung as other herding breeds however they will need a bit more exercise than other companionship breeds.

For walks they will need two 30 minutes walks each day.

Hiking can be a great activity for this breed as Golden Retrievers are equipped to handle rugged terrain of all sorts.

Also if your pup’s mature enough you can take them with you on runs or bike rides.

Giving them exercise gives them the mental and physical enrichment that they need.

When it comes to the best exercise for this breed they thrive in performance sports such as field trails and tracking games.

  • Total Daily Activity: 60 minutes.
  • Activity Level: 3/5.
  • Favorite Activity: Trails.


This dog is known for their luxurious golden fur.

When it comes to grooming you should expect to spend a bit of work on this area.

Daily brushing with a slicker brush is the best way to keeping shedding to a minimum. This daily routine is crucial for the breed as it will help reduce mats and tangles (which can lead to skin infections).

If your Mini gets more of a Cocker Spaniel wavy coat then you will need to brush them more often. Other than this you will need to follow basic grooming needs such as maintaining proper dental hygiene, keeping the ears clean and making sure the nails are clipped short.

Mini Golden Retrievers


The fastest way to your dog’s heart is through their stomach and the Mini Golden is no exception.

As this dog’s size can vary a lot their diet can too.

How much exercise your dog gets can also affect how much or little your dog will need to eat.

A good rule of thumb is to feed them around 1-1.5 cups of food twice a day – but if you are uncertain then make sure to check with your veterinarian.

When it comes to feed make sure to look for complete and balanced. Any food that follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ standards can be marketed as so and will provide the right amount of nutrients for your pup’s growth and development.

While the Mini Golden Retriever is on the smaller end compared to the standard Golden Retriever there is no need to buy food meant for small breed dogs.

Male15-20 inches 30-45 pounds
Female12-18 inches 20-30 pounds

Health Concerns

While both the Mini Golden Retriever’s parent breeds are relatively healthy you will need to pay attention to certain health concerns:

Hip Dysplasia: A deformity in the hip in which the ball of the hip joint does not properly fit in the socket. This can cause degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis.

Cataracts: This causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy and is common with Cocker Spaniels.

Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis: A heart disease that narrows the aortic valve of the heart and causes the heart to work harder to deliver oxygenated blood throughout the body.

However overall this is a health dog.

How Long Does A Mini Golden Retriever Live?

You can expect this pup to live for 10-12 years.

How To Train A Miniature Golden Retriever

Puppy Mini Retriever

When it comes to training this breed both the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel excel

Goldens are well known as one of the best service dog breeds due to their trainability and intelligence, and Cockers excelling at giving love and support.

As a result the Mini Golden Retriever should be fairly straightforward.

Just remember because of the Cocker Spaniel’s sensitivity you should not be roughly or harsh during your puppy training.

You should use positive reinforcement to train them.

If your dog does something naughty (such as nipping) then you can discourage this behavior by redirecting the nipping towards a toy or ending playtime if a tooth ever touches your skin.

As with any puppy socialization is key to making sure they are ready to experience the big wide world.

By the time your pup is 8-12 weeks old they should have experienced a variety of stimuli that a dog experiences on a day-to-day basis (such as a ringing doorbell or being handled for grooming or vet appointments).

If you make sure to make each experience a good one through positive reinforcement your dog will be socialized in no time.

Of course training and enrichment does not have to end when your dog reaches adulthood.

Every old dog has something new to learn so consider additional mental and physical stimulation to keep your Mini Retriever sharp and alert. The best games and mental enrichment for this breed is retrieving which can come in the form of canine sports like disc dog and dock diving.

Overall the Mini Golden requires a basic amount of training and socialization.

Their high intelligence and trainability makes them a great option for first time keppers.


Mini Golden Retrievers make great dogs for first time keepers.

The loyalty this dog will give you is priceless – there is no better friend than a Golden!

This is a lively dog but after some exercise, they will mellow out and be the perfect family companion. They are gentle, loving, and sensitive to even the slightest of changes in your mood.

If you want a Golden but do not have the space then this could be the perfect breed for you. This is a Golden rolled up into a smaller package.

While these dogs will thrive if given a job they will be happy with a solid 60 minutes of play with several walks thrown in throughout the day. This makes them perfect for families with active kids or those who need the motivation to get their workout routine started.

Overall if you can handle a moderate amount of exercise and some daily brushing to keep that soft, golden coat clean and tangle-free then this is an easy dog to care for.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below…

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  1. We have a mini golden retriever. We didn’t intend to get one, but our puppy was genetically tested under our puppy plan at our veterinarian. We were pleasantly surprised. It explained his high energy! We love him very much.

  2. I would love to adopt a mini golden retriever. We have had a standard retriever for 14 years and now we are an older couple and want a smaller dog. Could you put me in touch with someone who might have one to adopt. We love our dogs and we have lots of love to give to one as we aren’t traveling or working anymore.

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